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Office of the Vice Provost for Research New Frontiers Grants in the Arts and Humanities, 2006-07 New Frontiers Grants David Bodenhamer, The Polis Center, iupui

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Office of the Vice Provost for Research

New Frontiers Grants in the Arts and Humanities, 2006-07
New Frontiers Grants
David Bodenhamer, The Polis Center, IUPUI

Developing Methods and Tools for Humanities GIS

This project will advance a conceptual framework for managing and visualizing complex quantitative and temporal humanities data in a GIS environment and test solutions using the North American Religion Atlas, a historical GIS developed by The Polis Center at IUPUI.
Annie Gilbert Coleman, History, IUPUI

Where Wilderness Meets Consumer Culture: A Western History of Professional Guides

Professional outdoor guides have known, interpreted, and commodified the American West through their labor from the 19th to the 21st centuries. This historical research project seeks to explain the development of process and its impact upon guides, their clients, the environment, and American consumer culture.
Kevin Cramer, History, IUPUI

Expanding the Boundaries of Europe: The Gustavus Adolphus Association and Diasporic Nationalism in Germany, 1832 1945

The Gustavus Adolphus Association, founded in 1832 to support German Protestants living under Catholic rule in Europe, the so-called "Protestant Diaspora," evolved into a prominent nationalist pressure group supporting the expansionist foreign policies in Wilhelmine and Nazi Germany.
Margaret Dolinsky, Fine Arts, IUB

Wendy Gillespie, Early Music Institute, IUB

Paul Elliott, Music, IUB

Interfectio Puerorum: Digital Projections and the 12th Century Fleury Manuscript Massacre

IU School of Music, Early Music Institute and Hope School of Fine Arts seeks to produce the liturgical drama "Interfectio Purerorum" or "Massacre of the Innocents." The free public performance situates 12th century French Medieval Latin music and vocal composition in a provocative modern architectural space with digital visual projections.
Michelle Facos, Fine Arts, IUB

Innovation on the Periphery: Danish and German Art and the Reevaluation of Art History's Master Narrative

German and Danish artists working 1760 to 1840 anticipated innovations attributed to French artists working decades later. Evidence suggests the influence of contact with scientists. This project is to examine this phenomenon and offer a new paradigm for understanding of artistic innovation in the 19th century.
Don Freund, Music, IUB

Composition of Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean Music Drama

This project is the composition of the third act of a three act music-drama of Romeo and Juliet, using Shakespeare's text abridged by the composer. This will complete a setting of the play to music appropriate for the voices of young singing actors and piano.
Adelheid Gealt, Fine Arts, IUB

Robert Shakespeare, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Art Museum Light Totem

Lighting designer Rob Shakespeare re-imagines the façade of the Art Museum building in this collaborative project celebrating the 25th anniversary of the I.M. Pei-designed campus landmark in the fall of 2007. Arrayed along a 70-foot-tall, searchlight-topped tower, LEDs will wash the building in an ever-changing rainbow of light.
Elizabeth Goering, Communication Studies, IUPUI

And Justice for All?: A Themantic Analysis of Representations of Legal Discourse on Popular Television Programs in the United States and Germany

The project, using thematic content analytical methods, provides a critical analysis of representations of legal discourse in courtroom television programming in the United States and Germany. The analysis focuses specifically on assumptions related to justice, the rules typifying courtroom interaction, and the roles characterizing legal discourse presented in these programs.
Christiane Gruber, Fine Arts, IUB

Judy Stubbs, Art Museum, IUB

From Pen to Paper: The Islamic Manuscript Tradition

The exhibition "From Pen to Paper" will present approximately fifty objects belonging to a number of Islamic traditions of producing papers, manuscripts, and paintings from the ninth century to today. The exhibition will yield a scholarly book and a permanent website of the Islamic works on paper held in the Lilly Library and the Indiana University Art Museum.
David Hoegberg, English, IUPUI

J.M. Coetzee and the Critics

The project will be the first-ever book-length study of the criticism about South African author J.M. Coetzee. It will cover a crucial period in South African history (1974 to the present) with the goal of clarifying the relations between literature, literary criticism, and political and social struggle.
Brian Jones, Fine Arts, IU Southeast

Tradition and Innovation in Studio Art: A Hybrid

This project embraces centuries old tradition: graphite on paper, oil on canvas, etchings printed by hand. Multiple overlaps between traditional studio practice and digital technology have infinitely expanded possibilities in all studio media. Within those overlaps is a hybrid I must explore for innovative developments in my creative work.
Elisabeth Lloyd, History & Philosophy of Science, IUB

Philosophical Analysis of Climate Change Models

This project is to examine the confirmation and testing of climate change models from a philosophical perspective in the two-summer project. The project will investigate an apparent philosophical divide between the skeptical scientists and the modelers in their views scientific confirmations, which seems to drive their differing conclusions regarding global warming.
Marissa Moorman, History, IUB

Tuning in to Nation: Radio Technolgy and Politics in Angola, 1961 2002

This proposal describes research for a new book project: a study of radio, nation and the Cold War in Angola. The research takes radio, a cultural technology, and investigates its use in the anti-colonial politics and postcolonial nation-building in the context of regional and global geo-politics.
Ron Osgood, Telecommunications, IUB

My Vietnam Your Iraq"" The creation of a hi definition television documentary

This proposal requests support for the creative activities associated with the production of a hi-definition television documentary that will tell the stories of Vietnam veterans whose children have served in Iraq. This documentary will look at the pride, challenges, fears and possible bitterness that families are faced with when a child is active in an unpopular war.
Elizabeth Shea, Kinesiology, IUB

Jeffrey Hass, Music, IUB

Robert Shakespeare, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Gathering the Light: An Interactive Work for Dance, Video Projection and Computer Music

The investigators seek to create a 15-20 minute choreographic work which will break new artistic and technological bounds through interactivity of video tracking and sensor data from the dancers. This interactivity will feature 3D video projection synchronized and triggered by dancers and sound and music equally triggered by the dancer’s movements and the interaction with projection. Real-time manipulation of the projected video images of the dancers will be a significant component of the work.
Ruth Stone, Folklore & Ethnomusicology, IUB

Structuring Space in Kpelle Musical Performance: Post Conflict Liberia

This project examines spatial structuring of Kpelle musical performances in post-conflict Liberia, West Africa. Digital video recordings will be annotated using an experimental computer interface. The ethnographic research will result in both a published article, and the interface research will yield a grant proposal to an outside agency for further development.
Carmen Tellez, Music, IUB

Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Music, IUB

Unicamente la Verdad/Only the Truth: A Workshop and Premiere of a New Video Opera by Gabriela Ortiz (Spring 2008)

Workshop reading and premiere of internationally recognized composer Gabriela Oritz’s video-opera “Unicamente la Verdad,” with the IU contemporary Vocal Ensemble. Professors Tellez and Kielian-Gilbert will collaborate with the composer in the final creative stages of the work. This opera constructs and deconstructs representations of reality through mass media, transforming them into resources for artistic expression.
Richard Weiner, History, IPFW

Legends of Wealth and Poverty: A Cultural History of the Mexican Economy

Alexander von Humboldt's independence-era “Political Essay” made Mexico’s riches legendary. Over the course of the 19th century the legend’s fame increased, but 20th century critics disagreed with their predecessors’ assessments and concluded Mexico was poor. This study--the first in-depth investigation of Mexico’s legendary wealth—will trace this lively debate from independence to the mid 20th century (1800-1950).

New Perspectives Grants
Colin Allen, Cognitive Science, IUB

Karola Stotz, Cognitive Science, IUB

Reconciling Nature and Nurture in Behavior and Cognition Research

A symposium with several of the most influential and innovative people of the field will explore interdisciplinary frontiers in the Nature-Nurture controversy that promise new insights into the human condition. The speakers will reflect on the empirical, semantic, conceptual, and metaphysical issues that will help to resolve the unhealthy dichotomy.
David Bodenhamer, The Polis Center, IUPUI

Humanities GIS: A Foundational Workshop

This workshop will bring together experts in Historical GIS, religion in the Atlantic World, cultural mapping, and GISci to explore areas of convergence and to provide a conceptual framework and research agenda for Humanities GIS.
Fritz Breithaupt, Germanic Studies, IUB

Claudia Breger, Germanic Studies, IUB

Narrative Identification

This international collaboration of humanities scholars seeks to investigate the ways narrative fiction and identification imply each other and to connect approaches from narratology, cognitive science, and psychoanalysis. Specifically, we are interested in how narrative texts initiate, provoke, discourage, channel, block, control, and manage forms of identification.
Deborah Cohn, American Studies, IUB

Matthew Guterl, American Studies, IUB

Weekend long workshop on "Globalizing American Studies"

This project is a workshop that will address the implications of the recent movement in American Studies towards a transnational approach. This movement reflects the questioning of nationalism as a basis for defining the field and the growing recognition of international forces and agents in shaping U.S. culture and society.
Michael Dodson, History, IUB

R. Kevin Jaques, Religious Studies, IUB

Traditional Scholarship and Asian National Modernity

This conference will bring together ten scholars of Asian history, religion and nationalism, along with experts from IU, to explore, in comparative perspective, the negotiation and re-interpretation of Western knowledge and modernity by ‘traditional’ Asian elites, thus deepening our current understanding of the genealogy of ‘the nation’ in Asia.
Mary Favret, English, IUB

Jonathan Elmer, English, IUB

Romantic Atlantics

In a series of symposia, we aim to spark debate about and research in Transatlantic Studies, within the English Dept. and other units, in an attempt to move beyond the framework of the nation and engage some of the most advanced work in the discipline.
Susan Gubar, English, IUB

Mary Favret, English, IUB

Deidre Lynch, English, IUB

The Eighteenth  and Nineteenth Century British Women Writers Conference

In March, 2008, an energetic group of graduate students and faculty will host a British Women Writers Conference on the topic of “Female Marginalia: Annotating Technologies of Empire.” In addition to attracting multi-disciplinary scholars around the country to Bloomington, the conference will advance the professionalization of IU graduate students.
Sara Hook, Informatics, IUPUI

Susan Tennant, Informatics, IUPUI

John Brian Ludwick, Informatics, IUPUI

From Tradition to Innovation: A New Media Lecture Series

This project is to sponsor a series of lectures by distinguished artists and scholars who have previously mastered traditional techniques of creation and now embrace digital ones. The lectures will serve an audience of Informatics, IUPUI and the metropolitan community of Indianapolis. The intended outcome of the lectures will be to create an awareness of the ripple effect New Media has had in the propagation from the traditional to the innovative.
Bill Johnston, Polish Studies Center, IUB

Justyna Beinek, Slavic Languages & Cultures, IUB

Maria Bucur, REEI, IUB

Fritz Breithaupt, Germanic Studies, IUB

Polish German Post/Memory: Aesthetics, Ethics, Politics

After the fall of the communist government in Poland and the Berlin Wall in Germany, historians, writers, and memoirists have found new perspectives for the examination of post-war Polish-German experience. This interdisciplinary conference addresses the public discussion of this history by defining its contours over the course of the postwar period.
Eileen Julien, Comparative Literature, IUB

Literature and the Arts in Senegal: Birago Diop and Leopold Sedar Senghor, Then and Now

With the support of African Studies, International Programs and other units, the Project on African Expressive Traditions will host writers, filmmakers and scholars for an international symposium, March 29-31, 2007, on Senegalese literary and social history, the esthetic legacies of Birago Diop and Léopold Sédar Senghor, and their impact on Senegalese culture and society today.
Randy Long, Fine Arts, IUB

Nicole Jacquard, Fine Arts, IUB

Field of Vision Symposium

“Field of Vision Symposium” will reflect the diverse practice and heightened creativity present in metalsmithing today by individuals who explore diverse interpretations of technologies, concept, process, and materials. The symposium will include a workshop, international guest lecturers, two exhibitions, web presence and an extensive color catalogue to document the event.

Visiting Visionary Scholars Grants
Terri Bourus, English, IU Kokomo

The Blackfriars Stage Company of the American Shakespeare Center Residency

IU Kokomo looks forward to building on their 2005 Shakespeare residency experience. The Blackfriars Stage Tour is a world-class Shakespearean troupe, comprised of an 11-15 member company that travels to several universities in the United States each year with their unique educational program. This program would be of immense educational and cultural value to Indiana University Kokomo and to the local community as well.
Eileen Julien, Comparative Literature, IUB

Jonathan Michaelsen, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Femi Osofisan, Nigerian Dramatist in Residence, IUB, Spring 2008

The Project on African Expressive Traditions and the IU Theatre Department propose to sponsor a visit by one of Africa’s most prolific and honored living playwrights, Femi Osofisan, who has agreed to spend part of spring semester 2008 as an artist in residence on the IUB campus.
Malcolm Smith, Art History, IUB

Karen Hanson, Philosophy, IUB

Erik Stolterman, Informatics, IUB

Eli Blevis, Informatics, IUB

Infinite Speed, Zero Errors, & Total Memory: Creativity & Desire in the Digital Age

Anton Reijnders, internationally-acclaimed Dutch ceramic artist/educator/engineer, and Smith will research the philosophical implications of tool digitalization upon the creative process in collaboration with IUB’s Philosophy and Informatics Departments. This investigation will inform their integration of CAD/CAM and RP&M technology into traditional ceramic techniques to produce a body of artworks.

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