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October 2013 We are pleased to inform you that the process to request tickets on Lufthansa

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Lufthansa ID Desk contact


Tel: (516) 296-9505 Sossi Walter

(516) 296-9277 Judy Von Maier 10:00 – 14:00 - October 2013

We are pleased to inform you that the process to request tickets on Lufthansa

remains unchanged.

Please go to for your flight information, e-mail us your request,

including the flight numbers, dates and class of service, and we will do the listing and

issue an electronic ticket accordingly.
When you have an existing LH e-ticket and you need to make a date change, you can contact us, or make the change via the following link:
(Login Data: Airline Lufthansa, User: DLH, Password 220)
After entering your e-ticket number you can change the date and check the flight situation. Routing changes may only be done via the ID Desk.
Tickets for Other Airlines

This is the Interline ID-ticketing system to issue electronic tickets on other airlines

There are over 100 participating airlines in myIDTravel, and more to follow.
myIDTravel sign-in

If you received a letter including a preliminary password, please follow the steps to sign up for your eBase password, free. If you did not receive a Netextend/eBase password or have misplaced your password, please contact Germany to request a new password as follows:

Tel: +49 8141 357589 20
Fax: +49 8141 357589 19
Please include, your name, PK number and mailing address.
With your password, we can then request a ticket for you following the above procedure (you provide the airline, travel date and flight # as well as your password), or you can personally request your ticket via your computer from home by paying a monthly charge for a token which you have to subscribe to.
Your ID Ticketing Team

Sossi S. Walter

Judy Von Maier

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