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No. 34 Winter 1956/57

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AQ8/12/2F The Allen Magazine Nos. 34-41 Winter 1956/57 – Autumn 1958

No. 34 Winter 1956/57
Front cover – Winter scene at Stagsden
p.2 J H Gray awarded MBE

p.3 Appointment of K Rowell as director of the company

p.4 Picture of new office block under construction

p.5 Atlas Works, Pershore

p.5 Inauguration of Pitsford Reservoir Works, Northamptonshire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

p.7 Children’s Christmas Party

p.9 Children’s Party to Harringay

p.11 Christmas Whist Drive (includes pictures of Mr M Ward with Mrs Denis Allen, Mrs A Grocott and Mr A W Timperley, Mr L C Leigh and R V Shimmans)

p.13 Queens Works Carnival Dance

p.14 Visits: president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

p.15 National Service. News of Arthur John Allen, Frank Edward Worrall and J F Burston

p.16 Photographic competition results

p.18 Appointments: A H Hooke, F J Goodall, T S Miles, R Habicht, H R Ogle, C R Dalton, L H Shadrake, P Armstrong, G F Sharman, C D Campbell.

p.19 Retirements: Edward Walter Jones, Frank William Mee, Charles Bernard Garrett, William Hills, James Frank Pumfrey, S E S ‘George’ Barter, Alfred Thomas Stone, Arthur Edmund Wrigley, Harry Walter Garlick, Arthur Taylor, John Gethins, Harry Davies, William Slaughter. [entries are generally shorter than in previous years and not all have pictures]

p.22 Obituaries: Frederick Samuel Luddington, Peter John Callaghan, Mary Dant, William Alfred Linger, Betty Hillyard, George Wright Reed, Herbert Alfred Griggs, Jesse James Kimble, John Henry Broadway, Frederick George Humphreys, Ernest John Jarman, Charles Edward Ivett.

p.23 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities. New pupils and students: T J Goldsmith, D T Reeves, A F Syme, B Mundell, S Collier, B Dipple, R Gray and J Minns. M J Wagrel (British Petroleum Co Ltd) and A S Whitaker (British Tanker Co Ltd) at the works for special training. R Crane has completed his training.

p.25 Works Activities: First Aid Detachment, Benevolent Fund, Safety Committee, Suggestion Scheme.

p.27 Brevities by our correspondents

p.30 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club: Club, Badminton, Rugby, Hockey (Men’s team: Back row (not very visible) W J Course, C R Dalton, B Coulton, D Bowler, A Pullinger, M Vincent, Front row: G Cooper, F Brown, R H Alder, G Allen, E J Coppenhall, L G Letts (umpire)), Cricket, Archery, Horticulture, Angling, Golf, Bowls, Drama, Football (Ist XI; B Cornell, K Williams, K Cunnington, M Johnson, J Shortland, R Millard, F Panter, B Chapman, J Acland, A Humphreys, C Millard, M Shortland, T Maggs, A Spencer), Table Tennis and Tennis.

No. 35 – Spring 1957
Front cover – Sutton Ford near Potton
p.3 Extract from article in the Daily Mail about Sir Christopher Hinton, first recipient of the W H Allen scholarship.

p.3 Picture of new office building under construction

p.4 Atlas Works Pershore

p.4 Some Adventures in Nigeria by D A Marks

p.9 National Service

p.11 Brief personal details of: Ralph H Keep, George Frederick Savage, Herbert Arthur Warren, Peter Norman Hall, Mabel Eleanor Adams, William Frost, Louis Frank Milton, and Frederick Harold Jackson (photographic head of each on caricature bodies)

p.12 Board making at Thames mills of Thames Board Mills Ltd, Purfleet, Essex where ‘four Allen turbo-generators, totalling 10,000kW, help to provide power for some of the largest machines in industry’

p.15 Our representatives in South Africa – Dowson & Dobson Ltd

p.17 Recent Contracts (pictures of turbine room at the National Coal Board’s Avenue Carbonization and Chemical Plant, Wingerworth, Chesterfield and power station of Arthur Guinness Son & Co (Park Royal) Ltd.)

p.20 A page for children (picture of Kenneth Allen with Graham Impey, Barry Young, Gillian Armstrong, Jacqueline Wood and Maureen Knight, prize winners in the painting competition.

p.21 Foundry Closure

p.22 Brevities by our correspondents

p.23 Works Activities: First Aid Detachment, Benevolent Fund, Safety Committee, National Blood Transfusion Service, Civil Defence

p.24 Visits: Boys from East Anglia

p.25 Keeping a pet budgie by A J Cant

p.27 Appointments: A F Hammond, S V Wildman, H A Searle, J Griffin, A Wharf, W H M Purdie. Accounts Department Organisation.

p.27 Retirements: John Harrison Gray MBE, John Arthur Kendall, Elizabeth Kirby, Walter Frederick Poulter, Albert Edward Sharpe, Ernest Edward Powell, Horace Mingay. [Entries are generally shorter than in previous years and not all have pictures]

p.28 Obituaries: Bertie Rowlands, Percy Thomas Webster, Thomas Short, James William Manning, Frank Marsingale Jones, Arthur Everett, William Marshall.

p.29 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities. New pupils: John Clarke from Australia, Colin Hope. Robin Renton has returned to South Africa.

p.30 Vegetable, Fruit, Flower and Handicraft Show.

p.31 50 Years Ago jottings from Queen’s Engineering Works Magazine No. 4, 1907 – Editorial Notes, The Allen Institute.

p.36 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club. Reports on; Club, Football (picture of Mr T Golding presenting the cup to Terry Maggs, captain of the fitting shop A team), drama, archery, bowls, cricket (picture of Peter Wells and Ted Dunstan), Tennis (picture of the new pavilion), Hockey, Horticulture, Rugby.

No. 36 – Summer 1957
Front cover – A West Country Lane nr. Pershore
p.3 A visit to Hong Kong by P F O’Callaghan

p.5 Picture of new office block under construction

p.6 National Service. News of Barry Melvine Holmes

p.7 A page for children

p.9 Brief personal details of: Reginald Wallace Pope, Paul Jack Kemp, Henry Frederick Cambers, Shirley Cozens, Robert John Brumwell, Percy Edgar Fowler, Henry King, Reginald Walter Newman (photographic head of each on caricature bodies)

p.10 Inauguration of Litchurch Works of the East Midlands Gas Board, Derby

p.10 Recent contracts (pictures of Pitsford Pumping Station, Northants and Auxiliary Steam and diesel generating machinery on board the Bibby Line troopship Oxfordshire)

p.13 Brevities by our correspondents

p.15 Works Activities: Increased production (about gas turbines), Fire Brigade, Hospital Service Association, National Blood Transfusion Service,

p.18 An unusual pet – an African bush-baby kept by Jill Stafford of the Accounts department.

p.19 50 Years Ago – jottings from Queen’s Engineering Works Magazine No. 4, 1907: Improvements carried out in the Works during 1906, Queen’s Engineering Works Cricket Club, The Electrical Equipment of a Modern Warship.

p.22 Appointments: J Finnigan, M S Simpson, J A Lipscombe, L J Collington, W F Woods, E E Dinsdale. Retirements: Henry Arthur Chinn, Albert George Cambers, James Hyde, Alec ‘Ted’ Hailstone, Margaret Jefferies, Harry Alfred Mardle, Charles William Baldwin, Frank Marriott Britton, James William Norman, Claude Hayes.

p.27 Apprentices’, Students’, and Pupils’ Activities

p.27 Visits: International Congress Zurich,

p.28 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club Reports on: Golf, Drama, Angling, Archery, Cricket (pictures of some members of the 2nd XI and the Steam and Pump Test Bay and Electrical shop B teams), Rugby, Tennis (picture of Joyce Pickering and Jack Bushby), Shooting, Football, Table Tennis, Bowls, horticulture and Netball (picture of some members of the Works Netball Team: Jane Guppy, Lesley French, Joyce Dodds, Pamela Ross, Ann Clarke, Marie Wolstencroft, Mary Simpson, Juliet Milton, Brenda Robinson, Shirley Wilson, Sheila Manning, Patricia Fensome, Shirley Pearson, Shirley Pruden.)
No. 37 – Autumn 1957

Front Cover – The Vale of Evesham (nr. Pershore)

p.3 Review of the Company’s Trading for the year 1956 and future policy.

p.4 Abroad in a Ford by Mrs E Francis (travelling the continent in a Ford 10)

p.8 Occupation of the new office block with picture of the view from the top looking West.

p.9 The Company’s 25 years’ association with Gebr. Stork & Co, Holland.

p.11 Appointments: A Holmes, B Lovesey, K A Barrell. Retirements: Arthur Charles Curchin, Frederick Arthur Askew, Harold Bird, James Herbert Giles, Frederick Charles Facey, Frederick Austin Carter, William Walter Champion, Ernest George Jones, William Pattison, Frederick William Boyse, Caleb Westley Felts, Reginald John Fairey, Bertie Joseph Anstee Keep, Sidney Alfred Peplow, James Wells, Harry Mills, David Archer Cunnington, Thomas Harold Farrar, James Guest and George Smith.

p.14 Obituaries: Leonard Frank Stonton, Albert Edward Odell, Cecil Gordon Jones, Arthur William Litchfield, Albert William Coulton, Arthur Edward Negus, Henry Swales.

p.15 A Page for Children

p.16 Visits: Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, British Hydro-Mechanics Research Association.

p.18 Atlas Works Pershore

p.21 Swiss Holiday by A F Barnes

p.22 Engineering, marine, Welding and Nuclear Energy Exhibition, Olympia 1957

p.25 Brevities by our correspondents Picture of G F Sharman, Dr J C Boyde and R Sharman. G F Sharman and his son Ron having been presented with trophies for their allotments. Picture of ladies swimming team with the E P Rose cup – Jean Nash, Ruth Hayman, Jill Bryant, Doreen Clayton.

p.27 Brief personal details of: Dennis Walter Ford, William Robinson, Peter James Hawkins, James Lambert, Harry George Morris, Colin John Beard, Helen Ann Elliott, Robert Harry Griggs (photographic heads in cartoon setting)

p.28 Jubilee jamboree by N Carter (9th World Scouts Jamboree)

p.29 Help Yourself to a Healthy Mouth

p.30 Recent Contracts: Pictures of Fulbourn Pumping Station, Monktonhall Colliery and N Corah (St Margaret) Ltd, Leicester.

p.32 Works Activities: Hospital Services Association, National Insurance and National Health Service, Benevolent Fund, Works Sickness and Accident Insurance Scheme

p.34 Vegetable Fruit and Flower show 1957

p.37 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities Farewell to Mike Blaxill. Tim Thornycroft, Keith Boulton, Trevor Reynolds and Malcolm Teasdale have joined the staff. George Raciborsky leaves for South Africa in the new year. Welcome new pupils – John Adams, Richard Miles, Edward Shaw, Brian Cook, Fred Webb and Philip Shenton and students John Alderson, ‘Budge’ Rogers, Peter Childerstone, Garth Lawrence and David Combes.

p.38 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club. Reports on archery, netball, shooting, rugby, horticulture, tennis, drama, cricket (pictures), angling, bowls, table tennis, badminton, hockey, football.

No. 38 – Winter 1957/58

Front cover – snow scene

p.3 Retirement of Tom Golding OBE

p.4 Prizegiving at Queen’s Engineering Works (pictures of Ian Clive Burroughs receiving award for 1956 and Raymond Edward Wiggle receiving the award for 1957.)

p.7 A Page for Children

p.8 Children’s party at the Queen’s Works

p.10 Children’s party to Harringay

p.12 Atlas Works Pershore visit to Bedford and works dance

p.14 Queen’s Works Carnival Dance

p.16 Appointments: S J Wood, A C Valentine, J Raciborski, R E Poulter, F J Hyde, G Beanland, J W Gilbert, H C Knight. Retirements: Frank Arthur Reynolds, Harry Bellia, Frederick George Odell, Mary Billington, William Adolphus Harry Clarke, Ernest Lovell, Margaret Ferguson Munro, Arthur Benjamin Weeks, Edward Hathway Guille Chambers, Herbert Harry Madder, Thomas William Anderson, Eleanor Winifred Wilson.

p.18 Obituaries: Alexander William Carter, Joseph Kirk Lansberry, Reginald Percy Villiers, Arthur Henry Bird, Thomas William Page, Cecil Jefferies, Harold James Maxey, Walter Henry Bond, Thomas Whitworth Chadwick, Walter Kisby, Francis William Alfred Smith, Harry Smith, Ernest George Jones, George Stanbridge, William Edward Trasler, Frank Arthur Spriggs, Frederick William Burston.

p.19 National Service. News of Colin Edward Trundley and David John Worker

p.20 Photographic Competition Results

p.22 Christmas Whist Drive

p.24 Visits: John William Reed

p.25 Brevities by our correspondents

p.27 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities (pictures of Richard Miles and Colin Hope and of Buddy Cones and his Blackjacks Skiffle Group – Brian Hartwell, Albert Frost, Tony Hartwell, Bill Everett and Eric Herbert). Welcome to John Kapp, Peter Weller, John Rilett, Roy Clark and Gordon Marriott. Charles Allen has left for ‘a spell in the Merchant Navy’.

p.29 Recent Contracts (pictures of installations at Rum Jungle, Australia and Pretoria Power Station, South Africa)

p.31 50 years ago – jottings from January 1908: editorial notes, progress in the works in 1907.

p.34 Works Activities: First Aid Detachment, National Insurance and National Health Service, Motorists Insurance.

p.37 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club Reports on: Golf, Archery, Rugby (picture of 1st XV), Hockey, Badminton, Bowls, Drama, Football (picture of 2nd XI), Cricket (picture of E C Kenworthy, chairman of the cricket section bidding au revoir to Edward Hathway Guille ‘Cap’ Chambers), Shooting, Table Tennis, Angling.

No. 39 – Spring 1958

Front cover – Springtime in St James’s Park

p.3 Kenneth Allen, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire (4th member of the family to hold the office)

p.4 Memorial window in memory of Sir Richard Allen at St Paul’s Church, Bedford

p.5 Visits

p.5 New Office Block and National Service

p.7 Allen power at Messrs N Corah (St Margaret) Ltd, manufacturers of knitwear, Leicester.

p.10 A Page for Children

p.11 Atlas Works, Pershore (details and picture of Robert Day Parsons, Atlas Works Angling Club, Model Engineering and apprentices. Picture of Peter Davey, John Cooling, Michael Gibson, Michael Harrell, John Sparrow, Roger Knott, Lesley Cosnett, Brian Borthwick, David Baker, Michael Pugh, Alan Haynes, Anthony Attwood, David Saunders and Maurice Jennings.)

p.14 Brevities by our correspondents pictures of Ted Giggle and Albert Frost, selected for the Bedfordshire Youth Football team.

p.15 Recent contracts pictures of pump installed at the Wabumun Power Station Calgary Power Ltd, Canada and a diesel engine installed at Johnson Bros (Dyers) Ltd, Liverpool.

p.17 Appointments: S G Harris named Principal Chief Draughtman, H Bird, C S Payne, F S Smith, C A Watson, J G Turner, L D Boon and R H Clark named as chief draughtsmen of the drawing offices, D Gillings, R W Mawle, P F O’Callaghan. Retirements: Alfred Laurence Head, John Corbett Scott, William Leeson, Edwin Charles Mundy, James Henry Blatchford, Charles William Harbottle, Violet Thompson, Ernest William Proctor, Albert Walter King, Walter Thomas White, James Allen, Eric James Murray, John Turner, George Angus.

p.20 Obituaries: Ernest Edward Lant, Joseph Arthur Blunt, Harry Norman Doughty, William Hills, George Aylott, John Jacob Smith, Herbert Fowler, Arthur John Whittamore, William Dan Harding. Correction to details of George Stanbridge from previous issue.

p.21 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities Welcome to Barry Pierce (South Africa), Michael Paton (Australia) and Colin Golding.

p.22 Works Activities: National Blood Transfusion Service, Benevolent Fund

p.23 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club Reports on the Club, Tennis, Angling, Cricket, Shooting, Horticulture, Badminton (picture of John Curtiss, Grace Sutton, William Hurst, Hillary Goodwin, Arthur Collier and Angela Dix), Netball, Drama, Rounders, Archery, Hockey, Football (Junior XI – F Hardy, David Rootham, Arthur Johnson, Albert Frost, Reg Rolfe, Tony Lea, Ted Giggle, B Cornell, Peter Bull, Mick Page, Walter Bunker, Brian Pooler and David Wright.), Table Tennis, Rugby and Bowls.

No. 40 – Summer 1958

Front cover – The Old Mill at Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds

p.3 Plea for contributions to the magazine

p.3 The company’s 25 years’ association with Gebr. Stork & Co, Holland

p.4 Business trip to Yugoslavia by S J Wood

p.7 A Page for Children

p.9 Brief personal details of: Brian John Hartwell, Reginald James George, Jerome Lynch, Brian William Cox, W J ‘Bill’ Course, Reginald John Jones, Sidney Arthur Valentine, Michael Arthur Grace (photographic head of each on caricature body)

p.10 Atlas Works, Pershore (includes picture and details of Alan Barrett)

p.12 National Service. News of Ronald Craven

p.13 Allen power at John White shoe factories, Rushden

p.16 Flower Arranging by Betty Barnes

p.17 Pictures of the newly redecorated lounge, television room, gentlemen’s smoke room and bird room at the Allen Club

p.18 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities

p.19 Appointments: J Keen, P F Morgan, C W Cook, R D Walshaw. Retirements: William Herbert Makepeace, William Herbert Warner, Samuel Thompson, Joseph Goodman.

p.20 Obituaries: Harry Hillyard, John Michael Abbott, William Rupert Woodland, Claude Tomlinson, Archibald Victor Dillow, James Herbert Giles, George William Housden

p.20 Brevities by our correspondents

p.22 Visits pictures of the visits of the Chief Constable, Mayor and Town Clerk of Bedford, members of the British Compressed Air Society, Third Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, M H Stevens and R E Stevens.

p.25 Works Activities: Change to wearing white overalls and coats, first aid detachment, fire brigade

p.27 50 Years Ago – jottings from January 1908: The Allen Institute, Inauguration dinner of society of past and present pupils.

p.29 Recent Contracts (pictures of electrical generating equipment on board the BP Tanker British Justice)

p.31 Horticulture

p.32 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club. Reports on Shooting, Archery, Rugby, Football, Rounders, Angling, Golf, Drama, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket (picture of Works 1st XI – E C Kenworthy, P Wells, J E S Griffin, T F Reynolds, R J C Harris, E J Dunstan, K R G Williams, M Shortland, W A Jeffries, G Shepherd, M M J McDonald, E C Wooding, E G Walker), Bowls.

No. 41 – Autumn 1958

Front cover – view of Silsoe

p.3 Review of the company’s trading for the year 1957 and future policy

p.3 Obituary for Tom Golding OBE

p.4 Atlas Works, Pershore – official reopening, details of Alfred Charles Young

p.10 A Journey to Italy by Bob Parsons

p.12 Brevities by our correspondents – picture of the youth swimming team – Derick Nutting, Roy Jameson, John Butler, Bob Johnson, Keith Bloom, Mick Miller, Ken Holton, David Mason, Fred Smith, Maurice Fryer, Tom Wells.

p.15 A Page for Children

p.16 Territorial Army (pictures of P Stalley, S J Hoole and A F Fisher)

p.17 National Service

p.18 Visits including Alec Paul Armsden

p.21 Brief personal details of: Kenneth Wingrave Bodsworth, Sidney Alfred Charles Jackson, Frederick George Fillis, Beatrice Mary Robins, Colin Arthur Northwood, Bernard Hutchings, Kenneth Savage, Frank Filer (photographic heads of each on caricature bodies)

p.22 Works Activities: Pension and Life Assurance Schemes, Works Sickness and Accident Insurance Scheme, Fire Brigade, Hospital Services Association.

p.24 Apprentices’, Students’ and Pupils’ Activities Welcome Tony Coe, Estyn Davis, John Griffiths, Roger Ker Wilson, Sandy Laird, Ray Staples, George Lidbetter, Barry Quartermaine, Ronald Cope, Berisford Evitt, Tony Moody, John Riach, Harold Rush, John Williams and John Willsher. Colin Hope and Alan Towers have left, Alastair Syme is staying with the company, Peter Childerstone, Garth Lawrence and Chris Wilson have gone to university.

p.25 Appointments: E H Marsh and J R Harrison, B E Nutting, R C Leadbeater, J J Thompson, N Creighton, G W Key, H Lant, G Huckvale, B Manning, G H Denton, G Newman, R Nicholls, W C Benson, K P Wesley, A H Tingey. Retirements: James Henry Maddox, William Ridley Mitchell, Leonard Thomas Jones, George William Buckingham, Charles Hedley Bushby, William Harold Wearing, Fredrick Caswell, Leonard William Cox, Harold Cooke, Henry Whiffen, Francis Marshall Fletcher, Albert Henry Headland, Thomas Townsend, Francis James Tildesley, Alfred Clark, Edwin George Stock, Herbert James Radwell, Frank Parker, Sidney Charles Beard, Frederick George Luddington, Philip George Allston, Daniel Parker, Gordon Chambers Ibbott, Arthur Devonshire, Bertie Albert Wise.

p.32 Obituaries: John Cecil Chester, Albert George Partner, Sidney Poole Keech, William Herbert Hartop, Ernest Hansford, George Edward Starmore.

p.32 Recent Contracts – pictures of shaft generator for motor tanker London Majesty and installation at Lambley waterworks pumping station of the Nottingham Corporation.

p.34 Completion of contract for pumping station in Eastern Nigeria

p.35 Steam driven pumps supplied to the Colombo Port Commission Ceylon in 1904 up for sale as the port has changed to hyrdro-electric power. Pumps built by the company in 1897 for the Prince of Orange Foundry Company The Hague still in service.

p.36 Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Show 1958

p.39 Queen’s Engineering Works Recreation Club Reports on Rounders, Golf, Cricket, Drama, Archery, Angling (picture of R Jones), Badminton, Table Tennis, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Bowls (picture of E Lucas) and Tennis (picture of D Smith and A Uff).

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