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Stephan Royer


1420 S. Smith Road,

Urbana, Illinois




(217) 414-2456



To develop high quality 3D artwork and textures for video games, ideally creating characters with a creative, passionate, and well established studio.

Relevent Technical Skills

 -Photoshop 7.0 / CS

-3D Studio Max 7

-Zbrush 2 

Additional Competencies

Working knowledge of:

- Game Design

- Color Theory

- Human Anatomy

- Texture Shaders

- Character Studio

- Windows - 95, 98, XP

- Perforce

- Microsoft .NET

- Completed 3 semesters of college art credits including: Basic Drawing, Painting and Life Drawing
Professional Work Experience

Character Artist,  Volition-Inc. Champaign, IL, USA

March 2004 – Present

  • Duties have included modelling and texturing 2000-5000 poly game characters for the Xbox 360 (primarily texturing and shader work)

  • Worked with concept artists, texture artists, modelers and designated art lead to deliver a detailed and unified character pipeline.

  • Texturing duties have included the creation of Diffuse, Specular, Bump, Normal and Parallax maps.

  • Credited with an additional raise and acknowledgement for raising the bar, and helping to establish the visual goals for Volition character artwork.

Prior Relevent Experience

Character Artist, Contract Chatham, IL, USA

May 2002 – March 2004

  • The Real World Mod (for the Max Payne Engine) – My models have appeared in "Computer Games Magazine" in their DEC. 03 edition, under "Mods & Ends" for a matrix mod using the Max Payne engine.

  • Employed through Best Buy, working in games and media for 1 year

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