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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – R

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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – R

1806-09 & 1848-1931

Radcliffe John Bennett, Rev. 64 Marlboro Road, Dublin 11/04/1896 aged 57, curate of St. John's, Limerick; incumbent of St. Patrick's

(death report 11/04/1896)

Rae Thomas 26/02/1848 apprentice, of the brigh 'Shannon', drowned near Grass Island

Rafferty Bridget High Street 16/05/1872 wife of John Rafferty

Rafferty John High Street, Limerick 08/02/1887 death notice

Rafferty Mrs 17/06/1930 death report

Rahilly Margaret John Street 03/03/1914 sudden death; news report

Rahilly Catherine Croom 21/11/1860 advanced age

Rahilly Constance Georgina (Connie) Ballysheedy, Roxboro 06/09/1923 daughter of J. P. Rahilly; death notice

Rahilly Daniel Limerick (?) 31/07/1807 report re trial of Edward Sheehy for murder of Rahilly

Rahilly Ellen Quinsboro, Parteen 05/12/1903 death notice

Rahilly Johanna Ballysheedy 29/06/1922 death notice

Rahilly Paul Newcastle, Co. Limerick 18/04/1809 land surveyor, death notice (Limerick Chronicle 19/4/1809)

Raine Frederick Wallace 9 Victoria Terrace 07/09/1916 death notice (acknowledgements, 28/09/1916)

Raleigh Alice Dublin 25/12/1906 tragic accident in Cahir

Raleigh Edmond Castlemahon 15/09/1855 father of Rev. James Raleigh, P.P. ?aghmore, and John F. Raleigh,

Town clerk of Limerick

Raleigh Henry 19 Parnell Street 02/07/1929 traffic accident; inquest report

Raleigh James Garryfine, Co. Limerick 24/03/1807 death notice

Raleigh James Cornwallis Street 12/06/1850

Raleigh James, Rev. Rathkeale 24/11/1864 P.P., formerly administrator of St. Michael's Parish, Limerick City

Raleigh John W. Glentworth Street 19/11/1904 son of late John F. Raleigh, Limerick town clerk; funeral report

Raleigh Joseph Gibbon Castlemahon 20/10/1891 death notice

Raleigh Kate Cahir, Co. Tipperary 25/12/1906 worked in Limerick; killed by falling masonry while home for

Christmas; news report

Raleigh Mary Broad Street 06/07/1853 dau of Richard Raleigh

Raleigh Maurice Joseph Melbourne 16/06/1883 son of late Richard Raleigh, Limerick, death notice

Raleigh Michael 18/05/1909 homicide near Kilfinane

Raleigh Mr. (male) Old Pallas 26/02/1895 publican, suicide report

Raleigh Richard Ballingoola Mills, Sixmilebridge, 12/09/1809 death notice

Co. Limerick

Raleigh Richard Patrick Street 06/01/1870 tobacco manufacturer

Raleigh Richard Augustine Patrick Street 30/12/1871 son of late Richard Raleigh

Rampton Mrs. (female) New Barracks 05/09/1857 wife of Mr. Rampton, chief warder of district military prison

Ramsay female (née Anderson) Glasgow 30/09/1905 wife of Colonel Ramsay and sister of Mrs. Richard Harris,

Overdale, Limerick; funeral report

Ramsay Rebecca Sexton Street 13/12/1851 aged 19, dau of John Ramsay, Wesleyan Minister, Bedford Row


Ramsey Joseph Bridge Street 27/03/1807 perfumer, death notice

Ranalow Margaret 46 Catherine Street 14/12/1867 aged 85, widow of late William Ranalow

Ranalow Sarah 13/02/1900 daughter of late William Ranalow; death notice

Ranalow William Ennis, Co. Clare 17/09/1929 bank official; traffic accident near Newcastle West; news report

(funeral report, 19/09/1929)

Randall Ann Henry Street 26/11/1867 wife of William Randall, Harbour Master

Randall Frederick Thomas Strand Ville 28/02/1849 son of Alfred Randall

Randall Jeannie North Strand 22/12/1855 dau of Richard Randall

Randall Mary North Strand 28/11/1855 aged 7, granddau of William Randall

Randall William London 22/11/1883 former Harbour Master of Limerick, death notice

Randall William Edward North Strand 17/11/1855 grandson of Wm. Randall, Harbour Master

Randall William, jun. Henry Street 24/04/1850 harbour master of the port of Limerick

Ranello William William Street 09/02/1861 bass singer with the choir at Limerick cathedral

Raper William Adare 02/06/1928 Earl of Dunraven's estate engineer; funeral report

Rathborne John Limerick 06/04/1905 death notice

Rawlins James Lismacreery, Co. Limerick 13/02/1847

Ray Ellen 25/04/1912 funeral report

Ray Helen 28 Mallow Street 25/01/1900 death notice

Ray male Ballindine, Co. Mayo 28/10/1902 former official at Limerick railway station; railway accident; news


Ray Mary Terenure, Dublin 01/12/1914 widow of Thomas Ray, George Street, Limerick; funeral report

Ray Richard Derravoher 17/01/1929 bacon trader and local politician; obituary (funeral report,

19/01/1929 & condolences, 31/01/1929)

Ray Thomas Park, Corbally 01/03/1892 death notice, (funeral report 1/3/1892)

Raymond Anne Moklerstown, Co. Tipperary 07/03/1855 widow of John Raymond

Raymond Anne (née Fosberry) Clontarf, Dublin 05/05/1866 dau of William Fosberry of Limerick

Raymond Aphrasia Orwell, Sydney 07/02/1849 dau of Col. William O'Dell, Member of Parliament for Limerick

County; wife of James Raymond, Postmaster General, late of

Hollywood, nr Adare

Raymond Jane Thomas Street 13/01/1849 dau of John Raymond

Raymond John Thomas Street 12/11/1851 son of Samuel Reymond, of Riversdale, Co. Kerry; brother to

James Raymond, Post Master General, New South Wales; int. at


Raymond Mary Moklerstown 20/05/1854 of Riversdale, co. Kerry; int at St. Munchin's church, Limerick

Raymond Mrs. (female) Irishtown 19/01/1850

Raynes William Cecil Street 07/10/1850 son of Col. Raynes of the Royal Artillery

Rea Elizabeth (née Power) 16/02/1909 wife of Patrick J. Rea; funeral report (funeral report, 16/02/1909)

(in memoriam, 15/02/1910)

Rea Francis M. Henry Street 01/05/1919 son of P. J. Rea, Civil Service Academy, Henry Street; obituary

Rea Isaac 19 Edward Street 02/03/1911 ex-policeman; court report

Rea John Effin 13/10/1906 death notice

Read Maria, Lady Dominick Street 30/08/1848 wife of Rev. Sir John Read, of Moynal, Co. Clare

Read William Merchant's Quay 12/09/1855 aged 74, gun maker, late armourer to Old City Limerick Militia

Real William 24 Upper Clare Street 13/03/1926 death notice

Reale William New Pallas 09/08/1894 famous athlete

Reardon Elizabeth Cecilia (née Lenihan) 9 Prospect Hill, Edward Street 16/06/1914 wife of Edward Reardon; funeral report

Reardon Janet Bruff 09/06/1885 wife of D. C. Reardon, M.D., death notice

Reardon Patrick Taylor Street 25/05/1871 aged 46

Reay Jane Castleconnell 29/06/1861 widow of late Joseph J. Reay, formerly Collector of Customs at


Reay Joseph Mallow Street 30/11/1850 Collector of HM Customs at Limerick port

Reburn Edward Doon, Co. Limerick 27/07/1897 son of Clement Reburn

Reddan Anne 14 Arthur's Quay 03/12/1887 death notice

Reddan Bridget (née Aherne) 14 Arthur's Quay 03/12/1904 wife of E. J. Reddan; death notice

Reddan Con Killaloe 26/04/1892 death notice,popular with Limerick people, proprietor of Shannon

View Hotel Killaloe, (further death notice 26/4/1892) (funeral

report 28/4/1892)

Reddan Edward J. 05/07/1923 typographer; obituary

Reddan John Shannon View, Tomgrany 15/09/1855 merchant of Lim city, int. at Killuran church

Reddan Matthew Shannon View 12/11/1859

Redden Mother de Sales San Francisco Convent of Mercy 23/09/1857 native of Co. Clare, cousin of late Tom Steele; founder of the

Limerick Magdalen Asylum

Reddin Ann Pallaskenry 14/10/1871 aged 47, wife of David Reddin

Redding Edward New Street 04/07/1911 former RIC sergeant; funeral report

Redding Elizabeth 1 Rutland Villas, SCR 18/06/1927 acknowledgement

Redding Elizabeth Annie Lifford Avenue, Ballinacurra 16/06/1928 wife of George William Redding; funeral report

Redding Mary 55 Kileen Road 14/06/1890 death notice, wife of Wm Redding late of Castleoliver, Limerick

Redding Mary 55 Killeen Road 14/06/1890 death notice, wife of Wm. Redding late of Castleoliver, Co.


Redmond Maurice J. Kleinberg, Limerick 16/05/1895 (death notice 18/05/1895)

Redmore John 26/02/1848 second mate, of the brig 'Shannon', drowned near Grass Island

Reed Thomas 19/09/1914 death notice

Rees Georgiana Cedars, Pontrilas 06/06/1885 dau. of late Edward and Lady Georgiana Croker, of Ballynagarde,

Limerick, death notice

Reeves Eliza Newtown 30/11/1867 aged 22

Reeves John, Rev. Ballynoe, Coolcappa 31/12/1929 parish priest, Ardagh; obituary and condolences

Reeves Mary 7 Osmington Terrace 12/09/1925 widow of William Reeves; obituary and death notice

Reeves Rev. Dromcolloher 10/09/1856 interred at the new cemetery

Reeves Robert Ely Place, Dublin 08/06/1889 Queen's Counsel, aged 56 years.

Reeves William 7 Osmington Terrace 22/11/1921 journalist; obituary (funeral report, 24/11/1921)

Regan Henry William Street 05/12/1849 d. of starvation on

Regan William Elton 05/06/1894 railway accident

Rehan Ada U.S.A. 11/01/1916 actress, born in Limerick in 1860; obituary

Rehan Arthur USA 09/06/1900 actor and manager; native of Limerick; obituary

Reid George Winder Mount Vincent Cottages 06/07/1911 son of James Reid; accidental drowning; news report and death

notice (condolences, 15/07/1911)

Reid Helen A. 1 Rutland Villas 17/05/1919 wife of Walter Reid; obituary (funeral report, 20/05/1919)

Reid J. Island Bridge Barracks 15/02/1851 4th Light Dragoons

Reid James 15 Mount Vincent Cottages 08/12/1921 ex-RIC sergeant; obituary and death notice (funeral report,


Reid John Chester Castle 24/12/1856 formerly Barrack Serjeant in Limerick City

Reid Robert 15 Mount Vincent Cottages 22/01/1895 aged 86, int at St. Mary's Cathedral

Reidy David B. 04/01/1902 funeral report

Reidy Eleanor 20 William Street Upper 30/11/1911 widow of Michael Reidy; funeral report (death notice, 28/11/1911)

Reidy James Patrickswell 05/01/1904 postmaster

Reidy John Glinn, Co. Limerick 30/01/1850 late of Tallyho Lodge, later Master of Rathkeale Workhouse

Reidy John Ballingarry 25/06/1910 obituary

Reidy Mary 85 George Street 19/11/1912 servant of family of late James Nash; death notice

Reidy Michael 20 William Street Upper 14/11/1907 homicide; death notice (news report, 09/11/1907)

Reidy Miss M. A., Miss H., Miss E., Mr. Ballingarry 19/01/1904 died in fire at a theatre in Chicago

J. M.

Reidy Thomas Rathkeale 11/05/1859 governor of the bridewell, many years constable of Limerick


Reidy Thomas Thomas Court 25/05/1912 dock labourer; work accident; inquest report

Reidy William Rhineanna 28/08/1894

Reidy William Thomondgate 15/04/1911 death notice

Reilly Bridget Denmark Street 13/01/1849 dau of Gerald Reilly

Reilly John New York 29/03/1866 native of the parish of Ballinwana [sic], Co. Limerick

Reilly John 23/06/1888 obituary

Reilly male Patrickswell 04/03/1922 Colonel; manager of Lord Dunraven's stud farm; obituary

Reilly Mary Anne Fair Green, Mulgrave Street 09/10/1930 news report; aged 2; accident

Reith James Oldpallas 07/11/1895 inquest into suicide

Renehan John Adamstown 09/02/1848 to be executed for murder of John McInerney (execution report


Renehan Michael 3 Hunt's Lane 28/05/1901 labourer at J. P. Evans & Co.; work accident; inquest report

Rennison Jane Eliza Sir Harry's Mall 11/05/1875 aged 22; illness; dau. of William Rennison; death notice

Rennison Margaret Round House, The Mall 16/07/1885 wife of William Rennison, dau. of late John Jones, grandniece of

late Andrew James Watson, Castleconnell, death notice

Rennison Sarah Ann Bedford Row 04/10/1864 aged 45, wife of W. Rennison

Rennison William Ivy Cottage 31/03/1894 death notice

Reynett Mary Eva Cappamore 02/11/1859 wife of John Reynett

Reynolds Agnes 11 Clare View Terrace 20/10/1906 death notice, (further death notice 20/10/1906) (funeral report


Reynolds Albert N. Garristown, Co. Dublin 21/08/1930 news report; aged 60 (news report 23/08/1930)

Reynolds Frank Windmill 13/10/1898 river pilot and publician, husband of Catherine Reynolds; inquest


Reynolds James 20/02/1909 ferryman; accidental drowning at Castleconnell (see also,

23/02/1909 & 25/02/1909)

Reynolds James Ascot Terrace 19/01/1928 captain of "Erin-go-Bragh" river dredger; obituary and death


Reynolds Marueen Kilkee 02/09/1920 daughter of late Captain Reynolds; accidental drowning; news

report (death notice, 07/09/1920 & funeral report, 09/09/1920);

named as Ethel in original report but as Maureen in death notice,

funeral report and Mount St. Lawrence burial register.

Reynolds Mrs. (female) 20/10/1906 obituary

Reynolds William Ballyroe, Kilfinane 17/12/1912 death notice

Ribton John Sheppey, Sir Killuragh, Co. Limerick 03/05/1877 aged 83; also of Woodbrook, Bray, died in London; illness; death


Rice Catherine Curragower House, North Strand 15/01/1920 wife of Richard Rice, painter and decorator; obituary and death


Rice Charles Spring, the Hon. Folkestone 19/07/1870 son of Thomas Spring Rice, 1st Lord Monteagle

Rice Emma 16 Mallow Street Upper 06/12/1910 wife of Thomas Rice; death notice

Rice Spring, female (Mrs.) Cannes, France 03/04/1869

Rice Thomas Arthur's Quay 04/02/1806 of Cappa, Co. Limerick, death notice

Rice Thomas Mulholland 15/02/1927 obituary (death notice, 12/02/1927)

Rich Amelia Woodlands, Castleconnell 18/01/1883 widow of Captain Rich, death notice

Rich Captain Woodlands, Castleconnell 25/09/1880 death notice

Rich Gertrude Isabella Shannon View, Castleconnell 23/01/1919 daughter of late Captain Rich, Woodlands, Castleconnell; death

notice (funeral report, 30/01/1919)

Richardson Anne 18 Monteith Row, Glasgow 12/04/1851 widow of Dr. Richardson, mother of William Frazer of George's


Richardson Effingham 6 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 06/01/1863 aged 32; illness; brother of Mrs. Fisher, 12, George Street

Richardson Eliza Mrs. Viller's Alms House 04/08/1849

Richardson George Quinton London, England 13/02/1912 doctor; son of late Mrs Richardson, Blackrock, Co. Limerick; death


Richardson Hanora Clare Street Upper 12/03/1921 widow of both Michael Richardson and John Coffey; death notice

Richardson James 34 Patrick Street 06/01/1925 death notice

Richardson Mary Anne Reens, Rathkeale 12/01/1865 aged 27, wife of Rev. Clement Richardson

Richardson Mrs. (female) Carey's Road 15/01/1862 wife of Wm. Richardson, steward of the Kelpic steamer

Richardson P., Mrs High Street and William Street 08/02/1887 wife of Patrick Richardson; death notice

Richardson Thomas Doon 19/07/1881 report titled "The Mysterious Tragedy at Doon"

Richardson William 15 Carey's Road 10/06/1879 aged 72

Richardson William Joseph Bournemouth, England 05/11/1914 son of late Patrick Richardson, High Street, Limerick; obituary and

death notice

Richardson William Smythe New York 11/12/1866 late of Sandymount, Co. Dublin, 1st cousin of Mrs. Dr. Fisher of

Limerick City

Riches Charles Moig Cottage, Castletown 17/08/1869 aged 80, d. at res of son-in-law

Ridd Harold 31 Cecil Street Upper 04/10/1928 death notice

Riddell Elizabeth Island View House, 06/05/1913 wife of John Riddell, Limerick Distillery; funeral report (death

Thomondgate notice, 03/05/1913)

Riddell James Limerick 29/09/1906 death notice.

Riddell John Cornwall, England 29/11/1927 distiller; formerly of Limerick Distillery, Thomondgate; obituary and

death notice

Ridley George Frederick 20/03/1909 death notice

Ridley Robert brig Filey 29/01/1853 carpenter, drowning at Howley's quay

Riedy Mary Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse 30/01/1850 false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850)

Rierdon Thomas Ennis 09/01/1847 employee of Messrs. Russel of Limerick

Riggs Henry Bruff 20/04/1853 int at Grange

Riley John Queen Street 03/02/1847 corn broker

Ring John Limerick city 12/04/1854 clerk to Kilmurry church

Riordan Bridget 6 Mount Vincent Terrace 23/03/1918 wife of William Riordan; obituary and death notice

Riordan Ellen Clearagh 24/09/1881 wife of Michael Riordan, death notice

Riordan female 01/12/1887 expression of sympathy by Board of Guardians to Alderman


Riordan Johanna Ballyvoureen, Co. Limerick 28/11/1849 wife of Daniel Riordan

Riordan John 46 Clare Street 24/06/1905 death notice

Riordan John William Street 26/06/1915 son of P. Riordan, former Lord Mayor of Limerick; announcement

Riordan John M. Ballinacurrig 07/06/1902 death notice

Riordan John P. 10/09/1904 death notice (funeral report, 13/09/1904)

Riordan Louisa M 31 Roche's Street 05/04/1906 daughter of Mr. O'Riordan, manager at O'Mara's; obituary (funeral

report, 07/04/1906)

Riordan M. L. 12/07/1892 funeral report, resident surgeon at Barrington's Hospital, son of

Alderman Riordan

Riordan Mary 4 Taylor Street 24/09/1898 aged 79, widow of Patrick Riordan

Riordan Matthew William Street 27/06/1893 solicitor, son of Alderman P. Riordan

Riordan Myles Mungret Street 13/02/1861

Riordan Patrick William Street 05/10/1907 local politician; obituary and funeral report

Riordan Patrick 62 George Street 30/03/1911 father of Maurice Patrick Riordan; death notice

Riordan Patrick Laurel Hill Avenue 01/03/1930 death report, (funeral report 4/3/1930)

Riordan Peter Dublin 06/05/1913 son of late Patrick Riordan, William Street; gas works manager;

funeral report

Riordan Sarah Taylor Street 19/02/1867 aged 76, 20 years servant for Rev. C. G. Townley (further death

notice, 21/2/1867)

Riordan Sarah 27/11/1875 aged 49; at the residence of her nephew, 4 Taylor Street; death


Riordan Simon Bottomstown, nr. Hospital 26/09/1855 farmer

Riordan Simon Mungret Street 29/09/1855 d at res of his son

Riordan Simon 20/11/1888 inquest report, incident at Docks

Riordan Thomas Travers Marksbury, Somerset 19/07/1884 late medical officer at Castleconnell

Riordan Thomas, Rev. Dominican Priory, Fish Lane 27/10/1809 'of the order of Preachers', death notice

Riordan Timothy 29/06/1909 labourer; drowning; inquest report

Riordan Timothy 27 William Street 02/06/1914 son of late Patrick Riordan; obituary and death notice (funeral

report, 04/06/1914)

Riordan William 01/08/1903 gateman with Harbour Commissioners; accidental drowning;

inquest report

Riordan William Wellesley Terrace, North Strand 06/02/1912 funeral report

Riordan William O'Connell Avenue 09/12/1922 obituary (funeral report, 12/12/1922)

Riordon John Sallymount, Castle Connell 11/08/1852 murder report

Risk Andrew Dublin 27/08/1856 son-in-law of late Rev. George Franklin of Kildimo, Co. Limerick

Roache Catherine Abbeyfeale 02/04/1851 found dead, report

Robbins Eliza Massy Glanavilla, Kings County 13/01/1858 granddau of late Lord Massy of Duntryleague, Co. Limerick

Roberts George Newtown, Clarina 02/03/1915 obituary (funeral report, 04/02/1915)

Roberts George A. Bath, England 14/08/1923 journalist; formerly staff at Limerick Chronicle; obituary

Roberts Hugh 22/05/1888 inquest report, drowning accident.

Roberts Margaret 14/01/1854 aged 93, d at res of her niece, Mrs. A. E. D'Esterre, Prospect Hill;

widow of Rev. Charles Roberts, co. Meath, sister of

Lieut.-Colonel Ker, co. Monaghan

Roberts Mary Anne Ardmore, Co. Cork 03/10/1849 dau of Norcott D'Esterre of Killura, Limerick, widow of Richard

Roberts; d. at res of her son-in-law W. H. Maitland

Roberts Michael Newtown, Clarina 10/05/1910 son of George Roberts; death notice

Roberts Mrs. (female) Chicago U.S.A 05/02/1895 wife of John Roberts formerly of this city

Robertson Cecil James Boswell 02/06/1910 son of T. B. Robertson, Rector of St. Munchin's; announcement

(funeral reports, 04/06/1910 & 07/06/1910)

Robertson Charles S. 4 Wolfe Tone Terrace 30/12/1893 death notice, son of late David Robertson of Nenagh, aged 32


Robertson Edward Auriol Dublin 22/06/1853 staff surgeon, late of Limerick garrison

Robertson female The Rectory, St. Munchin's 09/01/1923 wife of Canon Robertson, Rector of St.Munchin's; obituary and

death notice (funeral report, 11/01/1923)

Robertson G. A., Capt. Liskennett House 03/11/1898 aged 41, 76th Regiment; report

Robertson John Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin 20/02/1879 late of Limerick

Robertson Joseph North Strand 22/09/1855 aged 20 months, son of John Robertson

Robertson Kate Thomond Square, Cork 11/06/1870 dau of late Peter Blake, Newmarket-on-Fergus, wife of John

Robertson, late of Limerick

Robertson Samuel A., Rev. 6 Garville Rd., Rathgar, Dublin 30/04/1895 Methodist minister, spent 4 years in Limerick (death report


Robertson Sergt. Ordnance Barrack, Mulgrave 29/06/1859 of Royal Artillery Battery; buried at Military Cemetery


Robertson William North Strand 18/01/1868 aged 24, son of John Robertson

Robinson Alfred Sarsfield Terrace 13/09/1906 death notice

Robinson C. W. London, England 02/11/1912 son of late Joseph Robinson, Corbally House, Limerick; death


Robinson Charles Spencer 8 Clare Street 01/03/1898 infant son of J. & E. F. Robinson

Robinson Elizabeth Dublin 08/07/1919 widow of Thomas Robinson, Limerick; death notice

Robinson Frances Ellen Reeve's Path COI Nursing Home 03/02/1920 death notice

Robinson George Nelson Street 05/01/1861 aged 10, son of Thomas Robinson

Robinson Henry Australia 15/05/1919 son-in-law of late William Christy, Limerick; obituary and death


Robinson Hugh M. William Street Upper 17/02/1858 merchant

Robinson Isaac, General Coromandel Lodge, Clarendon 30/09/1848 Surgeon of 16th Lancers; father of Capt. Robinson, late of

Road, Jersey Limerick City

Robinson James 1 Sarsfield Terrace 28/10/1905 ex-RIC head constable; announcement and death notice (funeral

report, 31/10/1905)

Robinson Jane 1 Sarsfield Terrace 06/03/1906 death notice, widow of late James Robinson, aged 70 years

Robinson John Rush, Co. Dublin 12/09/1871 aged 57, late of Mountshannon

Robinson Joseph Rose Villa, Moate, Co. 01/11/1879 aged 74, formerly of Limerick


Robinson Lydia Corbally House 30/07/1874 wife of Joseph Robinson; death notice

Robinson Marian Boyle, Co. Roscommon 24/08/1886 wife of William J. Robinson, late of Limerick, death notice

Robinson Robert N. Nelson Street 25/03/1886 child of Thomas & Lizzie Robinson, death notice

Robinson Samuel B. 25/03/1905 managing clerk, Brown's alnd agent; obituary and death notice (

death notice 28/03/1905) (funeral report 28/3/1905)

Robinson Sophia Laurel Cottage, North Strand 26/04/1854 dau of Joseph Robinson

Robinson Thomas 8 Nelson Street 02/02/1907 pawnbroker; obituary (death notice, 2/2/1907) (funeral report,


Roche J Gibraltar 13/11/1906 member of the Royal Garrison, native of Kilmallock

Roche Mary Cork 30/05/1893 death notice, wife of Thomas Roche, dau of late Margaret Walker

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