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Brief Resume

  1. To obtain a Senior Software Engineer/Architect hands-on position.

  2. Position type: Full time, permanent, long term commitment (no contracts via third parties).

  3. Location: Northern Virginia.

  4. U.S. status: Permanent Resident (Green Card).

Since 1982 designed, developed and distributed a number of complete complex solutions, some of which were unique and used not only within the company, but also within the field, the industry and worldwide.

  1. Dedicated to a reliable, reusable and maintainable software.

  2. Strategic IT planner, self-motivated, well organized, easy learner.

  3. Worked as independent developer, team player and IT Department Supervisor.

  4. Applications, user interfaces, utilities. (business, engineering, finance).

  5. Information systems, databases (business, government, education).

  6. Object oriented, multi-tier, SOA, Client-Server and Internet technologies.

  7. Presentations, prototyping, design, development, unit and project tests, distribution.

  8. Project upgrades, management, documentation, training, multi-tasking, work with the clients.


  1. Designed and implemented the application security model which supported integration of all internal and external applications within the portal. (2007. Worlcell.).

  2. Provided sole support in design and development of a Pilot DoD PKI compliant, Client-Server Digital Signature solution for the implementation within the U.S NAVY. (2006. InterImage, Inc.).

  3. Proposed, established and contributed into the corporate Library of Reusable Development Blocks. (2005. InterImage, Inc.).

  4. By own initiative, developed the tool for data parsing, which eliminated manual work and essentially reduced processing time. (2005. InterImage, Inc. FTC, National "Do Not Call" Registry).

  5. Prototyped and developed multi-tier Internet solution that provided end users with the vital calculations without exposing classified data. (2002. Intelsat. "Satellite Antenna Gain").

  6. Developed complex engineering project for worldwide satellite community. (1992-2002. US. Intelsat. "LST5").

  7. Built and managed the IT Division from the ground up to 25 employees. (1993-1998. MetallInvestBank, Russia).

  8. Developed telecommunication Bank-Client system, unique to the Banking industry. (1994. MetallInvestBank, Russia. "Bank-Client MODEM Host Server").

  9. Developed unique integrated database application, which supported Paradox and dBase databases. (1992. SDM Bank, Russia).

  10. Developed industry competitive security solution for protecting software products, distributed on a Floppy Disks, from unauthorized copy. (1989. Independent proprietor, Russia).

  11. Upgraded the source code to provide the extra functionality for remote terminals into NATURAL monitor system for ADABAS database. (1988. Russia. Unique within the country).

  12. Before the commercial drivers for international fonts appeared on the market, designed custom fonts for printers and displays. (1987. Independent proprietor, Russia).

  13. Developed the "Binary File Editor" (FED), which was included as System Utility into RSX-11 Operating System for PDP mini computer. (1983. Institute of Atomic Energy, Russia).

M. Bugaevski. Resume: page 2.
MS Windows: .NET (C#/VB/ASP/ADO); C/C++; VB-6; SQL Server; MS Access;

COM; ADO; HTML, XML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript; Oracle; Java (J2SE); InstallShield.

Past skills (1975 – 1995):
PC MS DOS: Assembler, Borland C, Pascal, FORTRAN, FoxPro, Dbase III, Paradox.

Mainframe: Assembler, PL1, JCL, ADABAS, Natural, IMS. Mini Computers: FORTRAN.

10/2007–present: KFORCE. Senior Software Engineer

Clients: Northrop Grumman

10/2006–10/2007: WorldCell. Lead Software Developer
06/2006–10/2006: BRTRC. Software Developer

Clients: U.S. Army; National Institute of Health

02/2004–06/2006: Inter Image, Inc. Senior Software Engineer

Clients: U.S. NAVY; U.S. FTC

07/2003–01/2004: Computer Automation Systems, Inc. Software Developer

Client: U.S. Poison Control

04/1998–06/2003: Dialogue Consultants, Inc. SW Development Manager

Client: Intelsat. Software Developer

1993 – 1998: Metallurgical Bank (Moscow, Russia). IT Department Manager
1982 – 1993: Various institutions (Moscow, Russia).

Programmer/SW Developer/ Lead SW Engineer


MSEE. Major: Electrical Engineering. (Automatics and Tele-mechanics)

1976 – 1982 Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russia)
Additional Certified Professional Training:

2007. e.POWER 6.5 Developer Course Training

2006. MCP: Microsoft SQL Server 2000. "Designing and Implementing Databases"


Status: U.S. permanent resident.


For more information see detailed CV and samples of work at

Designing and Implementing Databases

with Microsoft SQL Server 2000

(exam: 070-229)

Jun.17. 2008. (W6/7/2003-RFT.doc)

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