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New larnaka tourism video highlights the cypriot town with something to suit everyone

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Media Release              23 January 2013



Larnaka Tourism  have released a new You Tube video that showcases the unique charms of Larnaka  - the southern, Cypriot coastal resort town that really does have something to suit all ages and tastes. From its cultural heritage and archaeological sites; to its wealth of adventurous activities and fabulous beaches along with its delicious gastronomy that is influenced by its historical past.

Whether its couples after a romantic break to the island of love, families seeking a beach holiday or those seeking for a special interest holiday such as golf, diving or nature – Larnaka is a fantastic year-round destination.

To watch the new video visit  and here are some of the highlights:

Historical gems – in Larnaka holidaymakers can visit the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Palaeontology, the Medieval Museum and the superb Pierides Museum where one can find antiquities covering 9000 years of Cyprus history. Some of the most important archaeological sites in the region include the Ancient Kition, the prehistoric site near Tekke, the ancient port and harbour, the Larnaka Castle, the Kamares Aqueduct, the Choirokitia Neolithic settlement and the Venetian network of watchtowers.

Beach life – there are miles and miles of beautiful beaches that are a paradise for water lovers including the Yannathes Beach in Voroklini, which is a Blue Flag beach and the famous Finikoudes seafront in the centre of Larnaka. In total the Larnaka region has 6 Blue Flag beaches with many of the more secluded ones west of the airport. Visit for more information. Young people looking to party will find trendy cocktail bars and summer beach parties at the Mackenzie Beach area.

Activities on land and water – sports lovers will enjoy the Larnaka region with a wide variety of activities on offer on both land and sea. On land holidaymakers could take a trip to the local shooting club, go horse riding, have a game of tennis, go go-karting or take to two wheels and explore the countryside by bike. In the water try sailing, water skiing and paragliding, and for those that can scuba dive there is a great choice of dive sites including the wreck of the Swedish ferry, Zenobia that sank on 7 June 1980 off Larnaka Harbour.  There is also a donkey farm and camel park plus the opportunity to take excursions by donkey or camel, or to head for the mountains in winter to ski in the Troodos Mountains.

Churches & monasteries – those with an interest in churches and Byzantine art are in for a treat as the Larnaka region is like an open air museum. There are several Byzantine churches that can be visited including the Saint Lazarus church, one of the most important surviving Byzantine monuments in Cyprus as well as many churches and places of worship in several different religions.

Nature & tranquillity – nature lovers will find a wide variety of wildlife, fauna and flora  and many areas of unspoilt beauty, including the Larnaka Salt Lake with its remarkable eco-system which makes it second home to thousands of migrating birds and is surrounded by plants and flowers. The Troodos Mountains are an hour away and the Akamas Peninsula is in the far west of the island – both offer excellent walking and mountain biking trails and are great options for enjoying the nature of Cyprus.

Arts & crafts – the artistic heritage of Cyprus is a reflection of the island’s history and traditions that have endured for centuries. The Larnaka region is famous for its meticulous artifacts made with skills handed down for generations. These include lace and embroidery, silverware, ceramics, icon painting, pottery, basket making, woodwork and exquisite jewellery. The government has strived to preserve local craftworks and holidaymakers will find official Craft Shops, traditional workshops, Folk Art Museums and a beautiful Embroidery & Silver Museum in Lefkara.

Agrotourism & village life – the region is dotted with tiny villages where holidaymakers can participate in traditional village events and become acquainted with authentic Cypriot life from learning about agriculture and methods of food and wine production, to basket making or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in a central village square. The villages of Agia Anna, Psevdas and Kornos are close to Larnaka or a bit further away, Psematismenos, Lefkara, Tochni and Kalavassos, are well worth visiting.

Festivals & events – the Larnaka region has many festivals and events throughout the year including the Summer Festival in July with performances at outdoor venues such as the atmospheric setting of the 17th century Larnaca Fort and the Pattichion Amphitheatre, plus there are many summer and wine festivals in the small villages throughout the region. September is when most of the wine festivals take place.

The popular 4* Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows on the outskirts of  Larnaka Town is the ideal place to stay to make the most of what Larnaka has to offer. This well –established hotel with its exotic spacious gardens (plus 700 palm trees), situated on the Mediterranean coastline, offers five star facilities and services including the Wellness Centre, where guests can recharge their batteries with a range of specialised massages, plus sauna, Jacuzzi and steam bath. Fine dining, relaxed lunches and sumptuous breakfasts will ensure you make the most of the young chefs combined culinary skills.

ENDS: Media enquiries to Marlen Taffarello on 01780 481689 or 07789533791 and email 

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