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New Hampshire Army National Guard (nharng) Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan Summer 2003

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B.)Antifreeze Recycling Program

i.)Baseline Development and Current Recycling Procedures

Waste manifests from FY 2002 were analyzed to determine a baseline quantity for the approximate amount of antifreeze used by NHARNG and to investigate the costs associated with the current antifreeze recycling procedures through the DRMO. Results of the analysis are given in the following table which details the location, condition (recycled vs. contaminated), quantity (lbs), and processing cost ($1.30/lb recycled, $1.08/lb contaminated) of the manifested waste antifreeze.

Table 2: FY 2002 Waste Antifreeze Data

Based on the data given in the table above and the approximation that 1 gallon of antifreeze weighs 9lbs, a baseline of 550 gallons of antifreeze used/disposed of per year was developed. This baseline was used to analyze and compare the annual costs associated with alternative antifreeze recycling programs. This baseline was purposefully over-estimated such that cost analyses would project maximum annual costs or, in other words, the “worst-case-scenario.”

ii.)Investigation of On-Site Recycling Opportunities

Investigation of on-site recycling opportunities began with a trip to the CSMS to view antifreeze recycling machine, the BG Cool’r Clean’r, currently owned by NHARNG. We questioned several mechanics in the CSMS about the potential of using the machine again. In general, we received a negative response. The only positive response received was from an interview with MSG Jim Muhnisky, the man who previously operated the machine before being transferred to a new job outside the CSMS.

Following the CSMS visit and interview, the BG Cool’r Clean’r company was contacted to receive information regarding specific procedures for operating the machine and any new product information and pricing.

iii.)Investigation of Off-Site Recycling Opportunities

Investigation of off-site recycling opportunities was already being conducted prior to this internship. Mrs. Muriel Lajoie, the NHARNG’s Hazardous Waste Manager began researching and contacting off-site recycling companies. These responsibilities were transferred to us upon the beginning of our internship.

The primary opportunity that Muriel was investigating was Advanced Liquid Recycling Inc. She had only made the initial phone contact with the company. We took the next step and set up a meeting with a representative of the company to inquire about the details and costs associated with their services.

iv.)Antifreeze Recycling Presentation

An antifreeze power point presentation including technical and economic evaluations of both on-site and off-site recycling opportunities was developed and presented on July 8th, 2003. The presentation was given to environmental office staff, CSMS staff, and other SMR personnel with the intent of emphasizing the need for an alternative antifreeze recycling program. Overall, feedback indicated that there was indeed interest in perusing an alterative. However, no final decisions regarding the recycling program chosen for implementation were made, or have been made since.

v.)New Off-Site Recycling Opportunity

An off-site recycling opportunity with Antifreeze of New England, which was initially deemed unfeasible due to inadequate payment options, was recently brought back the circle of potential recycling opportunities. Through E-mail correspondence with USP&FO staff member Spencer Wilber, it was determined that a payment method could be arranged to suite NHARNG’s needs.

C.)Paper Recycling Program

i.)Previous Paper Recycling Program and Baseline Development

In order to facilitate the implementation of a new successful paper recycling program, it was essential to understand the problems associated with the original program and to emphasize the need for such a program through the development of a baseline and goals.

The previous paper recycling program was established by SFC Richard Laflamme through a non-profit organization called Tobey School. SFC Laflamme purchased recycling bins and Tobey School provided large recycling totes for the buildings on the SMR. Tobey School would empty the totes both on a set schedule or an as needed basis. The program functioned as expected for a short period of time and then gradually began to deteriorate due to lack of participation. Tobey School eventually terminated their relationship with NHARNG when totes were not adequately filled on a bi-weekly basis. The primary problem associated with the original paper recycling program was a combination of inadequate enforcement and awareness which resulted in a lack of participation.

A baseline for the amount of waste paper generated by NHARNG annually was developed according to testimonials regarding the results of the original program. During the initial success of the original recycling program approximately 11 totes were filled and emptied bi-weekly. Assuming that the totes weighed an average of 200lbs each, NHARNG could potentially generate an estimated 52,800lbs of waste paper annually.

ii.)Investigation of Potential Recycling Opportunities

Extensive online research was conducted in search of paper recycling opportunities that could meet the needs of NHARNG. Unfortunately, since NHARNG is a relatively small establishment, its waste paper generation isn’t significant enough to utilize many of the opportunities that were researched online. For this reason the majority of the opportunities were not pursued beyond the initial internet research stage.

Institution recycling network

The only opportunity which was extensively researched was with Institution Recycling Network (IRN). A meeting was scheduled with Mr. Mark Lennon, a representative from IRN on July 9th, 2003. In addition to Mr. Lennon, Mike and I, this meeting was attended by SFC Richard Laflamme and a representative from the USP&FO. It was determined from this meeting that IRN could not provide a cost effective recycling program and it was suggested that NHARNG re-establish relations with Tobey School, which is now in partnership with Revamp Inc.

Tobey School/Revamp Inc.

Ms. Wanda Kula, a representative from Revamp Inc. was contacted via SFC Richard Laflamme. A short visit to the Tobey School/Revamp facility was conducted and the feasibility of re-establishing the paper recycling program was discussed. To summarize, Tobey School/Revamp was willing to service the SMR provided that participation on behalf of NHARNG was guaranteed.

iii.)Development of Awareness Poster and Presentation

In order to increase the participation of NHARNG Mike created an awareness presentation and poster. Prospectively, an awareness presentation will be given prior to the re-implementation of the recycling program. The posters will be utilized during the initial implementation to ensure that paper is sorted appropriately. A copy of the awareness poster is given in the Appendices.
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