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Operating Principles for met draft january 19, 2006 ver. General Principles

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Operating Principles for MET


January 19, 2006 ver.

General Principles

  • Exceptions: MET members will operate by these principles unless a discussion occurs about making an exception and agreement about the exception occurs.

  • Meaningful use of principles: MET members will use these principles to assess team progress and team function.

  • Principles are not permanent: MET members will modify these principles when other measures of progress become apparent or they achieve consensus that a principle is no longer helpful.

  • Work is on target: Charter and Work Plan define the priorities and scope for MET activity.

  • Time is valuable: Members will respect the value of time for members of the core group extended team, advisory team, and all other participants and contributors.

Internal Communications and Function

External Communications and Interactions

  • Members have Dual Role: MET members will pay constant attention to their duel responsibility to (1) contribute to MET work objectives and (2) serve as a communication conduit with their community, program, or unit.

  • External communications matter: External communications will aim at building ownership in eventual MET products and improving the content of those products

  • Review is important: Broad review of working documents will occur


  • Individual responsibility: Team members will produce work within agreed upon timeframes

  • Three Drivers: Products will demonstrate attention to each of the following:

  • Distribution Target: Final products will be available through Technical Information for Planning Support (TIPS) website.

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