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Neither Villain nor Victim: Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers

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Neither Villain nor Victim:

Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers

Edited by Tammy L. Anderson
Table of Contents
Foreword. Claire Renzetti
Introduction. Tammy L. Anderson

Part 1. Empowered Negotiation of the Illicit Drug Economy Introduction.

Chapter 1. Dimensions of Women’s Power in the Illicit Drug Economy. Tammy L. Anderson
Chapter 2. Seeing Women, Power, and Drugs Through the Lens of Embodiment. Elizabeth Ettorre.
Chapter 3. Demonstrating a Female-Specific Agency and Empowerment in Drug Selling. Deborah Baskin and Ira Sommers.
Chapter 4. Negotiating the Streets:Women, Power and Resistance in Streetlife Social Networks. Christopher Mullins.
Part 2. Exercising Agency in Managing Drug Dependencies.
Chapter 5. Women’s Agency in the Context of Drug Use. Yasmina Katsulis and Kim Blankenship.
Chapter 6. Facilitating Change for Women?: Exploring the Role of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Drug Court. Christine A. Saum and Allison R. Gray.

Chapter 7. Negotiating Gender for Couples in Methadone Maintenance Treatment. Margaret Kelley.

Part 3. Improved Responses to Drug-Related Problems
Chapter 8. A Spoonful of Sugar? Treating Women in Prison. Margaret Malloch.
Chapter 9. More of a Danger to Myself: Community Re-entry of Dually Diagnosed Females Involved with the Criminal Justice System. Stephanie Hartwell.
Chapter 10. Hustling to Save Women’s Lives: Empowerment Strategies of Recovering HIV-Positive Women. Michelle Tracy Berger
Chapter 11. Sex Work and Drug Use: An Argument for Policy Change. Phyllis Coontz and Cate Greibel.
Epilogue. Carol Tracy

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