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National transfer seminar limassol cyprus

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24 OCTOBER 2013

Bike paths

Both in Larnaka and Nicosia the bike paths are incomplete, meaning that there are gaps that force people to ride on the side of the road until they can go back in the bike path.


In Larnaka bus time tables are not followed resulting in buses becoming an unreliable mobility mode and causing dissatisfaction of people using them.

Larnaka Tourism Board made some research to determine the 10 most popular tourist routes and made suggestions for improvements to the Department of Road Transport, but unfortunately no action was taken.

Larnaka Tourism Board also mentioned that when the airport company decided to improve the bus infrastructure at the airport they were faced with extreme reactions from taxi drivers causing the project to stop.

The representative of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Association noted that during the last year bus ticket prices went up, and bus routes were cut at the same time. He also noted that we need to invest in improving our infrastructure both for buses and bikes.

Another point raised was the fact that our buses are not suitable for people on wheel chairs. We should include this area in our future actions.

Nicosia Tourism Board made a suggestion to the Nicosia Urban Bus Company to use smaller buses for routes that are not very popular. They requested information from other regions regarding this to make a stronger case.

In Troodos region there are not enough bus routes available so tourists find the bus service not satisfactory.


Segways are available in small numbers in Nicosia, Pafos and Limassol, mainly provided by car rental companies. Only in Pafos there is a well organized segways provider that organizes guided tours and promotes this service extensively.

Dissemination of information

The representative of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Association advised that they can assist by sending a circular to all their members (all over Cyprus) in order to include the Mobility Information Pack in electronic form in their websites as well as the bus time tables.

Free shuttle bus to major events

Nicosia, Pafos and Troodos are already doing this and intend to continue offering this service.

Guided walking tours

Very popular in Larnaka.

Bike tours

Growing very popular in Nicosia.

In Larnaka they have the bicycles that can carry two people/tourists for a tour of the town. The cost of the ride is considered high €12/45 minutes.

The representative of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Association suggested that information concerning organized bike tours like the Limassol Friday Night Bike can be promoted by the hotels as well.

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