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Robert Moffatt

P.O. Box 281

Auburn, MA 01501

Phone 508-832-9709 Fax 508-832-2992

May, 2015

Mail Bid Sale #94

Welcome to our first of two sales for 2015. As explained previously, we are cutting back, but still know that you look forward to our sales.
Again, as in the past, there is no buyer’s premium, bids are reduced, and returns are accepted. There is a $1.00 per package charge plus postage and insurance. Terms can be arranged for payment. Just call me.
We try to provide a range of items for all pocket books. There are group lots where you can buy an item for under $10.00, and we have a couple lots that approach the $1000 range.
Highlights include:
Lot 16 – NGC certified Civil War Sutler token.
Lot 28 – Hudson Bay 1820 5-shilling sterling note.
Lot 52 – Two scarce New Jersey Civil War officer buttons with rare backmarks.
Lot 58 – Macerated money glass advertising paper weight.
Lot 71 – Unlisted Boston silver smith counterstamp, ex-Tanenbaum.
Lot 113 – 1912 Circle of Friends book medallion with book.
Lot 125 – O’Hara Dial Co. golf stein.
Again, we are grateful for all our loyal customers. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Bob Moffatt.


P.O. BOX 281

AUBURN, MA 01501-0281

Phone: (508)832-9709 Fax: (508)832-2992



Closing date: Thursday, May 28, 2015, midnight east coast time

1. There are no buyer's fees in this sale.

2. All items are guaranteed genuine, unless otherwise marked.

3. All bids must be received by closing date of the sale 5-28-2015.

4. Phone bids will be accepted up until midnight EST on 5-28-2015. No e-mail bids after 9 p.m. east coast time.

5. High bids will be revealed, but require at least a 10% advance.

6. Bids above $30 will be reduced when possible, but no more than 25%.

7. Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt of your items, and must be in our original holders.

8. Personal checks must clear before shipment if you are not known to us. In the case of bank

checks and money orders, items are shipped within 48 hours.

9. High bidders must pay postage and insurance costs which will be added to the invoice. AND:


10. Lay-aways can be arranged. Call for terms.

11. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid or withdraw any lot.

12. Placing a bid in this sale constitutes acceptance of the above terms.

13. Non-bidders of 3 consecutive sales will be removed from our mailing list. To remain on our

list, please send $12 to receive the next 6 issues

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BOB MOFFATT - Mail Bid Sale #94, Closing Date: Thursday, May j28, 2015

P.O. Box 281

Auburn, MA 01501-0281

Lot# Bid Lot# Bid Lot# Bid Lot# Bid
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____ _______ ____ _______ ____ _______ ____ _______
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____ _______ ____ _______ ____ _______ ____ _______

Send $1.00 for listing of prices realized. Prices realized will be available on my web site after this sale.


1. British silver engraved Rifle Award Medal. 1911. The Astor Championship Challenge Cup (cup pictured), “Rifle Clubs”, rev shows archer from 1300 to 1500, shows rifleman from 1860. Edge engraved “13/7/11 won by T.J. Guest, presented by Lord Kitchener”. 1-7/8”, Choice AU, one rim ding that is not too intrusive. Range $200 to $300. Min. $150

2. Two Massachusetts Tercentenary medals. ••Souvenir of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1630 to 1930. Obv copy of Pine Tree shilling. Rev scales with John Hull’s(first Mint Master) daughter balanced by her weight in Pine Tree shillings (her dowry). Nickel-plated, 1-1/8”, Unc., with original pill box and paperwork. ••Souvenir badge for Tercentenary Celebration, Salem Mass., 1926. Top bar says “Souvenir”, linked drop has town arms, rev American flag. AU, 2¼” overall, brass. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
3. 1863 Civil War store card. Christoph Karl, New York. Seated Austrian monarch, rev lyre. Fuld #NY630AM-1a. Copper, 2 cent size (24mm), AU. Range $40 to $50. Min. $30.
4. 1920 Manila P.I., U.S. Mint opening so-called dollar. Bust of President Wilson left/rev kneeling Liberty figure with child and scales, “To commemorate opening of the Mint”. Copper, 1½”, XF, cleaned at one time, now retoning. Obv light spotting, and a few marks. Not sea salvage. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
5. Rhode Island Good-For token, ca 1900. Mechanics Clothing Co., Westminster and Orange Sts., Providence RI. Rev “The holder of one of these checks will be allowed 50 cents rebate on any suit or overcoat”. Brass, 1½”, XF.

Range $25 to $35. Min. $18. 3 Available.

6. Boyd’s Battery (quack medical device). Pat.1879. Nickel ring encompasses copper, brass & nickel pellets that reportedly set up galvanic skin response. 1-3/16”, Fine, homemade shoestring necklace. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50
7. Enameled Gibson Girl bathing beauty, Bahamas sterling souvenir spoon. Hotel Colonial, Nassau. Ca 1920 bathing beauty with blue bathing suit. Beach scene in background. By P&B. 5-1/8”, XF, no breaks in enameling. Range $175 to $225. Min. $130.
8. Three piece Military lot belonging to one soldier. Sgt John C. Trait. Rhode Island National Guard, and U.S. Navy, served from Span-Am War to WWII. ••Sterling expert shooting medal, 4 bars - Coast Arty, Rifle, Rifle, Pistol-D

••Copper collar stud, ca WWI, crossed canon, “F” below, 1”, VF. ••Pair of 1944 I.D. tags, U.S. Naval Reserve.

Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
9. Pair of Billiard Good-For tokens. Wm. Bastar. ••Brass, Good for 5¢ in Trade. Rev Geo. Kuehl Billiards Suppliers, Chicago, “check” in center. 25mm, VF. ••Brass, Good for 5¢ in Trade. Rev Chas. Pick & Co., Chicago, spoon & tankard logo. 25mm, VF. 2 items. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
10. 1854 arrows potty half-dollar. Seated Liberty figure, altered to be sitting on chamber pot. Decent quality. Scarce on half dollar. Obv VG, rev F. Range $250 to $300. Min. $185.
11. Three elongated cents. ••”1911 Albany Capitol Building Destroyed by Fire”(bldg shown), early Lincoln cent, XF. ••1939S cent, 1940 Golden Gate Exposition, Main Gate shown, AU holed.. ••Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, World’s Greatest Span. Bridge shown, XF, cent date not known. Range $35 to $50. Min. $25.
12. Three counterstamped Large Cents. ••No date early draped bust. Obv c/s S.H. Gerrish, from prepared punch. Unlisted. Coin AG, c/s F. ••No date worn, holed Matronhead. Obv & Rev c/s R. King and W.R.C. prepared punc. Coin AG, c/s F. ••1853, obv c/s J.L. Philbric(k). Coin & c/s VF. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45.
13. 1883 Morgan silver box dollar. Rev of worn 1883 silver dollar is hinged and opens to reveal a compartment for photo. Floating hinge and mechanism works well. Coin carried for some time and now grades Good, with no prominent blemishes. Most of these boxes were done on Trade Dollars, scarce as a Morgan. Range $200 to $250. Min $150.
14. 1966 Indiana sesquicentennial bronze medal. Seal of state, 1816, rev state map and Capitol Building. 1½”, Unc. Range $7 to $10. Min. $5. 20 available.
15. Dug example of 1778 counterfeit half pence, struck in America. Vlack #11-78A. Porous, fair condition, but distinguishable. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.

16. Civil War Sutler token, NGC certified AU details, environmental damage. Wm. Vanderbeek Sutler’s Check 10 cents. Uniface, brass, 19mm. (Sutler, New York, 158th Reg’t Vol. Inf.). Schenkman #NY-158-10B. Rarity 8.

Range $300 to $400. Min. $225.
17. Silver, ca 1881, Lincoln/Garfield Mint medal. Busts of the assassinated presidents on either side. Julian #PR40.

Fine to VF, 25mm. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.

18. Unlisted Los Angeles, Cal. Billiards token. California Pocket Billiards, 108 North Main, L.A.Cal./ Good for 2½¢ in Trade. Aluminum, 1” square, scalloped edges, AU. Unlisted in Kappen’s first book. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50
19. Bashlow restrike of the 1861 Confederate cent. Struck from cancelled transfer dies, dies now donated to Smith-sonian. This one done in goldine. 19mm, thick planchet, Unc. These have increased greatly in the last five years. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
20. 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy memorial silver so-called half dollar. Bust of Kennedy, rev Capitol Building with caisson in forefront. Part of the extended series of Heraldic Art commemorative medals. 1¼”, thick planchet, Unc. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50. 2 available.
21. Twelve British Spade Guinea card counters. Brass copy of gold Guinea with George III on obv, 1797 on rev. Two different varieties. Ten of one, 2 of the other. 1”, AU. In original worn box. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
22. Engraved and counterstamped octagon silver pendant. N.P. Silver Mine (Grantsville, Montana). Obv engraved with chain style border fancy 3 letter monogram. Rev c/s “N.P. Silv. Mine”. I believe these pendants were issued to investors, to demonstrate their mined silver. There is another example pictured in Brunk’s book on counterstamps. Brunk #P-34. 7/8”, holed, worn VG. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.
23. 1840 William Henry Harrison campaign token. Bust of Harrison ¾ left. Rev log cabin, “The Peoples Choice 1840”. Brass, holed to be worn, 24mm, VF. Similar to Sullivan #WHH1840-45. Range $40 to $60. Min. $30.
24. 1813 Irish Penny token, Dublin. Obv bust of Wellington left, “Wellington & Erin Go Bragh”. Rev crowned harp, “E.Stephens, Dublin”. Copper, 1¼”, engrailed edge, VF with marks. Davis #17. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
25. Contemporary copy of 1807 PJ Mexican 2 real. Struck brass. Obv crude bust of Carolus II, rev arms. Cleaned at one time. VG. Test scratches on shield. Ex-Stack’s, Ringo lot 91. Kleeberg #O7A-P5. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
26. Bronze casting for U.S. Naval Academy. Academy logo with dolphins on either side. 4½”x2”, XF. Holed through dolphin’s eyes for mounting. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
27. Jenny Lind (the Swedish Nightingale) portrait medal, overstruck on Swedish 1843 two-skilling bank token. Bust of Lind left. Undercoin visible. 1¼”, copper. Overstrike AU, coin F. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45.
28. Hudson Bay Company 1820 five shillings sterling note. Signed in London, 15th of November. XF with one tiny edge tear. 9¼”x4¾”. Ex Bowers & Merena, Boyd, Brand & Ryder Sale, lot 1546. Ticket enclosed. Range $1000 to $1300. Min. $800.

29. 1893 Columbian Expo linked watch fob with 4 drops. First drop Libertyhead, 2nd drop Capitol Bldg, 3rd drop Statue of Liberty, 4th drop Columbus Landing Scene/Eagle. Brass, 5¼”, VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.

30. Bronze Military Badge. Green Mountain Guard. State Seal, “Vermont, Freedom and Union”. Bronze, 1-1/8”, XF. Circa 1900. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45.
31. NGC certified 1920 Buffalo Nickel, Mint Error 10% off-center. Certified XF Details, Rev Scratched. Range $300 to $350. Min. $225.
32. Decorated Colonial Clothing Button. In style of the 1799 Geo. Wash’n buttons. Brass, 1-3/8”. Concentric engine-turning designs. Shank intact but flattened. VF. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
33. 1838 Anti-Slavery Hard Times token. Kneeling negress, “Am I not a woman and a sister”. Rev “United States of American, Liberty 1838” within wreath. Low #54, 28mm, F, holed. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
34. Pair of 1925 Norse American Centennial medals. One thick, one thin. Obv Viking, ship in background. Rev “Authorized by the Congress of the United States”, shows Viking ship. Both AU. Thick AU50, thin (the rarer) AU55. Silver, octagonal, 30mm. Range $200 to $250. Min. $150.
35. Military Good-For token. Presidio of San Francisco Exchange. Tan fiber, octagon 30mm, rev 5 in roped border. F+. Cunningham #CA1480a. Catalog $75. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
36. Advertising store card. Mabley & Carew, Cincinnati, Shoes, Clothing, Hats. Rev “Centennial Souvenir”, shows Ohio Centennial Expo building (1888), White metal, 1½”, AU-Unc. Rulau #OH-CI-119. Unlisted so-called dollar. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
37. Original Hobo nickel. No date, hand carved. Hat with band, nose, ear, beard, collar. Good quality. Range $175 to $225. Min. $130.

38. Three Continental Currency restrikes. So-called dollars. 1 is white metal HK#854a by Bowers; K1 is goldine HK#856a by Bashlow; 1 is bronze HK#853a by Bashlow. Sundial obv, linked states rev. All 1½”, Unc. Some staining and spot on goldine and bronze issues. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.

39. French Magician’s token. Voisin, Paris. Devil’s face obv, “Physique Amusant Medaille 1855”. Rev wreath with magician’s name, address. Brass, 7/8”, VF. Range $40 to $60. Min. $30. 2 available.
40. 1783 George Washington Unity States cent. Roman bust of Washington left, “Washington & Independence” Rev “Unity States of America, One Cent” within wreath. Copper, 28mm, F for this weakly struck issue. Baker #1. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
41. Two Badges. ••Detective, Police Department County of Suffolk NY. Gold-tone, radiant border with blue enamel. Steer logo. 1¼”, VF. ••Fire Badge, Farmington(CT) Fire Dept. Eagle top, center button with fire implements, 1½”, nickel, VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
42. Elk’s tooth. Gold top engraved PBOE No. 889 FEW. Linked with ring. Approx 2 grams 10K, 1”. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
43. 1837 Feuchtwanger’s Composition Cent. Eagle with snake obv. Wreath rev. Low #120. 19mm, VF. Die combination 3E, rarity 3. Part of B & M Jan. 1995 lot 698, ticket enclosed. Range $200 to $225. Min. $150.
44. 1863 Civil War store card. Carl Paeschke Dry Goods, Fond Dulac Road, Milwaukee. Eagle rev. Fuld #WI-510AE-3a. Copper, cent-size, VF, rarity 7. Range $60 to $85. Min. $45.
45. 1874 New Zealand Penny Token. George McCanl, Coppersmith, Tinsmith, etc., Grahamstown. Rev “Advance Thames Gold Field”(shown). Copper, 34mm, F. Range $60 to $75. Min. $45.
46. 1896 Bryan so-called Silver Dollar. Obv “A Government Dollar contains 412½ grains coin silver. This piece contains 823 grains……etc”. Uniface, struck by Gorham & Co., Silversmiths. 2” XF-AU, a couple edge dings(mentioned for accuracy). HK#781. Rarity 5. Range $350 to $425. Min. $265.
47. Interesting Pre-Theatrical Production token, circa 1900. Al W. Martin’s Greater Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Martin and cabin shown. Rev “The Grandest Production Now Before the Public. Watch for Date”. Watch dog shown. Oval, aluminum, 1-5/8”x1-1/8”, VG-F. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
48. Advertising shell card mirror. Dr. Walker’s California Vinegar Bitters, R.H. McDonald & Co. Agents NY, Patd. June 16 (18)68, shows mortar and pestle, “Eureka”.. Mirror back stained Brass, 1½”, VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
49. 1908 engraved bronze Letter Opener. “23rd Annual Banquet of the Ohio Society of New York, Dec. 16, 1908”. Rev “In Honor of William Howard Taft, President-Elect of the United States”. Top has stars & bars shield, eagle, cornucopia. 10”, damage to blade tip. Excellent workmanship. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
50. Handsome 1909 Hudson-Fulton badge. Brass top bar “1609 New York 1909”. Brass enameled drop w/ flags & conjoined busts of Hudson & Fulton, eagle overhead. By Robbins Co. 2”, AU-Unc. Nice! Range $75 to $100. Min. $55

51. Miniature teapot and pair of candlesticks made from Swedish 1,2,&5 ore coins. Circa 1960. Teapot is approx. 1¼”x1½” including spout. Candlesticks 1½”x1”. High grade, quality construction. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45.

52. Two scarce New Jersey Civil War officer buttons. Two-piece, show N.J. state seal. Back mark on first is Steele & Johnson, back mark on second is Waterbury Jewelry Co. Buttons from same die except for back marks. XF, 1”, shanks intact. Range $900 to $1200. Min. $675.
53. Pair of 1852 Scrip remainder notes. P.P. Hyde, Jordanville, Herkimer Co. NY. 10¢ note and 50¢ note. Interesting vignettes, 4-7/8”x2-3/8”, Uniface, AU. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
54. Bronze Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science award. Deco style maiden holding lens that focuses a light beam. A wreath held in her other hand. 2¼”x1¾”, Ch-Unc. Uniface. In scarce original box with paperwork. By Medal Arts Co., Rochester. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50
55. NGC certified New York Civil War token, MS63 brown. T. Brimelow, Druggist, “1” within wreath, mortar and pestle below. Rev Washington portrait right. 2¢ size copper. Fuld #NY630K-1a. Range $150 to $175. Min. $110.
56. Alaskan Gold-rush related stick pin. An elongated piece of walrus tusk tapered to a point at both ends is bordered by ring of natural gold nuggets. Frame stamped “Native Gold”. 2-5/8” overall, 2 grams, excellent condition. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.

57. Colgan’s Mint Chips gum tin with round baseball card. Green tin says “Colgan’s Mint Chips, the Gum that’s Round”. Inside is round baseball card of Maddox, Pittsburgh. Rev says “Stars of the Diamond, one card in every 5¢ package of Colgan’s Mint Chips”. Ca 1910. Card and tin VG+. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.

58. Macerated money glass paperweight. Printed back reads “Compliments of George Burfeind, Washington D.C., China, Glass, Art Treasures Skillfully Repaired. This card enclosed estimated to contain $500 in macerated money”. Army Air-Force Wings centerpiece. 3” round. Backing may have been re-attached. Range $300 to $375. Min. $225.

59. Two 1837 contemporary counterfeit bust half dollars. ••cast pot metal, pitted AG. ••struck German silver, F, some spotting, lettered edge. Range $100 to $150. Min. $75.

60. Cast bronze naughty lady pin tray, ca 1920. Lady with big hat, upside down reveals more of her. 3¾”x2¾”, footed, stained VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
61. 1864 Abraham Lincoln campaign and Civil War token. Bearded bust of Lincoln right. Rev eagle, wreath, “Lincoln and Union”. Fuld #128/289b. Dewitt #AL1864-44. XF, rarity 3, brass, cent-size. Ex Steve Tanenbaum – in his holder. Range $150 to $175. Min. $110.

62. (1849) California gold token. Indian with big nose, toning streak across face. 50¢ round, 9 stars, Unc. Locke-“Unique Wreath, Value not determined”. 3/8”, tests heavy gold-filled. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.

63. Providence, R.I. Miller token. A.A. Plastridge. Obv shield, “R.D., 6” Rev “Bagatelle Tables, What Cheer 12 G”. Miller #RI-20, white metal, 27mm, Unc. Ca 1870. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45. 2 available.
64. Deceptive copy of the 1898 Dewey Span-Am War medal. Top bar shows eagle, olive branch, anchor. Medal shows bust of Dewey right/rev sailor seated on ship’s artillery piece, “Memory of the victory of Manila Bay, May 1, 1898”. Stamped “U.S.S. Olympia”. Yellow and blue back ribbon. The original piece was struck by Tiffany, and would have the sailor’s name on the edge. Overall 3¼”, AU. If real - $2000. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
65. Simulated spread-out pile of gold medals advertising paperweight. Including Franklin, Grant, Bell, god Mercury, etc. Rev printed leather inset says “Christmas 1951, 100 Years of Service, Western Savings Bank”. Plated pot metal, 5½”x4¼”, stained VF. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
66. Worcester, Mass. good-for token. Hadwen Park Market, $1.00 Come Back to Quality, 256 Webster St.(Worcester) 754-0644. Uniface, lettering stamped. 1¾”, plated iron, VG. Range $10.00 to $15.00. Min. $7.50. 10 available.
67. Interesting ca 1810, coin design clothing button. Obv copy of 1805 Carlos IV portrait 8-real coin. Coin rev. Shank missing. Scarce with rev design, most of these buttons were struck in France. Copper, 1½”, XF-AU, couple spots, slight bend. Range $60 to $100. Min. $45.

68. Short set of So-Called half dollars. Ca 1930. Eight pieces housed in Wayte Raymond cardboard holder with printed designations. All half-dollar size, copper nickel, Unc. 1935 Pony Express, 1925 Lexington Minuteman, 1927 Lindbergh, 1930 Adm. Byrd, 1947 Thomas Edison, 1925 Daniel Boone, Confederate half dollar replica, Confederate Great Seal replica. Popular, high quality. Range $200 to $250. Min. $150

69. Gloucester, Mass. silver school medal. Top bar engraved “Nancy A. Baker”. Heart-shaped drop “Gloucester School Dept. Sawyer Medal”. Bust of Sawyer pictured. Rev engraved “June 12, 1957”. Gilt, 1¼”, VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
70. 1893 bronze Roman revival medal, by Olympic Club of San Francisco. Jugate busts of Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Schroeder in Roman garb to imitate Emperor Augustus and Livia., says “Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Schroeder” Rev “Roman Revival by the Olympic Club, April 7-27 1893, San Francisco Cal.”. 1¼”, XF. Rulau #SFO-48. Range $60 to $75. Min. $45.
71. 1843 New Brunswick penny with unlisted counterstamp. J.E. Stanwood, Boston Pure Silver, Coin”. Ex-Tanen-baum. Stack’s Bowers March 2014 auction, lot 7177, ticket included. Penny 1-3/8”, holed; counterstamp and coin obv F. Area around c/s dark. Joseph E. Stanwood is listed in an 1850 Boston directory as a silver smith at 20 Hawley St. Range $300 to $350. Min. $225.
72. 1890 Mechanical Perpetual Calendar medal. Bimetallic. Revolving copper nickel center. Copper frame holed for suspension contains months and days. Issued by Wm. K. David, Chicago. 1-5/8”, VF, working order. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
73. First edition, sterling silver, Presidential mini-coin set by Franklin Mint. From Washington to Nixon, 36 pieces. All Unc., ½”, on original cards. With box and magnifier. Approx. 1.5 oz sterling. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
74. 1928 silver Canine medal. The Spaniel Club, Founded in 1885. Obv shows 5 varieties of Spaniels with interwoven ribbon design. Rev engraved “Mr. Alec Byrne’s Tedwyns Torch, for best working spaniel”. 1¾”, toned AU. Handsome. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.
75. Error, 1988 U.S. Mint Set. This set was sealed with the quarter atop the half dollar in the same space-the quarter’s space is empty. Coins in original packaging, Unc. A scarce occurrence. Outer envelope has some wrinkles and creases. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
76. Pictorial Denver, Colorado (Saloon) token. Mining Exchange Bar – shows Mining Exchange Building. Rev “Good for 12½¢ in Trade, Daudel & Becherer, Denver Colo”. Aluminum, 1”, XF. Range $75 to $125. Min. $55.
77. Encased Postage Stamp, Civil War era. Kirkpatrick & Gault, No. 1 Park Place, New York, Applications for Advertising on this Currency, Pat. Aug. 12, 1862. Brass frame encloses a Jefferson 5 cent stamp. Most of the mica is missing. Tabs holding stamp in place are creased. Hotter & Bowers #162, overall Fine. Range $175 to $250. Min. $135
78. 1988 41st Edition of A Guide Book of United States Coins by Yeoman (The Red Book). The cover features a copy of the Pillar Dollar, and it was a medal that you could order with the Red Book as a souvenir. This lot comes with that silver copy. Dated 1987, rev “Whitman Coin Products, Racine, Wisconsin, 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver”. Coin Unc., book VF. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
79. Five medallions featuring Independence Hall, Philadelphia. ••1893 bronze GAR, 1-5/8”, shows PA Dept. Commander, rev the Hall. Looped with ring and ribbon. ••1876 so-called dollar for the Centennial, HK#26. Obv Liberty Bell, rev Hall. Holed at top, 1½”, white metal, AU. ••1926 Sesquicentennial, brass, 1-3/8”, Obv Hall, rev U.S. flag, F, ••1926 Sesquicentennial, obv Hall, rev Liberty Bell, brass, 1¼”, XF. ••1899, obv shows Philadelphia Record(newspaper) Building, rev Hall. Brass, 1¼”, XF. Range $100 to $150. Min. $75.
80. 1803 “Half Eagle” Kettle token, Judd #C1803-3, Pollock-8020. Brass, plain edge. NGC certified XF details, environmental damage. Similar to that of the regular issue 1803 capped bust right half eagle, with the name “Kettle” faintly visible after the date. Range $200 to $225. Min. $150.
81. Macerated Money Washington Monument. Label reads “Made of U.S. National Greenbacks, redeemed and macerated at the U.S. Treasury. Estimated $5000”. 5”x2½”, XF. Range $60 to $80. Min. $45.

82. Abraham Lincoln counter modeled after $10 gold piece. Bust of Lincoln ¾ right. Rev shows eagle, says “Compositions Spiel-Marke”. Brass, reeded edge, 1-1/16”, spotty VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.

83. 1923 Spanish-American War 25th Anniversary, New York City service medal. Obv Liberty figure holding sword and lamp, 2 shields lists the names New York camps, “Volunteer” at top. Rev Span-Am service medal atop deco eagle, soldier and sailor on either wing . Bronze, 2¾”, AU, Struck by Whitehead and Hoag. Unsigned, but designed by Charles Keck(coin designer). Handsome and scarce. Range $200 to $225. Min. $150.
84. Two Masonic medals. ••32nd Degree medal from Albany Sovereign Consistory. Enameled top bar and drop, 2¼”, XF, gilt-bronze. ••Knights of Honor gold-filled and enameled pendent. Rev engraved Compass and Square, Templar Crown and Cross. 1”, looped, XF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
85. Scarce Civil War token, lousy condition. Obv soldier (called The Pilgrim), “I am ready, 1861”. Rev The Union Must and Shall be Preserved. Holed and dug, originally silvered brass, small remnants of silvering remains on rev. 30mm, Fine details but corroded. Fuld #147/227. Rarity 6. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
86. Ancient silver Roman Imperial Denarius. Obv shows Julia Maesa facing right( the grandmother of Elagbalus). Rev shows Pudicitia (the personification of modesty). Struck between 217 and 222 AD. XF-AU, well-centered. Range $135 to $175. Min. $100.
87. Two ca 1900 Logan Creek (Uehling, Nebraska) pictorial good-for tokens. ••Logan Creek Hall Association, rev horse head within wreath. Scalloped, 1-1/8”, brass, AU. ••Bonnin Bar Good For 5¢ in Trade, elephant rev. Scalloped, 1”, AU. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
88. Silver and enameled love token style award medal for Poetry Reading, done on dollar-size coin. Obv says “One Premio Al Declamador. Rev shows open book and wreath, “Poesia Comaltedee 12-10-39”. 1½”, reeded edge. Excellent workmanship. Range $100 to $150. Min. $75.
89. 1856 John Fremont presidential token. NGC graded Unc details, Rev scratched. (rev spotted, scratches blend in). Obv bust of Fremont left. Rev eagle on globe, “Our Country”. Brass, 7/8”, DeWitt #JF-1856-14. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.
90. 1769 contemporary copy of 1769 Irish George III half penny, struck in U.S. Long neck portrait of George III right. Rev harp, “Hibernia”. 28mm, 7.6 grams, chocolate-brown, G with deposit on forehead – possibly removable. Anton-Kesse #66. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.
91. 1789 Turkish gold coin made into pendant. Turkey AH-1203, year 9. ¼ Zeri Mahbud. KM#510. Nice antique silver hanger attached at top. Coin has second hole at 10 o’clock. 5/8”. Coin F. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
92. J.A. Bolen medal, 1864 Soldiers’ Fair, Springfield, Mass. Bust of Washington left/“Soldiers’ Fair Dec. 1864, Springfield, Mass.”in wreath. Tin, 1-1/8”, XF with moderate tinpest. Should be listed as a Civil War token. Rulau #MA-SP-65. Baker #365. Musante #JAB-16. 350 struck to raise money for the fair. Range $175 to $200. Min. $135.
93. Interesting 1892 Columbian Expo brockage medal. Bust of Columbus ¾ right, “Christopher Columbus 1492”. Aluminum, 32mm, XF. Rev is incuse striking of same design. Eglit unlisted, but similar to the obv of Eglit #318 which was struck in silver and 34½mm. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
94. Unusual 1814 classic head Large cent. Rev counterstamped “50” above “Cent”. Copper half dollar?? Coin G, c/s F. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.
95. Three elongated Canadian large cents. ••1908, Quebec Tercentenary, shows Champlain and horseshoe. XF, Fairbanks #Can2, R3.. ••1909 Montreal lucky cent. Horseshoe, beaver. F#Can4, R4, XF. ••1909 Montreal Carnival, shows Ice Palace. F#Can5, R5, XF. Range $150 to $175. Min. $110.
96. Bimetallic Commemorative medal. 1967 Handy and Harman, bronze and silver. 2¼”, struck for their 100th anniversary, 1867-1967. Obv has silver inset on ½ of the medal, shows scenes of the medal-making process.

Rev “HH 100”. AU Range $60 to $75. Min. $45.

97. 1794 copper British half-penny token. “Thos. Hardy, Secretary to the London Corresponding Society Found Not Guilty 1794”, his bust ¾ left. Rev names the jury. Copper, 1¼”, red & brown AU, plain edge. D&H #Middlesex 204. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
98. 1863 Civil War store card. Geo. D. Schmidt. NGC graded Unc details, Environmental damage. Rev 1863 Indian-head, oxidized. Fuld #NY630BN-1b. Rarity 7. Range $125 to $150. Min. $95.
99. New Hampshire good-for token. L.W. Averill, No. Conway NH. Rev Good for 5¢ in Trade. Holed in center as made. Scarce state and town. Brass, 7/8”, dark VF-XF. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
100. Fifty Cent U.S. Fractional Currency note. Fourth issue. Shows Dexter, Secretary of the Treasury. Signed by Spinner and Allison. Friedberg #1379. AU, 3¾”x2-1/8”. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
101. 1892 Columbian Expo Danish medal. Obv female figure holding Columbus’s hand and leading him to the New World. Rev shield, eagle wings, plaque with Danish description of the expo. Issued by V. Christensen of Copenhagen. White metal, 65mm, PL-Unc. Eglit #37. Comes with original box cover. Range $200 to $250. Min. $150.
102. Two varieties of the year 2000 one-concept coins. ••Statue of Liberty, says “Liberty”. Rev peace eagle and sunrise. ••Libertyhead, same reverse as previous. Issued as an experimental coin by Gallery Mint. Golden bronze, 1”, Unc. Range $40 to $50. Min. $30. 2 pairs available.
103. Imitation gold nugget watch fob. Twelve faux gold nuggets, gold-filled chain, 11”, well done. May have been a movie prop. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
104. 1961 John F. Kennedy silver Ina ugural medal. Bust of JFK left. Rev Presidential seal, “Inaugurated January 20, 1961”. By Paul Manship. Struck by Medallic Art. 5.56 oz .999 fine silver. 2¾”, Unc, minor spotting. Original box and paperwork. Range $250 to $275. Min. $185.
105. Four New Hampshire Chauffeur badges. 1918 thru 1921. ••1918 rectangular, bronze, #5429. ••1919 silver-plated brass, hexagon-shape, #2583, broken back pin.. ••1920, scalloped edge, bronze, #2001. ••1921, triangular, copper, #8345, broken back pin. All VF. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
106. Three Hotel tokens. ••Swastika good-luck token, Hotel Olympia, Boston, 1729 Washington Street, Boston Mass. Brass, 1¼”, spotty AU. ••Hotel Arnold good-for token. Jos. Spang & Co. 5. Rev same. Aluminum, 1”, VF. ••1867 Two-cent piece counterstamped on obv and rev “Quincy House”. Coin G, c/s F. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
107. WWII Aviation, Flying Tigers hand-made I.D. tag. Hand-made oval nickel blank, obv hand engraved with Flying Tiger, AVG below. Rev “Charles Chaney, 1942, China”. Holed at top for suspension. 1-5/16’x1”, polished VF. Range $150 to $200. Min. $110.
108. Love-token style, silver and enameled Horse-Racing related monogram pin. CNR, The C is a horseshoe in blue enamel; the N is three riding crops in red enamel; the R is a whip in yellow enamel. Round, sterling, 1¼”, VF. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55.
109. 1925 counterfeit $5 gold Indian, struck in bronze. Reeded edge, deceptive copy, probably originally gold plated. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
110. NGC certified MS61, scarce patriotic Civil War token. 1863, National Union League of the United States. Shield and wreath. Rev U.S. flag, 13 star border, “Long may it wave”. Fuld #217/479e, white metal, 21mm, rarity 7, 2002 Unc priceguide $350. Range $350 to $400. Min. $250.

111. Two Massachusetts Good-For tokens. Werenski Package Store, Tel. 2-4303, Holyoke, Mass./Twelve Return Bottles 24¢ Rebate ••Same as previous/rev Six Return Bottles, 12¢ Rebate. Both Aluminum, 1-1/8”, XF. Range $10 to $15. Min. $7.50. 5 pairs available.

112. Boston, Mass. Hard Times token. Wm. H. Milton, Faneuil Hall Clothes/address and products. HT#163A, 28mm, XF with planchet vacancy on rev at 1 o’clock. Rarity 1. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.

113. Circle of Friends book medallion, 1912. Abdul Baha, Peacemaker. Bronze plaque #7 in series, by Louis Potter, enclosed is book with Baha’s story. Rev maiden personifying Love, Peace, Unity. Plaque 3”x2”, Unc. Book VF. Range $275 to $325. Min. $200.

114. Two silver souvenir spoons. ••1909 Hudson-Fulton, bowl stamped images 1609 ship Halfmoon, 1909 Robert Fulton Steamboat. Handle shows, Flatiron Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge. Rev of handle Grant’s Tomb, Washington Arch, Times Building. Sterling, 5¼”, XF. ••Texas – Alamo stamped in bowl, shows Alamo ca 1718, “San Antonio Tex.”, handle shows Indian chief with tomahawk raised above head. Handle rev peace pipe, rattle, shield, beads. 5”, XF. Sterling, by P&B. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
115. 1864 McClellan presidential campaign token. Head of McClellan left, 13 star border/”George B. McClellan Prosperity, Union, Peace”. Gilt-brass, 5/8”, holed as made, AU. Dewitt #GMcC1864-41. Ex-Ford, part 24 September 2013, lot 11146, ticket enclosed.. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
116. 1877 engraved (Peace) Trade dollar. Below olive branch in Liberty’s hand, crudely engraved a wall planter (Liberty planting peace). Coin and engraving F. Interesting variation of the potty dollar. Range $125 to $150. Min $95
117. 1924 Philippines, Manila Carnival stockholder’s badge. Bronze, ribbon missing. Shield-shaped, cornucopia on either side, “1924 Manila Carnival”, seated Mercury figure with Caduceus. Rev “Stockholder”. By Crispulo Zamora, Manila. 2”x1-3/8”, VF, split fob top. Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
118. Four-piece Military, Civil War-related lot. ••Cap badge, crossed rifles, “8” above, “A” below. Brass, 1¾”x1”, screw back, F. ••GAR badge, brass. The 38th National Encampment, Boston, 1904. Top bar and drop with silvered GAR insignia attached, 2-1/8”x1¾”, XF. ••Sons of Veterans bronze drop, ribbon missing, eagle atop, crossed cannons within wreath. VF, 1½”x1-1/8”. ••Sons of Union Veterans Auxillary badge. Top bar cross and crossed cannons, wreath with eagle. XF, copper, 1¾”x1-3./8”, Range $100 to $125. Min. $75.
119. Love token on 1857 $3 gold. Looped with ring. Obv engraved “Mother, Sept. 8, 1892”, center floral design. Well worn, but scarce on $3 gold coin. Range $300 to $350. Min. $225.
120. Contemporary copy Spanish 1 real cob. Light weight, struck on low-grade silver planchet. 7/8”, 2.6 grams. VG-Fine. Would fool many. Range $75 to $100. Min. $55
121. 1905 Great Britain 100th anniv of Battle of Trafalgar medal. Military bust of Nelson left. Rev Trafalgar battle scene, Oct. 21, 1805. White metal, 32mm, AU. By Spink. Range $60 to $85. Min. $45.
122. Civil War Sutler token. M. Sullivan, Ohio 55th Regular Volunteer Infantry. 50¢. Schenkman#OH55b50Bb. Dug, porous readable, uniface, brass, 1”. Rarity 7. Ex-Stack’s Bowers 2-5-15, lot 358, ticket enclosed. Range $200 to $275. Min. $150.
123. 1834 political clothing button. Small size cuff, Whigs of “76”, Liberty cap on pole. 1 piece, R.R&Co. back mark. 13mm, XF with luster. Albert #PC(Congressional Campaign of 1834)97. Shank intact. Range $100 to $125. Min $75
124. 1972 Irish St. Patrick’s Day commem medal and stamp cachet. Medal in pure Irish silver shows the landing of St. Patrick in 432 A.D. 1½”, approx ¾ oz .999 fine Irish silver. Medal proof-like, cachet Unc. Range $40 to $50. Min. $30. 3 available.
125. O’Hara Dial Co. golf stein. Enameled insert in lid. Body shows golfer circa 1910 in green tones. Enameled lid insert disc has Scotsman with a bottle, “I have found that old Solomon proved it fair that a big bellied bottle’s a cure for all care”. O’Hara made the watch dials for Waltham watches, and in slack times they produced enameled insets like this for steins and other objects. Paint loss, particularly on the handle. Insert is fracture free, however, the pewter stein lid has some bumps. Golf steins are the most sought after. Range $500 to $600. Min. $375.
126. Two Expo enlarged lucky pennies. ••1915, Indian with headdress, rev “Souvenir Penny of Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, 1915. Bronzed pot-metal, holed, bumps and cut on obv rim at 7 o’clock. 2¾”, XF.

••Indian with headdress, rev “A Century of Progress, 1833 Chicago, 1933. Shows Fort Dearborn. Copper-plated white metal. 2¼”, XF with some staining. Range $50 to $75. Min. $37.50.

127. Gold quartz stud, attractive, with gold rope border. Oval, 5/8”x3/8”, antique California gold-rush related, XF. 2 grams. Range $225 to $300. Min. $170.

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