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The main resource used to support coherence in developing mathematical skills is HEINEMANN MATHS although at all stages the core scheme is supplemented by a variety of additional texts and photocopiable material in order to meet the targets of the Maths 5-14 Programme. Our programme incorporates mathematical work in shape, time, measurement and money and financial education as well as basic number work. Throughout the school, all teachers employ learning and teaching strategies, which promote interaction and active participation. In the infant department we are extending opportunities for pupils to learn through purposeful play. An investment in maths software has enabled us to enhance pupil learning through ICT. All pupils are timetabled to have one maths session a week in the ICT suite. Pupils are given increased challenges through problem solving. Teacher’s planning and assessment have 5 -14 levels as their focus. Formative assessments strategies are used to ensure pupil engagement. National Assessments are incorporated as part of our ongoing assessment process.
As year group organisation and pupils learning needs demand pupils in Primaries 2-7 can be “set” for the teaching of Maths and/or Language. This is simply a method of organising pupils into groups which allows pupils to work at an appropriate pace and on suitably challenging tasks. This session, so far, Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 5 and 5/4 and Primary 7 pupils are ‘set’.


It is important for children to understand the place where they live and the heritage of their family and community- through Social Studies children develop their understanding of the world by learning about their own people and what has shaped them, other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances. Children learn through units called topics. Where possible our topics are enhanced with external visits to places of interest such as The Science Centre, Art Galleries, Museums etc. Great importance is attached to giving our pupils first hand experience of the immediate environment of the school and the community in which they live.

Last session we were delighted to yet again gain a DIAMOND AWARD for our Enterprise Education and believe we have excellent practice in this area of the curriculum. This year we are working towards gaining our third GREEN FLAG AWARD as an ECO school. Our children and staff continuously work very hard on initiatives to improve our school and its surroundings!
The school has achieved an excellence certificate for INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION and we are currently working towards a formal quality award in recognition of whole school commitment.
Very attractive displays of topic work can be seen throughout the school. Our school is awash with photographs of pupils involved in fun activities and events.

Multi media is utilised as much as possible to broaden pupil knowledge and to stimulate interest. All pupils participate in programmes of work for Science, and Technology. Pupils have ready access to PCs and Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) in classrooms. All pupils have a weekly, progressive lesson on promoting computing skills in the school’s computer suite (equipped with 22 PCs and a IWB and projector for whole class interactive lessons). The school has invested considerable funds, time and effort in ensuring that our pupils have access to appropriate resources eg digital cameras, video cameras, scanners etc which will allow realistic skills development in computing and an appreciation of the impact of technologies on society. Our Parent Council recently funded 15 more cameras for school use- these will be well used by pupils in all classes.


Art and design, Dance and Music and Drama are incorporated into topic work as well as being taught as experiences and outcomes in their own right. Children are proactively encouraged to develop any talent they show in these aesthetic areas. Children regularly “perform” in class / school events throughout the year. Pupils’ personal achievements within and outwith the school are publicly acknowledged on our school’s aspiration tree and in classrooms through achievement walls.

Music provision is enhanced by Sounds of Music and Lively Music schemes of work. We have small groups of pupils learning cello and double base. Resources for our Drama programmes are currently being updated and are under review. We actively maximise all opportunities for pupils to enjoy theatre productions – both in school and through visits out. Teachers this session will be capitalising on the potential for the Expressive Arts to allow creativity and self expression. Our emphasis will be on learning and having fun.

We have recently changed our Art programme and are delighted with pupils’ progress in this curricular area- our school is often complimented on our displays of pupil work and much of this is from our talented artists.

Teachers have devised succinct and meaningful assessment procedures for all aspects of Expressive Arts

Upper school pupils rehearse and perform with Scottish Opera – this session they will perform ‘The sands of time’


French is introduced through weekly lessons, to all primary 5, 6, and 7 pupils, by Mrs Robinson, Miss Sloan and Mrs Wilson. As a multi cultural school we are keen to promote the skills of our pupils and actively promote that being able to use additional languages can enhance the contribution which young people can make in their lives and careers. Two of our class are directly involved in supporting a research project in conjunction with the department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot- Watt University- the focus is language awareness. Having 18 community languages in the school is a challenge for us but we do try to integrate language awareness as appropriate throughout our teaching.

All pupils take part two hours of quality PE LESSONS each week. Children take part in gymnastics, athletics, fitness and games such as football, volleyball and rugby. Primaries 4-7 pupils have swimming sessions.

Although teaching in this curricular area has always been seen as a school strength we continually develop our programmes to incorporate new resources and research recommendations. Battlefield Primary has been formally recognised as a health promoting school and we strive to ensure that our pupils experience on a daily basis what it feels like to develop, enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle.


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