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Nfhs extemporaneous speaking topics

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The following topics are provided for use/distribution within your state. This suggested list is provided as a service. Feel free to add, delete, or alter items to suit your purposes – especially in light of day-to-day events. Please keep in mind that other states may closely regulate the distribution of these topics. Please refrain from any distribution of the topics outside your state or by means which may be accessed outside your state, including the Internet, during the month of December.

December 2007

Easier Topics

  1. Is the Senate’s proposed farm bill good or bad for American agriculture?

  1. What steps can be taken to combat the rising number of hate crimes in America?

  1. Was California prepared for its recent wildfire crisis?

  1. Is America adequately prepared for acts of cyber terrorism?

  1. Is Mike Huckabee closing the gap with his Republican opponents?

  1. Is America on the verge of a recession?

  1. Should the Supreme Court rule execution by lethal injection unconstitutional?

  1. Will the indictment of Bernard Kerik hurt Rudy Giuliani?

  1. How important is global warming to American voters?

  1. Should Pentagon funding be increased?

  1. Is inflation a looming threat to the American economy?

  1. Can America afford to move away from coal as a major source of energy?

  1. Should the US Supreme Court uphold Washington DC’s handgun ban?

More Difficult Topics

  1. Which political party is hurt more by the country’s reaction to the crisis in home lending?

  1. Are Mitt Romney’s health care reforms in Massachusetts a model for national reform?

  1. How will Ron Paul’s popularity impact the Republican presidential race?

  1. Are renewable energies becoming more cost-effective?

  1. Do the scandals of OJ Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears deserve a prominent place in American media?

  1. Are Americans learning much from the Presidential primary debates?

  1. What can public health officials do to contain the spread of staph infections in America’s schools?

  1. Does the United States have the technology in place to run a fair election in 2008?

  1. Is the federal government doing enough to protect its waters from shipping accidents?

  1. Has this Congress shown restraint in the use of “earmarking” in budget legislation?

  1. Are Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party opponents too harsh in their criticisms of her policies?

  1. Will the opening of military air corridors to civilian travel during the holidays help ease travel congestion?


Easier Topics

  1. Is the “surge” working to quell violence in Baghdad?

  1. Can negotiations for a “consensus President” succeed in bringing stability to Lebanon?

  1. Can new US sanctions against Iran have an impact on changing the country’s behavior?

  1. Should the United States be doing more to help Turkey fight Kurdish guerrillas?

  1. Does Syria have a clandestine nuclear program?

  1. Will the Annapolis summit between Israel and the Palestinian Authority achieve lasting peace in the region?

  1. What should be America’s reaction to Pakistan’s State of Emergency?

  1. Will the opposition block Evo Morales’ proposed reforms in Bolivia?

  1. Can Benazir Bhutto win in a fair Pakistani election?

  1. What can be done to restore peace in a still-unstable Nepal?

  1. Has international pressure had an impact on human rights conditions in Burma?

  1. Has the world turned its back on Somalia?

  1. Is peace breaking-out in Nigeria’s troubled Niger-delta region?

More Difficult Topics

  1. Will the policies of Argentina’s President-elect Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner deviate significantly from those of her husband, the outgoing President?

  1. What steps can the United States take to limit the activity of pirates operating near the Horn of Africa?

  1. Will Cambodia’s war crimes trials succeed in providing justice to the victims of the Khmer Rouge?

  1. Is a military solution appropriate for addressing the conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka?

  1. How will Brazil’s new found oil reserves impact the world economy for crude?

  1. What steps can China take to better meet the needs of its ex-military servicemen?

  1. What can be done to help Iraq’s neighbors deal with the flow of refugees from the conflict there?

  1. Are splits forming within the Hamas movement in Gaza?

  1. Is the United States doing enough to support the government in Ethiopia?

  1. Should the European Union grant membership to Croatia?

  1. Should the world welcome or fear Turkey’s more aggressive foreign policy?

  1. Should European Union expansion be frozen?

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