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Name of project or plan: Name and location of Natura 2000 site

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Name of project or plan:

Name and location of Natura 2000 site:

Dredging and Installation of Pontoon, Gangway and Associated Anchorage at Davitt's Quay, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford by Dungarvan Town Council (MS51/7/258)

The proposal is located within Dungarvan Harbour SPA (Site Code 004032), a recognised wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

The Conservation Objectives for Dungarvan Harbour SPA are to maintain the favourable conservation condition of the wintering bird species listed as Qualifying Interests in the SPA and to maintain the favourable conservation condition of the wetland habitat in Dungarvan Harbour SPA as a resource for the regularly occurring migratory waterbirds that utilise it.1
qualifying interests as follows

Description of the project or plan

The proposed works comprise:

  1. Removal of the existing Pontoon

  2. Dredging of approximately 8000m3 of material from the Harbour for disposal in a land based site

  3. Installation of 115m pontoon with access gangway and chain and concrete block anchorage system.

Is the project or plan directly connected with or necessary to the management of the site (provide details)?


Are there other projects or plans that together with the project or plan being assessed could affect the site (provide details)?


Describe how the project or plan (alone or in combination) is likely to affect the Natura 2000 site.

The works could potentially;

Explain why these effects are not considered significant.

The dredge and construction phases of the proposal will result in increased noise, movement and activity within the harbour area.

This activity will be localised within the inner harbour area and the proposed timing of the works (April-September) should minimise impacts upon the wintering bird species. There are sufficient alternative feeding areas upstream and further out in the harbour area to accommodate any temporary disturbance caused by the works and will not cause a loss in feeding area.

The location of the proposed dredge area proposes is not used by the qualifying species of the SPA to any significant degree. The timing and mitigation measures outlined in the proposed methodology will minimise impacts from the dredging.

The sediment analysis conducted in support of the proposal show that the concentrations of contaminants were recorded at levels below the LLC thresholds as per Annex 4 and Annex 5 of the Guidelines for the assessment of dredge material for disposal in Irish Waters. Dredging, and the subsequent disposal of the spoil at a licenced land based site, are not likely, therefore, to result in deterioration of water or sediment quality within the SPA.

The area of wetland habitat directly impacted by the proposed works is 0.4314Ha and represent approx 0.02% of the total area of wetland habitat within the SPA. Loss of habitat therefore will not be significant

In summary the proposed works will not result in a habitat loss, there will not be significant disturbance to key species and there will be no habitat or species fragmentation or significant disturbance to bird species that use these sites. There will be no direct discharge of pollutants into the environment during the works and water quality will not be affected.

Given the location, scale and timing of of the proposed works, the uncontaminated nature of the material to be dredged the relatively short duration and small scale of the works it is concluded that there are not likely to be significant effects as a result of this proposal on the Conservation Objectives of the Dungarvan Harbour SPA.

Who carried out the assessment?

Marine Institute, on behalf of the MLVC, 10th July 2013

1 NPWS (2012) Conservation Objectives: Dungarvan Harbour SPA 004032. Version 1.0. National Parks and

Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

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