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Network Board Meeting Thursday January 30, 2014 1: 00-4: 00 Thornton Campus

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Network Board Meeting
Thursday January 30, 2014


Thornton Campus

8978 North Washington Street

Thornton, CO 80229
Directors present: Domonic Silva, Gina Nocera, and Polly Baca

Alternate Directors present: Juan Vigil, Ben Dominguez

Regrets: Rick Bela, Sarah Kurz, Larry Mason, Frank Riggs

Staff: Dominic DiFelice, Craig Cook

Guests: LaTricia Mathis (principal-Albuquerque), Margarita Porter (principal-Las Cruces), Annie Trujillo (principal-Lowry), Mike Epke (principal-Denver) and Jon Berninzoni (principal- Lakewood), Patti Matthews (Attorney)

  1. Polly Baca called the meeting to order at 10:35 after the school tour.

  2. Margarita Porter read the mission statement.

  3. Moved by Domonic Silva and seconded by Juan Vigil that the agenda be approved. Votes: Unanimous.

  4. Moved by Juan Vigil and seconded by Gina Nocera that the minutes of October 17, 2013 be approved as amended (noted that Frank Riggs elected as a Board member and $ sign added to item #6). Votes: Unanimous.

  5. Juan Vigil made several language change recommendations to the Membership Agreement. These suggested changes clarified the intent of the original agreement. Moved by Juan Vigil and seconded by Domonic Silva that the Membership Agreement be amended as suggested. Votes: Unanimous.

  6. The licensing/service agreement was reviewed by Patti Matthews. Clarification was provided when necessary. All suggested changes that were agreed to will be incorporated into the next iteration of the document. It was agreed that Patti would return with three separate agreements in lieu of one omnibus agreement. The amount for the licensing fee was debated at length. Moved by Gina Nocera and seconded by Juan Vigil that a $50,000 one-time licensing fee be levied to all new charter schools and that they would have 5 years to pay this amount. Also, the two existing New Mexico schools would pay $30,000 over three years and the three existing Colorado schools would not pay any licensing fee in return for the intellectual property gifted to the network. Votes: Nay-Domonic Silva, Ay-Gina Nocera, Polly Baca, and Juan Vigil. Motion passed.

  7. Juan Vigil explained the possibility of opening a satellite campus in the Espanola area for the NAS-NM campus. The demographics of the area and a rationale was presented. It was suggested that the GC do further research and bring it back to the National Board for consideration. This possibility may also exist for the Las Cruces school looking to open a satellite campus in the Gaston area.

  8. Gina Nocera had no update on behalf of the nominating committee. The committee believes the National Board is not ready for expanding membership at this time.

  1. Principal updates

    1. LaTricia

      • 5 year charter extension approved unanimously by the PEC

      • Several kudos given

      • Currently negotiating targets/metrics to be used going forward

      • Enrollment 416

      • Move afoot not to fund over 21 s. This would have 37% of current student population

    2. Margarita

    3. Mike

      • New school

      • 92 new registrations since opening new location, 60 new registration for Q4

      • Lots of excitement from students, staff and community

    4. Jon

      • 216 current enrollment

      • Spoke about the many co-curricular programs in place as a result of the CCLC grant

      • Evening GED and adult ESL

      • Has had several state legislators tour the school and learn more about NAS

    5. Annie

      • Transferring to CSI from APS

      • 75 new students in Q3

      • Current count at 415

      • More Friday programs fro students

    6. Las Vegas

    7. Arizona

      • CSP grant submitted and will hear by Feb 24th

      • Articles of Incorporation published

      • School opening slated for 2015

  1. Public Input. Juan Vigil discussed possible conflict of issues arises from discussing the Membership Agreement at the Albuquerque GC. Patti clarified unless it is a financial matter that benefits the individual member it would not be construed as a conflict of interest.

  2. Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm. Next meeting will be held in Albuquerque. Tentative date April 9, 2014.

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