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Ohio Historical Markers Application

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Ohio Historical Markers Application
Thank you for your interest in the Ohio History Connection’s Historical Markers program. Please complete this application to apply for either an Ohio Historical Marker or an Ohio Corporate Limit Marker. For additional assistance and information on completing this application, please refer to the “Marker Application Guidelines.”

Application deadline: July 1, 2016.
All information is required. Missing information may slow down the review process of the application. Please use the checklist at the end of the application to ensure it is complete.
While submission of an application does not guarantee that a marker will be awarded, the markers program appreciates your efforts to provide the information needed.
Additional Funding
___ Check if applying for funding through the Ohio Historical Markers Grant Program.

Deadlines for applicants who wish to be considered for grant funding through the Ohio Historical Markers Grant Program is July 1 (the same deadline as for marker applications). Funding is competitive. For more information about the Ohio Historical Markers Grant Program, please refer to the “Historical Markers Grant Program” document found on Remarkable Ohio. No additional application is needed.

___ Check if applying for funding through the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

Deadlines for applicants who wish to be considered for grant funding through the William G. Pomeroy Foundation is July 1 (same deadline as for marker applications). Funding is available for Ohio Historic Markers and Ohio Corporate Limit markers in Erie, Huron, and Seneca counties only. Please visit the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for a grant application and more information. An additional online application to the Pomeroy Foundation is required and can be found on their website.

WWI Centennial Commemoration Logo
If your marker topic commemorates WWI in your community in any capacity from military to home front, please indicate on the line below if you would like a WWI Commemoration logo on your marker. There is no additional cost for this addition.
___ Please include the WWI Centennial Commemoration logo on this historical marker.


Contact the Ohio History Connection’s Historical Markers Coordinator by phone: (614) 297-2527 or e-mail or visit

1. Title of Marker: _________________________________________________________________________________

This title or edited version thereof will appear at the top of the marker and be used to identify it once erected. Keep titles short and interesting. It is recommended that you finalize the title after you draft your Statement of Significance and Suggested Marker Text, below.

2. Subject of Marker: ______________________________________________________________________________

It is suggested that you fill in this blank after you draft your Statement of Significance and Suggested Marker Text, below. Briefly summarize the subject of the marker. Examples: “Union general,” ”Historic building,” “Natural disaster.”

3.  Location of the Proposed Marker 

Include a written description, a marked map showing proposed placement of marker, and a photograph of the location. Note the relationship of the location to the site being marked.
Property Name (if applicable):_______________________________________________________________  

Street and Number: _____________________________________________                                                          

City or Village: _____________________    County: ________________ State & Zip: ____________________

(Include 9 digit Zip code)

*Marker GPS coordinates (if known): Latitude: _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ Longitude: (-) _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Indicate relevance of location to subject of marker: ________________________________________________________


4. Owner of Property upon which marker is to be erected  

When a marker is to be erected on property not owned by the applicant (section #14 below), the property owner must grant permission in writing. Please include a signed letter of permission with this application.



Street and Number:______________________________________________________________________________

City / Village:_                                                                  ___   

State & Zip:________________________________

Telephone: (_______)____________________________



   _public, local    _public, state _   public, federal __not for profit     private, individual __private, business

5. Type of Marker (Please check one) 


_____ Number requested                                              
If HISTORICAL MARKER selected, please indicate size of letters in text and length of marker text:

Size of letters in text:

Length of marker text:

_____ 1” Letters (up to 90-100 words per side) OR

           Same text each side OR

_____ 5/8” Letters (up to approx. 130 words per side)

           Different text each side

Notes: Word counts do not include the title of the marker or the sponsor lines at the bottom;

Ohio Corporate Limit Markers are limited to approximately 15 words

ART WORK (for Ohio Historical Markers only)

Metal plate photo to be included (prices vary)     Y         N

Custom art work to be included (prices vary)        Y         N

Attach all proposed art work

See the “Ohio Historical Markers Price List” for costs of markers with different letter sizes and text lengths. Historical markers with smaller letters and longer texts are more expensive than those with larger letters and shorter texts. Art work is at additional cost, must be “camera-ready,” and will reduce the number of words per side of a marker. Pictures are sometimes, however, worth a thousand words.

6. Funding Sponsor of the Marker 

Applicant or sponsor is responsible for funding the marker. This includes the purchase of the marker and other costs associated with the installation of the marker.

Name of Organization:____________________________________________________________­­_________________

Contact Person:__________________________________________________________________________________

Street and Number:_______________________________________________________________________________

City / Village:_                                                                  ___   

State & Zip:_________________________________

Telephone: (_______)____________________________


Tax-Exempt: Y   or N     Tax-Exempt Number: ___________________________________                            _    ___

Note: the organization indicated above will be listed on the bottom of the marker as its lead sponsor. If more than one organization is to be credited, please list the names of the organizations under “Additional funding sponsor” below. Because of space limitations at the bottom of marker, no more than 4 sponsors total will be listed: lead sponsor, additional funding sponsor(s) and the Ohio History Connection.
*Additional funding sponsor: _____________________________________________________________________

*Additional funding sponsor: _____________________________________________________________________
7. Maintenance of the Marker 

Organization responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the marker.

Name of Organization:____________________________________________________________­­________________

Contact Person:_________________________________________________________________________________

Street and Number:______________________________________________________________________________

City / Village:_                                                                  ___   

State & Zip:________________________________

Telephone: (_______)____________________________


8. Shipping Address 

A commercial address with the name of an office or shop open between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. It is the responsibility of the receiver at the shipping address to inspect the marker prior to accepting delivery.

Name of Organization:____________________________________________________________­­_______________

Contact Person:________________________________________________________________________________

Street and Number:_____________________________________________________________________________

City / Village:_                                                                  ___   

State & Zip:_______________________________

Telephone: (_______)____________________________


9. Statement of Significance 

Attach to the application a separate piece of paper; explain why the person, place, event, or thing to be marked deserves recognition on an Ohio Historical Marker. We suggest that you begin the first sentence of this section as follows: This subject merits recognition on an Ohio Historical Marker because…”
Support all statements of fact with creditable sources. Sources from the time of the subject being marked (primary sources) are strongly preferred over those that describe the subject years after the fact (secondary sources). Document all statements of fact in the statement of significance with footnotes or endnotes1. The purpose of footnotes/endnotes is to tell others where you found the facts in the suggested marker text.
STATEMENTS OF SIGNIFICANCE MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN.  Please limit the statement of significance to one or two typed 8.5 x 11 pages.
10. Suggested Marker Text 

On a separate piece of paper, draft a suggested marker text of between 70 - 130 words per side. Suggested texts in excess of 160 words per side may be returned to the local sponsor for further editing before review by the markers program. Suggested texts for Ohio Corporate Limit Markers should not exceed approximately 15 words.
The text must be historically accurate, informative, and concise. All suggested texts are subject to revision at the discretion of the markers program to insure these goals are met.
Document all statements of fact in suggested marker text with footnotes or endnotes, as in the Statement of Significance above. Including footnotes/ endnotes in the suggested text aids the process of reviewing and fact-checking.  Please note that footnotes/endnotes will NOT be included on the finished marker.
11. Sources and Bibliography

On a separate piece of paper, please list the publications or other references cited in the footnotes/endnotes in questions #10 and #11 above. Also attach to your application photocopies of the relevant pages (not the whole book).
For each reference, note the name of the author, the title of the source, its place and date of publication, and page numbers. Be sure to match which footnote/endnote goes with what photocopied source attached.
If it is impractical to photocopy the source, please indicate where it may be found so that it may be consulted when this application is reviewed. Applications missing sources and a bibliography will be returned.
12. Application Check List:

Use this checklist below to insure your application is ready to submit. Applications that do not include the following information may be delayed or returned.

___ Map showing placement of proposed marker

___ Address of proposed marker

___ Owner of property

___ Letter from owner granting permission to erect a marker if property not owned by applicant

___ If applicable, tax exempt number of funding sponsor of marker. If no tax exempt number is given, Franklin County sales tax will be added to the cost of the marker.

___ Shipping address and contact information. See the application for important requirements regarding shipping address.

___ Contact name, address, telephone number, and email in these sections: Owner of Property, Funding Sponsor, Maintenance of Marker, “Application Submitted By” (below)

___ Statement of significance, attached.

___ Suggested text of marker, attached

___ Initial draft of text does not exceed maximum length by 30 words (or 15 words for an Ohio Corporate Limit Marker).

___ Bibliography of sources cited for Statement of significance and suggested text, attached

___ Copies of sources used to document facts in suggested marker text

13. Application Submitted By:
By completing this section, I agree that:

  • I have verified that the above information is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge. 

  • I, or the organization I represent am authorized to commit the person or organizations named above to fund and maintain the marker.

  • For the purpose of creating the marker, I will serve as the contact person between the local sponsor(s) of the application and the Ohio History Connection’s markers program. If I cannot serve in that capacity, I will inform the markers program who is so authorized and share that person’s contact information with the program.



Printed Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Name of Organization:____________________________________________________________­­____________

Contact Person:_____________________________________________________________________________

Street and Number:__________________________________________________________________________

City / Village:_                                                                  ___   

State & Zip:____________________________

Telephone: (_______)____________________________


Send or e-mail completed application and supporting materials to:

Historical Markers Program Coordinator

Local History Services

Ohio History Connection

800 E 17th Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43211-2474

1 This is a footnote. Please make sure each note includes the following information: AUTHOR of source, TITLE, PLACE OF PUBLICATION, DATE OF PUBLICATION, and PAGE NUMBER.

This format, for example, is the one typically used in historical writing: Charles Van Tassel, Story of the Maumee Valley, Toledo and Sandusky Region (Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1929), pp. 18-19. However, the markers program is more concerned with knowing the sources the information rather than the formats of footnotes or endnotes. Whatever format is used, a good footnote/endnote answers these questions: “What is the source of this fact?” and “What source must I consult to find this fact for myself?”

If the source is a web page, please include the link in your footnote, for example: “Ohio City (City of Ohio)” Encyclopedia of Cleveland History at

It is not necessary to repeat information if your referring to the same source many times throughout your suggested text, just include the author, title, and page number. Using the example above: Van Tassel, Story of the Maumee Valley, p. 28

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