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Ntma speakers showcase edm expertise Topics Jeff Kiszonas edm product Manager

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EDM Expertise Topics

Jeff Kiszonas

EDM Product Manager

Makino EDM Group

Jeff can deliver presentations on various EDM topics, including how to maintain a Wire EDM, how to choose an EDM wire product, and choosing the right grade of EDM graphite. Additional presentations through the Makino Applications staff include work holding, using EDM in conjunction with High Speed Milling as complementary processes, advancements and advantages to rotary table use with Wire or Ram EDM, or even application specific discussions, like how best to  burn small, precise holes, or EDM titanium/carbide/high nickel alloys/etc. 

Jeff has spearheaded an aerospace materials testing program at Makino.  In this program we cut samples of various aerospace alloys with both Ram and Wire EDM, send the samples out to a NADCAP certified lab for testing of recast layer, Heat Affected Zone, micro-cracks, and Vickers micro-hardness.  Once the data is received from the lab, I develop a presentation containing the latest test results, and make this data public via webinars and speaking appearances at events like MMTS (Montreal), IMTS (Chicago), and SAE Aerospace Conferences (Charleston).  I have also presented this information to smaller groups during Makino local events.

He also presents webinars on concerning various topics of interest for EDMers. 

  Program Details:

Jeff W. Kiszonas

EDM Product Manager

Makino EDM Group

Auburn Hills, MI


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