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Nov’08 at Puja venue. Active yuvas were seen to take the lead

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09.11.08, Sunday
Today (9th Nov’08) was the second day of the seminar. The Puja venue a Noida gradually increased with the incoming Sahaja Yogis since early morning.
Morning meditation was followed by very vibrant Sahaja Procession on road for propagating and spreading the message of Sahaja Yoga specially arranged public program which is scheduled for the next day i.e 10th Nov’08 at Puja venue. Active yuvas were seen to take the lead.
The morning session of the seminar commenced at 1130 hrs with a very deep subject focusing on the meaning and essence of Puja, rituals, Bhakti and Shraddha. Later, information on the essence and establishment of Shri Lakshmi Tattwa was deliberated explaining the various aspects and qualities of Nabhi Chakra.
This was further substantiated by the Holy speech of Shri Mataji on Lakshmi tattwa from an earlier lecture of 1984 on the subject.
After conclusion of this part of the session, the Yuva Shakti seminar started. Yuva Shakti coordinators from various parts of India were invited to speak up their experiences. The session started with discussion based on guidelines earlier given to Yuva Shakti by Shri Mataji. Later a number of beautiful experiences were shared by the yuvas. Before conclusion, various efforts undertaken by the Yuvas in the field of internet world to propagate and communicate the message of Sahaja Yoga were also deliberated.
At the end to everyone’s pleasant surprise there was an announcement regarding a new upcoming project blessed by Shri Mataji Herself. The project is to open up yet another International Research and Health center at Greater Noida (in line of existing Vashi center) besides the existing NGO Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram. It is a joyous moment for all of us as Shri Mataji Herself has agreed to bless the land for the ‘Bhumi Pujan’ ceremony (inaugural) to be held on 14th Nov’08 at 1600 hrs (IST).


The evening meditation started almost at 1830 hrs with the recitation of three Mahamantras. Then the recording of the recently held Puja on the occasion of Dhanteras (on 26th Oct’08) was screened.
A Sahaja collective of around 18000-20000 anxiously waited for the Holy arrival of Shri Mataji as the meditative mood prevailed. Subsequently another powerful Puja video was screened (Mahalaksmi Puja 1993) but abruptly was culminated as the coordinators on the stage made the necessary arrangements that silently announced that H.H.Shri Mataji has blessed the entire collective of the world to accept the Shri Mahalakhmi Puja in Her Holy formless presence (Nirakar)
The Puja started almost at 1900 hrs with the invocation of Shri Ganesha Mantra and recital of Shri Ganeshatharvasheersham followed by a number of bhajans sung by the Sahaja Musical choir.
The Ganesh Puja was offered at Her Holy feet by the children, as it continued with Shri Ganesha bhajans “ Namami Shri Ganaraja Dayal…”. Later Shri Mahalakshmi Puja was offered as the bhajans continued with Mahalaksmi Strotram, Jago Savera (recital of 108 Holy names of Shri Mataji), Mahur Gadavadi, Bhavan mein aa jao Maiya Sherawaali. Then it was the shringar with Hasat Aali and later concluded with Vishwa Vandita.
Aarti was offered at Her Holy feet by the Country coodinators, trustees and other invited guests.
After the Puja as the gifts were being offered at Her Holy Feet, a number of beautiful bhajans continued with overflowing vibrations. This was followed by an announcement for the release of Nirmal Gyan DVD compiled by SITA India team. This DVD which has been released in 8 Indian languages (Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi apart from English) comprises presentations and clippings for the propagation of Sahaja Yoga message.
The vibrations were phenomenal and the spirit of joy could be felt across the collective.
Jai Shri Mataji

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