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New york city middle school basketball league 2011/2012 League History

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League History

The New York City Middle School Basketball League was formed thirteen years ago in 1998 when two Bronx middle school teachers Mike Connors and Teddy Rivera recognized the dire need for after school sports at their sites. They formed basketball squads and began coaching the children on a volunteer basis. Home and away games were played and it was an instant hit. By the end of the first school year the program had expanded to a four team league.

The league has grown every year and the 2011 season was the best to date. 105 Middle Schools, 155 teams of boys and girls and close to 3000 children participated in a two tier league of Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions. The League expanded for the first time into Brooklyn with great success. Champions were crowned in each borough and the finals were staged at Truman H.S. where a big crowd was treated to a wonderful afternoon of championship games. M.S.142X and I.S. 204Q were crowned NYC Varsity Girls and Boys champions, while I.S.131X were crowned J.V. Girls and Boys champs. Congrats also to the first time Champions in Brooklyn I.S. 211 & I.S. 234. The league held it’s Annual All-Star Saturdays in late February and saw every school represented by their best players. Also in May the League held our 12th Annual Awards Dinner Dance at Maestros Catering Hall.

The league is run entirely by volunteer coaches who continue to give their time to serve the children of NYC. The league committee also works very hard on a volunteer basis to ensure the smooth running of the schedules and events. The League has recently acquired Non-Profit Status to try to meet the incredible demand for our league in schools throughout the city.

The league has strict Academic and Behavioral Codes which are enforced using Student Report Cards. These codes are designed to ensure our mission to produce great Student-Athletes, is not forgotten or compromised. The Committee is dedicated to growing the league to possibly 120 plus schools this season, with 180 total teams. The 2012 season starts in early December, come out and see a great game of Middle School Basketball, who knows you may see the next Kemba Walker, yeah he played in our league in 2003/04 for MS 174X. They won the championship that year in Boys Varsity.
Mike Connors

NYCMSBL Commissioner

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