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Pamela M. Kittelson Department of Biology

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Pamela M. Kittelson

Department of Biology

Gustavus Adolphus College

St. Peter, MN 56082 507-933-7331


Ph.D. Plant Biology University of California, Davis. 1998.
M.A. Biology Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA. 1993. Woolford Outstanding Graduate
B.A. Biology The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. 1988. Graduate with Distinction.

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor of Biology, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN. 2005 - present.

Assistant Professor of Biology, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN. 1999 - 2005.


Biodiversity (Bio 100) – non-majors biology

Principles of Biology (Bio 101) – required for biology majors

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (Bio 202) – required for biology majors

Plant Physiology (Bio 378) – upper-level elective

Ecology (Bio 370) – upper-level elective

Directed Research in Plant Biology (Bio 396) – upper-level elective

Field based, January term travel - Natural History of California (Bio 123)

January term - Horticulture: The Art and Science of Growing Plants (Bio 126)

Research: Plant population, evolutionary and physiological ecology; invasive species biology.
Instructor, U. C. Davis, 1998. General Botany.

Instructor, Cosumnes River College, 1995-1996. General Biology.

Laboratory Instructor and Teaching Assistant, U.C. Davis and Humboldt State. 1991-1996.

Courses: Plant Anatomy, Plant Systematics, Plant Biology, Plant Ecology, Zoology
Instructor, Senior Ventures Elderhostel. Arcata, CA 1992-1993. Redwood Forest Natural History

Environmental Education Instructor, David Ave. School, Monterey, CA 1990-1991

Naturalist, San Mateo Outdoor Education. La Honda, CA 1989-1990
Publications Authors denoted with * were undergraduates at Gustavus

Kittelson, P.M., J.L. Maron and M. Marler. 2008. An invader differentially affects the leaf

physiology of two natives across a gradient in diversity. Ecology: in press.

Eckberg, J.*, E. Bockman* and P. Kittelson. 2007. Nitrate additions as a management technique

for Melilotus officinalis. Ecological Restoration: in press.

Kittelson, P. and S. Handler*. 2006. Genetic diversity in isolated patches of the tallgrass prairie

forb, Lithospermum canescens. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 133: 513-518.

Kittelson, P. M. 2004. Sources of variation in insect density on Lupinus arboreus populations:

effects of environment and plant genotype. American Midland Naturalist 152: 323-335.

Adler, L. and P. M. Kittelson. 2004. Variation in Lupinus arboreus alkaloid profiles and

relationships with multiple herbivores. Biochemical Systematics & Ecology 32: 371-390.

Kittelson, P., P. Graeve*, A. Anderson*, D. Boll*, E. Dahlquist*, J. Eckberg*, L. Kempema*,

M. Maley*, M. Panzer*, M. Paulson*, L. Smart*, S. Tuel*, E. Wenger*, J. West*. 2002. Minnesota students explore natural history using UC natural reserves. Transect 20: 12-15.

Kittelson, P. M. and J.L. Maron. 2001. Fine-scale genetically-based differentiation of life-history

traits in the perennial shrub Lupinus arboreus. Evolution 55: 2429-2438.

Kittelson, P. M. and J. L. Maron. 2000. Outcrossing rate and inbreeding depression in yellow

bush lupine, Lupinus arboreus (Fabaceae). American Journal of Botany 87: 652-660.

Karban, R. and P. M. Kittelson. 1999. Effects of Lupinus arboreus genetic structure and previous herbivory on Platyprepia virginalis caterpillars. Oecologia 120: 268-273.

Kittelson, P. M. and M. J. Boyd. 1997. Mechanisms of expansion for an introduced species of cordgrass, Spartina densiflora, in Humboldt Bay, CA. Estuaries 20: 770-778.

Publications in Review or Preparation * denotes undergraduate students at Gustavus

Kittelson, P.M., M. Paulson*, and P. Graeve*. Ant and plant diversity in southern Minnesota

tallgrass prairie restoration sites. In review at Iowa Academy of Science.

Kittelson, J. Dwyer*, A. Ingersoll*, E. Mans*, C. Pinahs*, J. Rieke*, B. Rutman*, M. Volenec*

Age-structure and genetic diversity in Quercus macrocarpa populations. In preparation.

Kittelson, P.M. Physiological traits of two native Montana grassland species are altered by

native functional diversity and the identity of an invader. In preparation.

Ecological Society of America Abstracts * denotes undergraduate students at Gustavus

Handler, S.* and P.M. Kittelson. 2004. Genetic diversity in Lithospermum canescens.

Bockman, E.*, J. Eckberg* and P. Kittelson. 2004. Effects of nitrate on Melilotus officinalis.

Eckberg, J.*, P. Graeve*, M. Paulson* and P.M. Kittelson. 2002. Effects of mowing and

nitrogen on controlling invasive sweet clover.

Eckberg, J.* and P. M. Kittelson. 2002. Forb diversity in restored prairie communities.

Kittelson, P.M. and J. L. Maron 2000. Genetic differentiation in perennial yellow bush lupine.

Simms, E. L., P. Kittelson and J. L.Maron. 2000. Variation in seed dormancy: environmental,

maternal environmental, and genetic effects.

Undergraduate Student Research Gustavus students unless otherwise noted

  • Sarah LaFont (U Montana), Clarice Pena (U Montana), Chris Pinahs. Effects of species and functional richness on native and invasive species in Montana grasslands. 2005-2006.

  • Dwyer, J., A. Ingersoll, E. Mans and J. Rieke. Genetic diversity within and among four southern MN populations of Quercus macrocarpa using AFLP markers. 2004-2005.

  • Pinahs, C., B. Rutman and M. Volenec. Age-structure of Quercus macrocarpa woodlands.

  • Chris Pinahs. Burns alter competition between native and non-native grasses. Sigma Xi 2004.

  • Stephen Handler. Genetic diversity of a fragmented population using AFLP markers. 2003.

  • Emily Helliwell. Germination of leadplant, Amorpha canescens. Sigma Xi award. 2003-04.

  • Jim Eckberg awarded national Udall Scholarship for excellence in environmental research.

  • Beth Bockman & Jim Eckberg. Effects of nitrate on M. officianalis. Sigma Xi award. 02-04.

  • Phil Graeve & Monica Paulson. Ant diversity in restored prairies. Sigma Xi award. 2002-03.

  • Jim Eckberg. Frog diversity in restored wetlands. Sigma Xi award. 2001-02.

  • N. Barondeau, L.Brandt, Eckberg, P. Graeve, A. Krahmer, V. Lindgren, and M. Paulson. Forb diversity in restored prairies: influence of site history, burning and mowing regimes. Presented by students at Sigma Xi (2001, 2002), NCUR (2002), ESA (2002)

Curricular Materials

Kittelson, P.M. and J. Biederman. Bio100, Biodiversity lab manual. Updated annually since 2003.

Grinnell, J., P. Kittelson and K. Harbitz. Evolution, Ecology and Behavior lab manual. 2000-07.

Biederman, Carlin, Harbitz, Grinnell, Kittelson, Spitzer and Wenk. Bio101 lab manual. 2007.

Kittelson, P. M. Horticulture portfolio development. 2007.

Kittelson, P. M. Ecology lab manual. 2000-2007.

Kittelson, P. M. Plant Physiology laboratory and writing in the discipline manual. 2001-2006.

Heidcamp, Lammert and Kittelson. Bio101 lab manual. 2000-2002.

Grinnell, J. and P. Kittelson. Using peer review to enhance writing in the sciences.

Invited Presentations, Lectures, or Posters

  • University of Montana, Missoula, MT. 2006. Plant physiological ecology.

  • Shoptalks. 2007. Invasive species alter plant physiology. 2001. Field evolutionary ecology.

  • Center for Vocational Reflection, Gustavus. 2005. Finding beauty and truth in a vocation.

  • Pacific University. 2005. Student-faculty research in biology.

  • Doñana Biological Station seminar, Seville, Spain. 2005. Lupinus arboreus life history traits.

  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Biological Sciences Seminar series. 2004.

  • Colorado State University, Pueblo. Biology seminars. 2004. Gene flow and natural selection.

  • Ecological Society of America, Portland, OR. 2004. Handler, S.* and Kittelson.

  • Ecological Society, Portland, OR. 2004. Bockman, E*, Eckberg* and Kittelson

  • Ecological Society, Tucson, AZ. 2002. Eckberg,* Graeve,* Paulson* and Kittelson.

  • Teachers Talking. 2001, 2003. Methods of enhancing student research and writing skills.

  • Environmental Studies Senior Seminar. 2001. Biogeography of the MN River Valley.

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies. 2001, 2002. Costs and benefits of GMOs.

  • Chapel Homily. 2000.

  • Ecological Society of America, Snowbird, UT. 2000.

Research Grants and Awards

  • Fellowship for Biology Professors. National Tropical Botanical Garden. Kampong, Fl. 2007.

  • NSF Research Opportunity Award with John Maron, University of Montana. 2005-06 $19,000

Research objective: To determine the impact of invasive species on native physiological traits and to see how impact changes as a function of water availability, species richness & invader.

- Allowed Chris Pinahs* to pursue research at U. Montana in January 2006.

- Supervised two U. Montana undergraduates; hired two others as field & lab assistants

  • Research, Scholarship and Creativity Grant. Gustavus Adolphus College. 2005. $2,200.

  • Faculty collaboration grant. 2004. Co-authors: Leila Brammer and Joyce Sutphen. $17,500.

  • TechBridge Program. Information Technology. Gustavus Adolphus College. 2004. $1,000.

  • Maedl Faculty-Student Research Award. 2003. Co-author Stephen Handler*. $3,850.

  • Li-Cor Biosciences Undergraduate Training Award. 2002. Co-authors: Colleen Jacks, Jeff Dahlseid. Awarded DNA sequencer for student-faculty research and teaching. $60,000.

  • Honoree, Gustavus Pride ‘Night of Distinction – Best Professors’ 2002, 2004.

  • Research, Scholarship and Creativity Grant. Gustavus. 2002. AFLP workshop. $2,200.

  • Lilly Endowment. 2002, 2003. Funded wilderness experiences for 13 students. $13,000/yr

  • Teaching and Learning mini-grant. 2002. Developed molecular ecology curriculum. $1,000.

  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Environmental Studies at Gustavus. 2001. Funded faculty-student research: J.Eckberg*, P. Graeve*, and M. Paulson*. $16,000.

  • Research, Scholarship and Creativity Grant. 2000. Prairie forb diversity. $2,200.

  • NSF Graduate Research Traineeship in Population Biology. 1998-99. $15,000.

Workshops and Continuing Education

  • Project Kaleidoscope. 2007. Leadership, student learning and institutional transformation.

  • Council for Independent Colleges. 2007. Workshop for Department Chairs, North Carolina.

  • Motivating and Retaining Students. 2006. The Collaboration Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Botanical Illustration. 2006. Montana Natural History Center, Missoula, MT .

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Discussion Group, Gustavus. 2005.

  • Quantitative Reasoning across the Curriculum. 2004. Pew Conference at Macalester College.

  • Service Learning for Social Justice. Cuba. 2004.

  • University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology. 2002. AFLP workshop.

  • Lilly Endowment. 2001. Developed E.S. courses that enhance sense of vocation for students.

  • Environmental Studies. 2000, 2001. Planned two courses: Intro to ES & ES Senior Seminar.

  • Gustavus Adolphus Library Workshop. 2000. Developed activities to build research skills.

  • Ecological Society of America Workshop. 2000. Teaching Issues & Experiments.

Committee Service

Biology Department Chair; co-chair with Jon Grinnell (2006-2009)

- head faculty and staff reviews, lead searches, articulate Department vision, facilitate curriculum review and revision, request and maintain budget, organize course schedules, meet with students and student groups,
Personnel Committee – review and interview tenure and promotion candidates (2007-2009)

Faculty Committee on Student Life (2003 – 2005)

Academic Operations Committee (2000-2002).

A.O.C. representative to Instructional Infrastructure Advisory Committee (IIAC). 2000-01.

Biology Department (1999- present)

Average number of advisees ~ 25 (Biology, Environmental Studies and Life Science Ed)

Manage tallgrass prairie at Linnaeus Arboretum and greenhouse advisor (1999-present)

Fellowship coordinator for Plant Molecular Biology Program, Univ of Arizona. 2004.

Education department liaison to Biology (2001-2002)

Environmental Studies (1999 – present)

Search committee for E.S. tenure-track position (2002) & Sustainability Center Director (2006)

Reviewer for Rockefeller Brothers Fund faculty-student research grants (2001)

Admissions Office

Scholarship Days Interviewer. 2005, 2007.

Speaker or host at many Admissions events (Explore Gustavus, Senior Day, etc). 1999- present.

Coneflower Prairie restoration committee. Additional 80 acre restoration plan developed. 2007/8.

Linnaeus at 300. 2007. Faculty host for Paul Alan Cox.

Nobel Conference 2003, ‘The Story of Life’ planning group. Hosted: Sean Carroll, UW Madison

Faculty Leader - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness trip. First-year Orientation. 2004.

Faculty Advisor for First-year Student Orientation. 2003.

Faculty panelist. 2006. Graduate School Panel.

Sigma Xi – (member 1999 – present)

Secretary 2000-2001

Organized Distinguished Lecture, Colin Adams (2002)
MN Academy of Sciences. Organized Ecosystem ecology, change & restoration symposium. 2000.

Service Outside of Gustavus

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner’s Advisory Committee. 2003-2008.

Provide recommendations on natural area protection, research and management to DNR.

Montana Native Plant Society, Co-organized Annual Meeting at Wall Creek WMA, Ennis. 2006.
Camp Eureka, Montana Conservation Science Institute. Outdoor Ed. for blind children. 2006-07.
Johnson Family Wetlands Restoration, Monitoring and Management Committee. 2002- present.

Manage 250-acre restored wetland; determine burn cycle, select seeds, monitor site.

Manuscript Reviewer for American Journal of Botany, Evolution, Austral Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Plant Ecology, and Native Plants Journal. I review 3-6 manuscripts per year.

Mentor to Mark Norris. Center for Teaching & Learning U. MN. Preparing Future Faculty. 2003.

U.C.T.V., "State of Minds." 2002-03 Promoted UC Natural Reserves for teaching and research.
The Nature Conservancy. Ottawa Bluffs. Volunteer & encourage student service. 2000 – present.

Professional Affiliations

Botanical Society of America

Ecological Society of America

Montana Native Plant Society

American Society of Plant Biologists

Sigma Xi
Professional Recommendations
Jon Grinnell, Co-Chair and Associate Professor

Gustavus Adolphus College

Department of Biology

St. Peter, MN 56082


Margaret Bloch Qazi, Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

Gustavus Adolphus College

St. Peter, MN 56082


John Maron, Associate Professor

Division of Biological Sciences

University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812


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