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Otu voyages 43 rue de l'université 34000 montpellier tel : 0467667420 fax : 0467663072 email

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otu voyages 43 rue de l'université 34000 montpellier tel : 0467667420 fax : 0467663072 email : référence dossier : qmc6no itinéraire de votre voyage votre dossier est suivi par : virginie l.calmel ****** 18 may 03 ****** vol tp5401 compagnie tap air portugal départ de : paris/orly heure : 0745 sans escale terminal ouest-west arrivée à : lisbon heure : 0905 durée vol : 02hrs 20mins classe économique appareil : airbus industrie a318/319/320/321 ****** 18 may 03 ****** vol tp1331 compagnie tap air portugal départ de : lisbon heure : 1125 sans escale arrivée à : new york/newark intl heure : 1415 terminal b durée vol : 07hrs 50mins classe économique appareil : airbus industrie a310 ****** 02 jun 03 ****** vol tp1332 compagnie tap air portugal départ de : new york/newark intl heure : 1845 sans escale terminal b arrivée à : lisbon heure : 0630 03 jun durée vol : 06hrs 45mins classe économique appareil : airbus industrie a310 ****** 03 jun 03 ****** vol tp5400 compagnie tap air portugal départ de : lisbon heure : 0800 sans escale arrivée à : paris/orly heure : 1115 terminal ouest-west durée vol : 02hrs 15mins classe économique appareil : airbus indistrie a310 avant votre départ : vérifiez les formalités nécessaires passeport-visas-vaccins auprès des autorités compétentes reconfirmez votre vol retour 72h avant auprès de la compagnie - otu voyages 43 rue de l'université 34000 montpellier tel : 0467667420 fax : 0467663072 14 rue coste frège 34000 montpellier montpellier le 16/04/2003 page 1 reçu d'acompte n° 15003480 montant : 449.00 euro voyageur : mlle calmel lucille commande : 150115995 départ le : 17/05/20 03 référence : 084 / rv facture : euro organis. désignation qté p.u. total paris newyork aller retour 1 396.00 396.00 frais de dossier 1 14.00 14.00 non modifiable/non remboursable passeport obligatoire formalités de police à vérifier assur. gene assurance multirisque 62249249 1 39.00 39.00 sous total 449.00 total euro 449.00 règlement en euro chèques du 16/04/2003 euro 449.00 reste dû euro 0.00 - otu voyages l'agence des étudiants - société pour le développement des voyages universitaires (s.d.v.u.) exploitant exclusif de la marque otu voyages - s.a. au capital de 652 065 e - siège social : 3 rue d'austrasie 57000 metz - rcs metz : b 385 265 079 - ape 633z - siret 385 265 079 00066 - li. 057 00 003 - garant aps : 15 av. carnot - 75017 paris - adhérent snav assurance rcp : cgu courtage 100 rue de courcelles - 75858 paris cedex 17

have a rest,,, première nuit j’aurais tout avalé car. à paris pluie taxi 28.30 euros 1à2h de sommeil dans le salon de laure coco m’avait oubliée et quelques petits comas dans l’avion hésitant le torticolis file immigrante infinie longue arrivée ouatée 42ème rue ce n’est pas. le lisse européen des avenues touristiques ou commerciales c’est. aplats 4/3 tonalités hybrides pierre strass verre le côté deux d dû à ? fonction accentuation carte postale et 43rd street calme frigidaire et ateliers pour tous entrée dans la communauté expérience plantes vertes au plafond suspendues

From: "" To: FLUX-HOUSE Subject: PLEASE READ Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 19:04:07 -0400 Please make sure that the I-mac always has the right date and time, as it messes up emails and causes all sorts of other problems.

190503 from 13 to 21:00 . summertime . new york city with jean both riding . queens an ancient rollerblade center transformed into a supermarket brooklyn a coffee looked artbooks and clothesshoesandbags ancient fluxfactory went on the roof where they saw the twintowers falling down hassidic area ate at myrtle thai restaurant vegetable and a tasty orange thai tea a bridge manhattan ground zero en cage the free boat to state island heineken&cigarette chinatown little italy an ancient squatted park an ancient punk is born there area a an and a bridge united nations organization flags down a giant pepsicola sign behind huile caramel poisson frit fraise synthétique soja vapeur goudron réchauffé métal anis ginger taste pisse café embruns échappements wait and walk

||| iwouldlike to get special emailrelationships with each one of you who would like to ||| iwouldlike to get your personal email or to get the one of your personal secretary ||| iwouldlike to act with a girl in order to influence my voice by doing something on my body a thursday’ night ||| iwouldlike to be able to say what iwouldlike to be able to write ||| iwouldlike to find a way to publish live or not on internet ||| iwouldlike to go to a trashy party or club with deep and loud metalelectronic sounds that quake plexus and vanish the feeling of being onetogether and sweat between flesh,es and red and dark and down and shot,s mentalskinned and alcohol from lips to shirt to floor and light cigarettes you don’t talk ||| iwouldlike to visit the wooster group 33 wooster street in soho and the big art group ||| iwouldlike to see lukas zpira who implanted some of my hairs in my left arm in november to show him how they have grown now ||| iwouldlike to visit ps1 ||| iwouldlike to play live some days on a simple electronic sound software which is able to record and retreat my voice through a microphone ||| iwouldlike to share a sunday between 17:00 and 01:00 next to ‘stingy lulu’s diner’ on st mark’s place no sign except black glasses window and four tiny blue lights on top of the entrance ||| iwouldlike to buy a philips' microphone for a minidisk machine ||| iwouldlike to buy summer’ shoes and flashy tainted latex’ clothes ||| iwouldlike to borrow an electronic photo maker to shoot you or ||| iwouldlike internet more dirty more |||

From: "James Andrews" Reply-To: To: Subject: ROBOT ASSISTANTS Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 18:51:09 -0400 A friend of mine is looking for a few assistants to handle and work with large-scale robots for the production of a video in connection with an art exhibition this fall in New York. Must be reliable and available to work between May 23rd and May 28th. Some pay.

take a breath

i live in london, and you are very much a victim of the weather. i particularly love the springtime in london. it's one of the few times of the year that the weather is tolerable. there was one spring when it wasn't coming. i have a skylight in my home, and i would look out and there would be no blue sky. the flowers were coming up rather reluctantly, and there was no spring -and it was looking like there wasn't going to be a spring. i was getting very hurt about this. i took it very personal, actually, like, "what have i done now ?" so i started to write the weather diaries. when i would go into the office every day, i would document what was happening with the weather. i got really into it. i would carry a pad around with me. any little change i would jot down. i started to see the weather in a different way. it became very exciting when there was really bad weather because i would get to write about it. it led to all sorts of things. but my one responsibility to the project was to document the weather every day. it was looking good, it was looking publishable : the world's most tedious book. but then i had twins, and i started going to the hospital instead of the office. so i never got finished -it was going to be one solid year. and of course, springtime was rather lovely in london  this year, and i think it's because i paid some attention last year. i think the weather needs people to pay attention. nick cave . by jonathan valania . magnet sept/oct 2001

camille acey wrote:

I think it is important to be very professional and not take his error as a personal offense. if possible, the point people (person?) should have a copy of the contract in hand to show todd. it is very important that if any of us see someone loading in beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) that we take up the matter with todd and not the poor little laborer. power struggles and screaming matches are to be avoided at all costs. the person who speaks with todd should be calm, cool, and direct. Todd should be asked to produce the license, if he is unable to do so, show him the contract and remind him that he agreed that he would get a liquor license. do not get in an argument with him about it.

 If no one wants to handle this, I will.

200503 at night . no more weather . by stephanie’s car . a bar in brooklyn lager two don’t forget tips and a basil pizza nothing more . aia would like a red tainted heartform hair implant with her cat’s hair . back with dana and her boyfriend by bus and subway and walk

around and make sure no one is smoking, doing damaging
things to our
property, etc.

230503 21:00 . r . 8th street station . broadway to downtown bond street . selima bondsunglassesshop redwine which is not wine or which is not red lili sandy farah virginie greg … then likas restaurant roasted chicken breast with mashed potatoes and beans around 10 $ two draft brown leffe 2 x 4.75 $ happyhappybirthday lili chinatowns toys then i came back then i lost myself in malequeensavenues pavlo with a without wheels bike took me back

victim of the weather - colours more – ne lisez pas ce livre si vous êtes stupide tibor fisher éditions le cherche midi 2003 - victim of the weather - heather and her friend and her friend with sunflowers – victim of the weather - listening to a birds are singing compact disk during two days long - victim of the weather - cleaning the fridge the dishes neverending washing machines – However is responsible for the dishes in the kitchen tonight needs to speak with me. washing machines – Whoever knows who is responsible for the dishes in the sink tonight needs to tell who those people are. washing machines – We need to establish that the kitchen cannot be left in such a condition for any washing machines – reason. I am going to find out who is responsible for it so please just come to me on your own washing machines – so we can have a reasonable conversation and make sure that this place is not disrespected in this way. cleaning the fridge the dishes neverending washing machines –

From: Garrett Ramirez To: Brian Matthews , Subject: Beware Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 14:57:29 -0700 (PDT)

Beware the washing machine - it is in a foul mood. it does not spin and does not drain (i don't think it's rinsing either). you may want to save up your quarters until further notice.

- colours more – ne lisez pas ce livre si vous êtes stupide tibor fisher éditions le cherche midi 2003 -heather and her friend and her friend with sunflowers – listening to a birds are singing compact disk during two days long - cleaning the fridge the dishes neverending washing machines – Do we still want to get a washing machine?

Brian talks about washing machine problems: don’t turn the knob too fast, don’t use the powder;

sitting on eating on drinking on reading on watching tv on for twelve hours - a place for a place for a place to go for – 030522 030525 030526 030528 victim of the weather - i don’t see anymore any manhattan’s buildings tearing bright licking sky graywhitepurple windy cool air vodka jus d’airelle it is cranberry – a coffee cup on my trousers my pullover – i do not watch tv i do not play computer games i do not go to the office i do or i do not because i do not know how – i'm still reading i’m still writing i’m still talking i’m still looking for i’m still - a ketchup’s hand on heart of jean – mat is no more sitting on the right corner of the resting room laptoptype writing reading magazines dealing with cigarettes – dark glasses windows growntoys male cars for sleepers sniffers snuffers fuckers lovers c’est majorette smiling with dana and her boyfriend - tops stairs grounds ways and subways … – brooklyn lagger cathode catheter – système métrique en onan intensité – englué goudron sang desséché carbone rouge vif opaque une ampoule électrique rouge sombre translucide une ampoule électrique index automnehiver contrepoison inhalation juicy fruit compose anthracite émissionréception en continu modifier la focale - écorné quelques pages de périphériques maurice g. dantec éditions flammarion 2003 - en substance - systématiquement détruit – i’m feeding it – fraises cerises framboises myrtilles - i-berries –

camille acey 05/21/03 22:09 PM >>>

i went to the freezer tonight thinking to myself "i won't finish all the ice cream myself, i should take it out of the plastic bag and share it with the others...." calme when i got to the fridge i found that someone(s) had already taking a sizeable helping for themselves. shame on you. frigidaire you are guilty of stealing on two counts:

1) you wrongly took something that didn't belong to you

2) you robbed me of the joy of giving something of myself freely you see, it's the little things that made me fall out of love with you,

From: "MORGAN J. Meis" <> To: , Subject: Re: it's the little things... Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 22:22:48 -0400

Actually, it has always been a policy that the fridge at Flux is not a place for personal food items. You can put personal items in the fridge but there is no guarantee that they will remain yours. (Imagine what would happen if all the myriad people here started filling the fridge and freezer with their special bagged items). The comment "you see, it's the little things that made me fall out of love with you" are indicative of a person who never got it in the first place and is now trying to justify their own unjustifiable attitude by blaming it on the rest of us. Lousy.
i’m feeding it –



impression quarante et une pages une. depuis par une tokyo infra-ordinaire de jacques roubaud bourrage bourrage ragemachine ne pas exploser l’hewlett packard ... From: "Brian Matthews" To: Subject: printer Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 00:41:28 +0000

Stop putting "recycled" paper in the printers. the ink just gets on the rollers, making them impossible to print resume's and unable to print just one sheet. -the printer spits out 4 sheets of paper all stacked up, with only an image on the top. much care écran zone non fumeur je retiens les cumulus ont chargé une dose à peine ma grisaille intoxication de: mentale atteinte à: infection généralisée ou si jamais cure de lithium magnésium … je sais elle je sens elle toxine si je ne me détourne et tant j’aime ne rien mais rien est elle domaine … une chanson douce et enlevée fréquence mineure pour me moquer … ils m’ont dévorée ou plus juste ils m’ont éteinte désir dissection la chair s’effrite décomposée je cherche là du sang je cherche là pire poison m’en aller majeur dressé autrement ailleurs achever l’encodage un bon coup de latte chaussures de travailleur de préférence. noires coquées. ici on me parle d’emma goldman. et apnée des filles en suspension quatre crochets au niveau des omoplates les semelles embrassent quittant le sol . elle n’enflamme pas le sucre au-dessus de mon verre d’absinthe

sur,prise, vu un show costien en 88 à bordeaux, puis toujours raté à paris, sorcière montre moi ton derrière le cd je lui rends "visite à st denis en 89 ou 90 me voyant déjà faire avec (en son dans son homestudio) on va voir einstürzende neubauten ou je, il y a phil von ce soir là, puis je ne dors pas de la nuit découvrant téléachat pour la première fois, je ne veux pas aller dans son lit prétexte je suis lesbienne encore jeune pour savoir que ça excite plutôt que de donc lui dis que je secte gourou pas de sexe, enfin tout pour essayer, grosse peur lui si nerveux tendu muscles secs il dit boxe thaï,,, je m'échappe au matin par la fenêtre, un truc commeça, le revois dans quelques films (baise moi, irréversible, suis ses affaires sur son site) mais tout ça est loin de loin, enfin tout ça pour dire que je serais ravie d'être parmi cellesceux qui postulent à la séance (et j'en connais d'autres), me demande qui peut inviter lui à montpellier,,,


work in progress myrtilles.lacooperative

avec eduard escoffet, jeanfrancois blanquet, mathias beyler & lucille calmel
enregistrements en direct du dernier jour du laboratoire-rencontre
traces cdrom son texte image

projection a la salle rabelais

dimanche 25 mai 2003

entre 11:00 et 14:30

dans le cadre des projections EvidenZ comedie du livre montpellier

myrtilles.lacooperative 55 rue st cleophas 34070 montpellier tel/fax
avec le soutien de la drac lr et de la ville de montpellier (password= idontmind)

in case you would like to see or modify or delete or

folder > “what_i_could_see_in_new_york_citylarry clark "punk picasso >28.06 luhring augustine 531 west 24th street

matthew barney "the cremaster cycle >1106 guggenheim museum 5th avenue at 89th street open saturdays through wednesdays 10 to 5:45 and fridays 10 to 8

andy warhol's screen tests >0109 museum of modern art in queens 4520 33rd street at queens boulevard

kurt schwitters >2305 ubu 416 e 59th street 22-25 jackson ave at the intersection of 46th ave in long island city 11101 from noon to 6:00 p.m thursday through monday closed on tuesdays and wednesdays $5.00 suggested donation $2.00 for students and seniors members free

"eraserhead dvd 2000 and "the short films of david lynch 39.94 $ each from lynch's website

From: "Brian Matthews" To: Subject: ! Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 19:02:36 +0000

I wish Morgan and Stef, and some of the principal flux people could be around to discuss the possible closure of flux, the lack of 2-3 roomates, the unlikeliness that we can find replacements, and the cancellation of the money from the canceled events that has occurred. Kind of everything else about living here depends on it.

I don't know

maybe I am just being reactionary ;[

From: Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria <>To: Fluxoffice <> Subject: nypd+fdny+nybd+fluxfactory Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 03:02:33 -0400

NYPD+FDNY+NYBD= when am I going to sleep tonight.
At least not behind the Miracle Monument,
we are still here, but changed
We always end up getting changed.
No shit. To:sebastien@fluxfactory.or(Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria), (Fluxoffice) Subject: Re:nypd+fdny+nybd+fluxfactory Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 13:21:01 -0400

I've cancelled all summer events.
We will prevail, people.

+. d’énergie encore 240503 23:00 . l . montrose station . 265 kibdin . apnée angélique des filles dos nus suspendues balancelles quatre crochets aux omoplates poulie les semelles embrassent quittant quitte embrassant le sol . entre son index son pouce la peau pressent pointe de l’esse entre son index son pouce la peau compressent pointe de l’esse sa peau marquée croix au centre x l’esse la pointe accroche entre inspire entre et sort entre son index son pouce la peau pressent pointe de l’esse entre son index son pouce la peau compressent pointe de l’esse sa peau marquée croix au centre x l’esse la pointe accroche entre inspire entre et sort :incision apnée angélique les filles dos nus suspendues balancelles quatre crochets aux omoplates en poulie les semelles embrassent quittant quitte embrassant le sol . 240503 . l . montrose station . 300 meserole street between waterbury and bogart madagascar no rain truck party on the roof . pickle $1 veggie burger 4$ elle n’enflamme pas le sucre au-dessus de mon verre d’absinthe $3 kind of a beer $3 don’t forget tips $1 red vodka gello elle ras décoloré attentions sousmarines autour et face proche hypnose côte ouest riding playstation rodeo majorette jonathan paid me a taxi back i had to listen to his sex story that became a tenderness story that became a not a story anymore with a married woman

240503 23:00 . l . Montrose station . 265 kidding . apnea angélique des files dos nuns suspenders blameless quartet crochets aux immolates poultice les smells embarrassment quitting quite embracing le sol . 240503 . l . Montrose station . 300 misrule streets between Waterbury and Bogart Madagascar truck party no rain on the roof . $1 veggie burger 4$ Elle n’enflamme pas le sure au-desks de moon verge d’absinthe $3 kind of a beer $3 don’t forget tips $1 vodka gallop Elle bras submarines auteur et face

the spelling check is complete
dana needs lockers or something for darkroom

dana needs drying screens, screen materials

we need a shelf for kitchen

we need shelving for front of the house

we need a fax machine

phunq was going to do ventilation and had to do matt’s chores

matt never does his chores

ventilation is almost done

it will probably be under $200 for ventilation

dana has a few people who want to use it

brian won’t work on it this week, brian will gave brian and dana guidance

they cleared an area for the lab.

they will see if they can get stuff to build light table

miracle is chugging along

morgan wants to send the stuff soon.

things need to be scanned.

phunq says the fax machine we have works- PLEASE LOOK AT IT PHUNQ

shuff and seb really need to work on print press

Seb and SHUFF do equipment testing and they never will


The G4 lap top needs to be fixed – it never will be

Seb doesn’t see any need to fix it any time soon

Rent is due today.

John did not give Dan any money. He said he would give us $700.

Jean is starting his new job on Saturday. He will pay his rent by next week.

Dana can pay her rent in a week and she doesn’t want to pay her five percent.

Heather is paid tomorrow and she will pay the five percent.

i’m working on it

030527 15:00 . r v l . bedford street station in brooklyn with lili . une paire de chaussures d’été de marque scholl semelle en bois attache en cuir et métal doré made in italy $34 une paire de chaussures d’été de marque scholl semelle en bois attache en cuir bleu turquoise et métal doré made in italy $34 un cheesecake une ginger ale un paquet de drum $5 may and dana are stuff would have lili said au supermarché les légumes sous arrosage automatique –and wax- une plante pink polka à feuilles plastic babydoll rosées dans un pot en plastique rosé une barquette de fraises deux appareils photo jetables un paquet de post-it fluorescents un rouleau de scotch gris métal nexus henry miller et manipulations syntaxiques en grammaire générative christian nique éditions cedic 1975

rouille éclatement inertie lien synthèse languette jemequitte paupières-closes-sourcils-froncés

i like


i like

anecdotes & notes

36th st station, pense à j.roubaud pensant dans son journal à tokyo à …?, membre oulipien au sujet des poèmes à composer là, je change la règle, composer mentalement lorsque les rames circulent, écrire lorsqu’aucune ne circule, dans l’attente du G, le G ne vient jamais, il passe pour passer

rêve du 030527 : arme au poing cinq balles au ralenti dans la bouche d’un policier qui les recrache dans sa main sans dommage j’en recrache une le goût du métal . le conte de fées où les filles de leurs bouches or perles crapauds serpents fleurs

rêve du 030528 : deux filles assises à l’arrière rafale à l’arrière impacts une main fouille traverse poitrine et côtes côté droit chairs et sang chauds extraction opuscule – elles devraient être mortes

at oznot had mussels . allways makes me think about the mussels’ way of digesting and breathing we used to study at school

pour sonia : oznot’s soon-to-be famous goat cheese cheesecake with raspberry tuille and bay leaf infused port reduction

to be continued

lucillec. 030518-030529

rêve du 300503 : voler avec femme danser bank machines affairs (au cours d’un repas) la femme de van damme ne lui a pas avoué ses origines les gardiens étiquette attention au couteau à beurre à la cuillère à

NOTE: the "never will be done" through many hoops and following the law and the building code as well as je vais me préparer je sors un cocktail a manhattan avec lili I knew them. It's disheartening to have put your captain and fire chief faith and a lot of comments have got to stop, en gros le nan je m'oc: k alors mb + jf content cupe je passé l'après midi a la comédie tranquille et trop de sun je suis du saintdoux sur la plage arrière dimanche je gère avec jf qui est content principe tu vas dedans tu fais comme chez toi sauf que chez toi ya plein de monde it is NOT tu leur fais coucoub ben moi mon pull toujours pas sec du café tombe et super chair de poule pluie heurk isou et a+ écrase les constructive, especially in has come up with an example to ça v oui oui a les evidenz et toi et les myrtilles et ? show that they've been vigilant. et puis dis moi si ça se comprend la boîte ouverte j'ai lancé aujourd'hui un peu en vrac If there is the minutes. après je vais voir lucille zzn je lis tout mes messages d'abord a lot of people yepyep read this outside of flux. This attitude angers me. Miracle43rd > hohhohoho Things need to be scanned.... yes yes yes yes > No Carlos Club > Seb and SHUFF do equipment testing : jetekiss ciao and they never will<-----------\ on 5/27/03 11:13 AM, todd p at wrote: I just wanted to give my condolences for the way things turned out Friday night tu ve que je te prepare un topo moi ce soir ou demain ? )) and after. : je vais boire café doucher raser et mallow et ? poils mollets I am very concerned for ohoh philippe & co y'all and your home non mais c bon je ferai un mail itou ma manque biento cho court dis lui te lovkisspoupougnette je dors avec flat que je vais sympathy to je sais plus qund elle the situation you find oh oui thx commence la résidence pareil que toi tal'heure essayer de croiser lukas nyc avec tes infos déjà and I'd like to hear about what the fall et les myrtilles au soleil ? out turned out to juste frank au do c ca va être short pour info pour dimanche sinon 1 peu naze : je te poupougne bon tmtmtm après jy vais g 1h eheh... bon allez poutou toudou roman quoi? matoudou je te lov bocou matelas froid peau roman quoi ? manque de métro encore mais oui oui content: berk berk tas vu qui ? cose demin costes cool dis moi + dès que précis que anne james acote This morning, I woke up to Hanna and Heather cooking. Still in stupid boring paris. The birds are so fucking loud I want to strangle them. A poem or so from Heather. After preparing some egg and cheese sandwiches, they retreated to Heather's room, leavings dishes and ingredients on the skillet, over the counter, and spread across the entire table. So sorry for the delay in transmission, But I got in to some trouble with the law. We may be visited by 'officials' of various kinds at any time. Lenny to cover exit signs. I have already convinced the people in my building to have communal meals every Thursday and weekly studio visits amongst the handful I have become particularly friendly with. FOR ALL THE IDIOTS FIREFIGHTER WANNABE OUT THERE. Brian to lead on electric, Seb, Jean to help him before he leaves. It puts me quite on edge. Alen should present some thoughts, Timothy, Camille before she leaves us. I imagined they would be there for a while, and perhaps prematurely went to heather's room and yelled for them to "fucking clean up after themselves." two fucking days in fail for turn style'n it, thing are getting out of hand in this city. Greetings from sunny Vermont. Hanna came out pissed, copped a lot of attitude, accused me of eating rolls she had paid for, and told me I had no right to tell her such things, since she always the one cleaning the dishes. My stuff, my room, what room ?, where is my stuff ?. Brian, we haven't heard your hearty epigrams of late nor a special puppet moment. Please let's not get to this point very often. I told her I didn't want to hear it, and that she shouldn't cop at attitude, being a guest in our house. Don't leave things in there and if you smoke don't leave butts or any other kind of evidence around. Brian is leaving for a week. One thing, of course, is that we should all try and maintain a certain level of discussion and mutual respect and the like. She talked more shit. I'd like to thank flux for seeing to the sublet of my room for me. There are about 4 or 5 giant crows hovering outside my window. Because Flux needs to be on the cutting edge, I have a proposal for a new reality show based at Flux. Rent is due today. YOU PUT AWAY A FLAMING TOASTER OVEN "FIRE" JUST LIKE YOU PUT AWAY A BIRTHDAY CAKE FIRE. I told her to get out of my fucking house with that. Dana, a new print or two please. I know we cant afford to not have that money coming in, and I cant afford more debt. Coming back tomorrow. She made disgusting comments about me and me daughter. I don't think that Nick and Hanna need to be friends but please talk to each other and work something out. I pushed her. Got a question. Mfta. No one has nothing. Funky needs to show us something, and Dan. John - ?? how ever.... who the fuck is responsible for moving all of my stuff with out asking me. Phonecall. Phunq- will be caught up by end of week. Brians- can cover next months. Katrina... She called on the people in the room to bear witness to my "wrapping my hands around her throat." Everyone should make a conscious effort to be more courteous to each other and not use hurtful language or curse at people. She went back to Heather's room. Also you shouldn't let you friends step in for you when one of your roommates comes to you with a complaint. Some of this work is actually pretty good. I myself have to do this June 26th which is a bit nerve-wracking but also exciting. Good morning. My number is over the phone in big fucking red letters, you should have fucking called, and if you didn't want to call i have a god dam email address. Motto of the week: there can only be one. I have generally liked Hanna and most of Heather's friends but it does bring up the issue that often there is something of a sense of entitlement and such that the 'Heather crew' brings in. Do not hang your laundry there for any reason ever. I have a few comments : First, obviously, I am a little volatile and more than a little annoyed with cleanliness - as most of us are. Silkscreen-nothing new. It's called "Who wants to be the Flux Vice President/Treasurer". JUST FREAKIN' BLOW ON IT. What I see day in and day out is people who intend to clean up later, walk away and never walk back. I don't have a problem moving it, as the sublet will be for a few months and the person should have the space, but it was extremely rude of the fucker not to give me a call. Curb thy temper Nick. It would seem anal to institute a rule wherein people must remain in the room with their dirty dishes and food while they eat, but I don't think it's so bad to ask people to at least put their ingredients (esp. stuff like milk and cheese) back IMMEDIATELY. We went to summer camp together for 10 years. Second, I am sorry I was such a jerk. We got a washin machine- Phunquey please give us the cordless phone. They smell my sickness but they won’t get me just yet. Heather please give Hanna a more informed perspective on the manner in which Flux runs. darkroom/ printing One more work day This weekend... sunday Third, I don't want to see Hanna in this house ever again. obviously this fucker didnt try very hard, so what... is just like fuck me and my shit. Can someone let me know what's becoming available ? It is truly astounding to me that after the recent little flury of discussions and problems the kitchen could look like it does right now. i don't want anyone who went to summer camp for 10 years to live at flux and that includes matt. After encounter with the unknown, did you find out who they were or who they were with among the house ? Matt, a piece of writing. If not next week, then the next one and if not that then definitely the next. WE WOULD GO THROUGH ONE TOASTER OVEN A WEEK IF WE POURED WATER ON THEM AND DUMPED THEM ANYTIME THEY CATCH ON FIRE. Office Phunq needs to lube the fax machine we're getting another imac, needs a little fixes. There is simply no excuse for it. There's no reason i shouldn't have been notified. The fact that I have to waste so much time cleaning it up and writing these e.mails is mind-boggling. Every evening for the first 3 weeks we have “crits”, where the 3rd year students present their work in front of the whole program (all 3 years of students and faculty) and then get comments. asshole. Please remember that the area beyond the kitchen door and the entire public space/performance area is a public space and is, under no circumctances, to be used for private and personal things. People coming here or staying over here should have a real sense that this isn't primarily a 'hang out' space and that keeping things in order and such is quite important. I will relocate the outlet near the frig to Matt's room who needs that power. We need to move the thermostat. I can't count the number of times I have sent out messages reminding people that dishes are NEVER TO BE LEFT OUT OR IN THE SINK. Seb, some electronica or something and Jean, you could debase yourself in some way I'm sure. Website Miracle is now up and needs tweaking, Look into funding for webwork. Rubics cube info soon. I recommend him highly. There are simply too many of us to 'wait til later'. It goes on the counter with the microwave.  Art schmart. What two guys ? The Flux Thursday idea is supposed to instigate some sense of artistic responsibility on our parts. Anyone renting their room in august? I have also repeatedly requested that people 'remind' each other and even take a little extra moment to keep things in order and that seems not to be happening. Morgan, i know this is partially my fault. Thus, I challenge you folk to present something within the next three weeks. I was not raised in a home where screaming curse words went on, and I do not think it is OK behaviour, regardless of what someone says to you. I am too old to spend my time cleaning up after children who think that this is their dorm room or, worse yet, their parents kitchen where everything is 'magically' taken care of by someone else. Please actually take this note seriously enough to start behaving differently instead of considering it as addressed to all those others. For all those who are interested in this media event, please contact me. Grants-moving along. It is addressed to you. If not us, the who? Let us return to the spirit of the thing. why rude ? The same to any others who have strayed from the path. Mad people here seem to want to make the trip. Slight addendum: I didn't mean to suggest that 'if not us, the who' meant that if we didn't do it, The Who, Pete Townshend and all, would do it for us. It seems like we will be here forever and yet, when we finally do leave, the return will be difficult, I think. Dana is point person from now on. Safe wonderful oven. Presskit Lets make a brochure, and make the presskit process more customizable especially before rubics cube show. we should look into rectifying the drying situation soon. Sounds like the more violent aspect of this exchange was more of an personal thing between two people that were in Flux that morning although it ws sparked by a House issue of kitchen cleanliness. It was meant to read 'if not us, then who?'. i should have been coming to the meeting's to avoid this type of confusion. I awake early every morning thinking about art, angry about art, flirting with art. If, while I am in England the toaster oven that you probably will buy while I am away can not be put where it was before. nobody assaulted anybody The ebbs and flows of flux thursday are part of the process. He has a job. However, it seems to me that we could do a little more to present things, show stuff, etc. It’s a microcosm of the first degree, even though almost everyone is from Brooklyn. There is to much wood. to much simi-appropriate flamible tarp/wallpaper nearby.   Each week you will have to do many zany stunts to win my and the rest of the Flux community's approval and show why you should be the Flux Treasurer and not the other contenders for this position. 9 out of 10 conversations I have here with others really are about art.. It was always my understanding that regular guests were a welcome part of the community. Both you and your friends are YOUR responsibility and your friends probably do not have all of the information they would need to discuss something like this properly. And for the love of God, clean your dishes. Matt's friend, wants a window room.. I apologize, I would not have hung my laundry there except for the fact that there was absolutely no room in the laundry room and i figured the direct sunlight in the public space would have my clothes dry quicker. find out what Mai needs. We wait for real, oven. I promise to write back personally to those of you who respond. Despite all the quiet and the art, I find myself quite busy. Sunday, Darkroom. At least two couple I know would like to rent something. And you have no reason to make such an insinuation. i take responsibility for that. Board Member On hold, and the Dan issue is looming. In the year that I have been here I do not recall us ever banishing anyone's guest from the house. I know it will be hard and many of you will be crestfallen, but you will at least be able to pour your heart out to the camera and exact revenge on the winner by calling them "a scheming bitch" before the entire television watching population. what i would like is to find a place to put my stuff until i return. Heather's friend has always been polite and friendly to me and I don't think there is any reason to believe she won't be in the future. MARTIN...yep. This is something that you, Heather must do a better job of managing and controlling. All artist. Of course, I myself have been known to fall below that standard, such is life. I say no more toaster oven, since this house has demonstrated  it can use it properly even with education.  I have a great friend who is interested in moving to flux ASAP. I treat her the way I want to be treated. I can only hope that she will keep  coming over after the frightening experience she had. Or, if you got the skills to pay the bills, you could achieve your lifelong dream to be the main financial officer for a not-for-profit-arts organization. He is probably going to come by and meet people tomorrow when we get back. I was in the house when this happened, but not in the kitchen. I know that this screaming match business has become quite commonplace in recent weeks and I don't like it. One from marseille/Prague The other from paris, which is very involved in the scene, cool artisy folk...who want to make connections to create art. I don't know what Hanna's cleanliness habits are in specific but I know that I have cleaned up the kitchen many a time after your crew has whirled through, particularly late nights. You must act now if you want to join the contest, for I will be leaving in mid-July and may not be back for over a year. Both friends of mine and karlo... However it was, more or less, the imponderable idiots who let food drip down and scald, and eventual light afame. What are the upcoming availabilities (sublet or longer)? So let me know... Audio/Video/Event/Studio Space-Jean will send mail to advertize room Electrical needs to be more established... As well as fire exit sign. In general and particularly this summer when there will be many 'irregulars' around it is important that everyone and not just one or two enforcers, demand that this place not descend to such a level of neglect. I will try not to make this long and rambling, this boorish mass letter. First off, I would like to say that I know this house prides itself on its sort of "live and let live" policy, but I would hope we can at least agree that assaulting women is not a behaviour we condone in this house. Can't wait to come home! His name is Andy. OOOOOOhhh. take care, By the way. i may or may not be going to Calie.I am in bed, reading and writing letters that may never get sent. NETWORKING Shuffy is networking up there. Jean and I have been cow tipping and going to demolition derbies and spending our food stamps on Doral 100's and Boone's Strawberry Hill. It is, in fact, one of the reasons that having fire people, inspectors and such in here can have such a disasterous effect. I have a cold today. We need architect drawings, and security safety check up... Basically to get the process going for court date, to show that we are serious, We look like some weird cult or something and definitely not like a group to be taken very seriously. this makes it "quick, quick lets put out the nasty flame part 4" It wasn't heather's fault that it happened. Guess who I ran into? Drunk as a skunk, no new news there, in a cool electronic party. I am still unable to freely send emails or make phone calls (the latter must be done from a payphone in a nearby town). it's up in the air right now, and as soon as i have some money i will start to pay of my debt to flux. I have only one mosquito bite, a few friendly relations, and no poison ivy despite the forewarnings in the Bard handbook (“Do not walk anywhere on campus if you do not know what poison ivy looks like”, “Do not befriend any mammals”). July 5th. Rubiks is still coming up, Soundscrape needs to be rechecked. Strange. Please take this more seriously, though, perhaps, not as seriously as Nick has decided to. It is now a week since I last saw New York, and the Nature has still yet to get me, though it tries, no doubt about that. Check up with Heather's Uncle. Camille's room, decisions to be made into studio.  so what..... i'm gonna have to lay my mack down wit the chick in my room now... ;) Need some work. ok, so the toaster oven caught on fire again. Aims to get an artist in there asap for both rooms. Couldn't even exchange numbers he was so freaken drunk! evidenz j'informe un peu les oh potes et + (pour le topo tu pe pioch oui oui si ça c oolnon la rose dacc vb ok part demin aix bm pa la kd mémoire malo pisse ord ettoi cava ? pour edouard pai def et + si possible er dans le doss s et vb bm kd ? ubv de 04) do l'autre pa venu frank ve projeter roman? acte 1 dimanche salle rabelais entre 11 et 14h30 avec des travaux evidenz je lui prépare 1 topo sur l'expérience (live en 15 I have a lot of aujourdui that doubled as my home and was zuper je te love love unceremoniously shut merde down by the city, despite my no no no... yes yes not good, not code jumping effort into marc de diane et piero following the rules, deja di and then have the rules ca me fait rire themselves become a moving dadac moi itou target. moi aussi Any space that hosts events is t'ecris un roman ? under siege : mes textes et d'autres sont a l'interieur at the moment, that specifically when they dropped by early Friday. I suppose every precinct any way ya l'info a I can help, please let me et fumer une clope au coin cyber on pepa know. Aside from probably futile things like benefit shows loyintoflux: oh loyintoflux: het quasimodo 7 c6tfags: bo yourselves in, I c cool once had a : liotard large event space yes yes and whatnot et c ce soir le vernissage de marc non ?, I know there isn't much I coul stefan brigitte heuuuuu d do, but if there is something, let me know. More than anything, I'd just like to know where y'all are at. : voi brigitte demin? Todd Patrick  718.784.0306 > SEB CLEARLY LABEL sabosse ALL OUR STUFF-he never will<-------THIS IS WHAT I"M TALKING ABOUT. FYI- if you meet antoine vigne from the french embassy tell him if i meet him one day i will not recognize him and that he maybe wont recognize himself too... faut que ji aille mais jai mes gamers friends all sound cables/mics/stands have been marked in the wake of the club fires early in the year. The police : anniv sonia referenced ALSO: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS CLOSET MUST : peut etre EITHER BE DISMANTLED OR RELOCATED. > gallery/eventspace > Jean will get Styrofoam- NO STYROFOAM.... we must find an alternative. (respect pour les fraises) Les flavonoïdes font partie de la famille des polyphénols. Les flavonoïdes, composés naturels des végétaux, protègent l’organisme humain et luttent contre les attaques des radicaux libres responsables du vieillissement. De récentes études montrent que certains fruits et légumes bios contiennent plus de flavonoïdes et d’antioxydants que ceux cultivés avec des pesticides et des fertilisants. Le flavonoïde de la fraise est l’authocyamine, le principal pigment rouge violacé des végétaux. Les aubergines ainsi que d’autres fruits rouges comme les myrtilles, les framboises, les cerises en contiennent donc également. Sans oublier le raisin noir et donc… le vin rouge. D’où ses propriétés préventives dans les maladies cardiovasculaires. Caroline Very -le journal de la santé avril 03.

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are you with us ? are we against you ? RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS : healthy female intranasal cocaine users (ages 21-45) needed for inpatient/outpatient research studies at columbia-presbyterian medical center to evaluate drug effects across the menstrual cycle. Earn $400-$500. Call (212) 305-4970. DOMINATED BY SEX ? licensed psychotherapist treats fetishes, BDSM. little brothers are watching May 25, 2003 By CLAYTON ALLIS A new film mimics the unsettling fact that surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere. experience the difference. Sex toys for a passionate world the act prohibits knowingly opening, maintaining, managing, controlling, renting, leasing, making available for use, or profiting from any place for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing or using any controlled substance.
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