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Organised by Pôle Mer & BioTechNorth on Marine Biotechnologies & their industrial exploitation

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Networking meeting in Norway - FEBRUARY 18-21th 2013

Organised by Pôle Mer & BioTechNorth on

Marine Biotechnologies & their industrial exploitation

In parallel to the 6th international conference BIOPROSP

Marine Bioprospecting from cold marine environment

BioTechNorth is an emerging biotechnology cluster of enterprises and R&D organizations, which cooperate closely with regional funding and development actors (triple helix). As bioactive molecules and compounds from Arctic marine resources form the basis of activities for the majority of the cluster members, BioTech North serves as a marine biotech cluster. The majority of BioTech North’s enterprises are active within life science applications and markets. To date the cluster contains around thirty organizations from both the private and public sector.

The vision of BioTech North cluster is to be the leading center for research and commercialization of marine bioactive compounds from the Arctic.

Further information :


The travelling and working session concerns the industrials and research actors working on marine biotechnologies on the whole value chain targeting different markets such as healthy food, pharmaceuticals, health, cosmeticals and new emerging markets such as biomaterial, biorefinery, speciality chemicals, energy, etc.

All the actors working in marine biotechnologies are concerned by the working meeting in Tromsø, from the marine biomass through the different processes (extraction, processing…) to the exploitation on the different targeted markets…
The meeting is organized following the expression of interest of the members of Pôle Mer (Sea Innovation and Business Cluster ) and several contacts with BiotechNorth that have been facilitated through existing contacts with Sintef, French Ambassy in Norway and the French-Norwegian Foundation.

Aim of the meeting is to give the opportunity to the SMEs and enterprises and labs to meet the members of the BioTechNorth network working on marine biotechnologies in order to formalize common interests on marine biotechnologies and support emerging collaborative and bilateral projects among the actors on marine biotechs and their industrial exploitation.

The meeting will be organized regarding the opportunity of the BIOPROSP 2013 conference that the industrial and labs consider as a good opportunity to travel to Norway and meet the actors previously to the conference and potentially during or parallel to the conference. Each participant is free to participate in the conference or not, and fees of the conference remain charge of each participant.
The travelling and meeting session dedicated to Pôle Mer and BIoTechNorth is supported by the French-Norwegian Foundation to encourage scientific research and industrial development. Cooperation has been validated between French Government and Kingdom of Norway to foster this objective and a cooperation agreement has been signed between the Pôle Mer and the French-Norwegian Foundation on November 2008, 13th to support promoting and communication actions on a collaborative approach. Furthermore, Pôle Mer is member of the Management Board of the French-Norwegian Foundation who animates a few actions:

  • Networking French and Norwegian enterprises and technical centers and labs

  • Direct or indirect funding to common R&D projects

  • Organization of common workshop or bilateral meetings

  • Exchanges among researchers and important people

Further information:
The participants will be composed by representants of Pôle Mer (Pôle Mer Bretagne and Pôle Mer Paca), research centers and enterprises.
working programme

February, Monday 18th

Travel to OSLO, Norway

Meeting with French Ambassy

BtoB meetings for blue biotech

Transfer to TROMSO

February, Tuesday 19th

Meeting with the organizing staff : updated programme regarding participant’s interests


Welcoming BioTechNorth

Presentation of the Cluster BioTech North, actors and activities

Presentation of the Cluster Pôle Mer and activities


Networking meetings among the actors from Pôle Mer and BioTechNorth : enterprises and research centers

February, Wednesday 20th

Launching conference of the Bioprosp 2013 with 3 main parallel workshops :

Cultivating the Potential of Marine

  • Actinomycetes for the Discovery of New Natural Products

  • Biotech as Business (with main interest of Pole Mer)

  • Bioactive compounds/peptides for health – peptidomics

Parallel appointments for the actors


Debriefing and conclusions of the meetings and networking sessions

Actions to be supported/launched and calendar

Emerging projects ?

February, Thursday and Friday 21st-22nd

Participation of the actors - on their own- to the Conference (Negotiated prices by BTN)
Travel back to France

Possible further appointments or visits and networking meetings

Support to participate in the mission

Estimated costs of the mission are around 2000 euros (not included participation into the Bioprosp Conference- but special prices will be negociated by BioTechNorth). Thanks to the French-Norwich Foundation, the participants (SMEs) will be supported to 50% of the whole eligible costs and on a maximum of 1000 euros. This includes travel costs (France-Norway), accommodation and lunches/dinners. The incurred expenses will be granted only on justificatives documents that will be absolutely mandatory.


Each participant has to book and pay for the travel tickets.

The organizing staff proposes the following travel plans:

February, Monday 18th 2013




09.40 AF


February, Thursday 21st 2013


February, Friday 22nd 2013

Oslo- Paris

12.50 AF


February , Saturday 23rd 2013

Oslo – Paris

06.35 AF


With support of the organizing staff of BioTechNorth, we will be able to propose a pre-booking for rooms in hotels but we will then absolutely need to know your arrival and departure schedules before January, 22th 2013. Information to be forwarded to

Contacts & informations

Rachel Portal-Sellin, Marie-Marguerite Bourbigot : or by e-mail : ;
Reference person for BioTechNorth : Ernst Kloostermann

With support of François-Xavier Lannuzel from French Ambassy in Norway.

Engagement de participation à nous retourner

pour le vendredi 22 janvier 2013 à
Vos coordonnées 

Société : ___________________________ Activité : ___________________________

Nom : ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Fonction : ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Adresse : ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Code postal : ___________________________ ville : ___________________________

Tel. : _______________________Fax : _________________________Mobile : _________________________

Email : ___________________________

jours et horaires d’arrivée et de départ

  • arrivée : __/__/____ à __ :__

  • départ : __/__/____ à __ :__

Rencontres avec les membres du cluster BioTech North :

Demande de rencontres ou rendez-vous spécifiques  :  entreprise  recherche  autre

compétences recherchées




souhaite prendre part à la conference BIOPROSP  : oui non

Les participants doivent s’acquitter directement de leur inscription au colloque et frais d’inscription liés.
Autres informations :







Vos interlocuteurs pour cette mission :

Pôle Mer Bretagne T.

Rachel Portal-Sellin,

Responsable thématique « Ressources biologiques marines »

Marie-Marguerite Bourbigot, Responsable « International »

Working meeting Norway_February 2013 _ Pôle Mer/BioTechNorth _ RPS 2012

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