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Painting in the ottoman empire

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HIST 421-ACHM 522


2008 spring - Tuesday and Thursday 14:00-15:15 (CAS B33)

Instructor: Günsel Renda (professor of art history)

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 13.00-14.00

The course aims to introduce the students to painting in the Ottoman Empire through the centuries, studying the art of miniature painting, album pictures and other media. In the first part of the course the formation of a distinctive Ottoman school in miniature painting will be explained in view of the visual traditions in the east and the west in the 15th and 16th centuries. The second part of the course will introduce the new stylistic tendencies appearing in Ottoman painting after the 17th century and the adoption of new techniques as murals or canvas painting as a result of encounters with western art leading to the 20th century artistic movements. Visual material will be used in all the lectures.
Course requirements:
Mid-term. 35% , final exam. 40%

One short paper due at the end of the semester 20%

Attendance: 5%. Maximum attendance is recommended as each lecture is illustrated with visual material.

Certain reading assignments and brief discussions will be announced when necessary.

Week I: February 6-8

Introduction (Techniques and traditions)

Week II: February 13-15

Ottoman painting under the patronage of Mehmed II

European artists at the court of Mehmed II and their impact on Ottoman painting

Week III: February 20-22

The formation of an Ottoman style in painting. Institutionalizing palace workshops at the court of Suleyman the Magnificent

Emergence of illustrated histories

Week IV:February 27-March 1

Süleyman the Magnificent and illustrated histories

Matrakçı Nasuh and topographical painting

Week V: March 6-8

Classical style in Ottoman miniature painting under the patronage of Murad III

Great master Nakkaş Osman and imperial portraiture

Week VI: March 13-15

Religious painting at the Ottoman court

Week VII: March 20-22 (Mid-term)

Painting in the provinces, dynastic geneologies

Week VII: March 27-29

Album making and innovations in technique

New patrons and new themes in painting.

Week IX : April 10-12

18th century: a new era in Ottoman painting. New tastes and westernizing elements. Last samples of illustrated manuscripts and albums.

Week X: April 17-19

Changing patronage. Imperial portraiture in new media.

Week XI: April 24-26

Mural painting in the capital and the provinces.

Week XII: May 1-3

A new artistic milieu in the Empire. European artists working at the Ottoman capital.

Week XIII: May 8-10

Art education in the Ottoman Empire. The pioneers of painting in the western sense.

Week XIV: May 15-17

Artistic activity at the end of the 19th century and new movements in painting

leading to the republican period.

Main introductory sources (in English)
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Main sources (Turkish):
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