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Mystery Woman 10 In The Shadows -broadcast Script

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cut to:

(shadowy figure in stairwell, takes receiver, wraps cord, and puts it in his pocket. he enters second floor lobby, and heads for suite 213. he lets himself in. it’s bosworth. philby slams the door behind him and turns on the lights.)

BOSWORTH: Oh, Mr. Philby. Let me explain, I uh…

PHILBY: You can drop the act. I know who you are, and more importantly, I know who you work for.

(image goes white - PHILBY’S voice over plays over insert - COMPUTER screen with wes bosworth’s picture and stats, revealing him to be an nsa field agent.)

back to scene

(bosworth pulls a gun.)

BOSWORTH: Then you won’t be too surprised by this.

PHILBY: You had me fooled at first.

(white image - flash to bosworth looking through bushes.)

PHILBY (VO): You were at the Knight’s arms apartment.

(white image - BOSWORTH spies philby and samantha through binoculars.)

PHILBY: You had a good explanation for being there. I believed you. But then you had to be there, because you couldn’t listen in any more.

(white image – bosworth in janitor clothes plants bug inside samantha’s hospital room.)

PHILBY: You planted the bug in Samantha’s room. And you were listening to everything we said.

(white image – bosworth in his car, earpiece in, listening to the receiver on the seat next to him.)

PHILBY: That’s how you got to the Mausoleum before Cassie and I did.

(white image – philby sees red laser mark on cassie’s neck.)

PHILBY: You shot at me!

(white image – the gun shoots. philby pushes cassie.)

PHILBY: You knew we were getting close. And you wanted me out of the way. You figured you could find the clues on your own.

BOSWORTH: I thought you might be rusty. Bur you’re more observant than I gave you credit for Philby.

PHILBY: The one thing I couldn’t figure…

(white image – philby and cassie outside hotel, bosworth behind tree watching through binoculars.)

PHILBY: …is how you knew I was looking for the manuscript in the first place.

(white image – close on philby’s mouth. insert – computer screen of bosworth’s dossier – highly skilled lip reader.)

PHILBY: But you didn’t have to hear what we were saying, did you Wes?

back to scene

PHILBY: You were a lip reader. Your job at the agency was to interpret surveillance videos, especially those without sound.

BOSWORTH: I speak five languages. I’m a man of many talents.

PHILBY: Those talents put you in position to put valuable information into the hands of the Russian Mafia.

BOSWORTH: Until Zeitsev came along.

PHILBY: Alexsandr was going to expose you. So you killed him.

BOSWORTH: I had no choice. I couldn’t let the manuscript be published.

PHILBY: You figured after he was dead, you would steal the manuscript and destroy it. And your secret would be safe. But it didn’t work out that way. Now did it?

BOSWORTH: How was I to know the old fool had hidden it?

PHILBY: You weren’t the only one looking for the manuscript. And you had to find a way, to follow the clues. Without arousing suspicion.

BOSWORTH: That’s where you came in. All I had to do was listen in while you followed the clues.

PHILBY: Check. Mate. Game over.

BOSWORTH: Where’s the manuscript?

PHILBY: There is no manuscript.

BOSWORTH: Why all the clues if they just led to nothing in the end?

PHILBY: I didn’t say they led to nothing. They led to something really important. They led to you. Alexsandr. He knew there was a double agent. But he didn’t know who it was.

BOSWORTH: You mean if I hadn’t followed the clues…

PHILBY: …then we would have never known your identity.

BOSWORTH: There’s just one last loose end to tie up.

(he points his gun at philby and cocks it. conners bursts through the door, his weapon pointed at bosworth.)

CONNERS: Don’t move Bosworth. It’s over.

BOSWORTH: All right. No manuscript, no proof.

PHILBY: (pulling a wire from his shirt) Did you get everything?

CONNERS: Miss Kinsey? (he unarms Wes)

SAMANTHA: (steps into room holding up a tape recorder) Everything came through loud and clear. You’re not the only one who can rig a wire.

CONNERS: Let’s go Bosworth.

(they all exit, conners holding a gun to bosworth.)

cut to:

int. hotel lobby –

(philbyand samantha stand talking to lydia, sans wig.)

SAMANTHA: So why the wig?

LYDIA: I didn’t know who the double agent was. There was a chance we could have met before.

PHILBY: And you didn’t want to compromise your identity.

LYDIA: You know how dangerous that could be.

BOSWORTH: So he was right, you did recognize him at the convention.

LYDIA: It was the spring of 78, Geneva. I was on one of the backup teams. I saw you.

PHILBY: I didn’t see you. (to Sam) A good back up team stays out of sight of the primary agent.

SAMANTHA: You warned Philby outside of the Mausoleum. Why not just yell to him. Why train your laser on Cassie’s head.

LYDIA: I wasn’t supposed to get involved. We had heard that Alexsandr was up to something. And after he was killed the best way to figure out what was going on was to talk to Philby. I was sent simply and strictly to watch and report.

PHILBY: The agency’s not allowed to operate on U.S. soil. That’s the jurisdiction of the FBI.

LYDIA: I alerted them but they just didn’t seem too interested in the information.

(mike the janitor joins them.)

MIKE: We were interested. Mike Panoff. (searching for I.D., and finding it)

PHILBY: No offense, but you’re not very good at undercover work. I made you the first time I spoke to you at the convention center, and very few handymen or hospital janitors are wearing Harvard class rings. And your shoes, work boots would have been a better choice.

MIKE: Yeah, I’m not really a field agent. My specialty is following the money in drug cases.

SAMANTHA: Then why did they send you?

MIKE: Short notice, I’m the only one in the local field office who speaks Russian. Courtesy of my Russian grandmother.

CONNERS: (entering) All right folks let’s wrap this up.

cut to:

ext. hotel – night

(the cops take a cuffed stansfield to the cop car, mike with lydia takes a handcuffed bosworth, and philby, samantha and conners exit together. lydia smiles at them. bosworth gives them a nasty look.)

SAMANTHA: It was his glasses I saw that night, wasn’t it?

PHILBY: I guess so.

CONNERS: You all right Snoopy?

SAMANTHA: yeah. You know I was wondering? How did you get Stansfield to go along with the charade in the hotel room?

CONNERS: It turns out that unpaid royalty lawsuit? It’s now a criminal case. Mr. Stansfield is facing grand theft and fraud. So I convinced him, if he helps us I put in a good word for him.

PHILBY: Will that do him any good?

CONNERS: Probably not.

SAMANTHA: Did you tell him there’s no manuscript?

CONNERS: I did. But I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. He was really counting on that manuscript to be his way to financial freedom. Looks like Mr. Stansfield is gonna have to pay back those writers the hard way. Which I’ll tell you doesn’t bother me one bit. (he walks away)

PHILBY: Come on, I’ll take you home.

cut to:

int. bookstore – night

(philby sits reading a book. samantha at book cart.)


SAMANTHA: It’s good isn’t it?

PHILBY: Alexsandr was a wonderful writer.

SAMANTHA: Yes he was. I’m going to miss him.

(the door opens, yuri enters with A SUITCASE.)

YURI: As will I.

SAMANTHA: Yuri, what are you doing here?

YURI: I have come to say goodbye, I hope you do not mind.

SAMANTHA: No not at all.

YURI: Chief Conners was kind enough to drop me here after letting me into Alexsandr’s room to get his belongings. I wanted to come by to thank you for what you did, and to give you this, Alexsandr’s favorite hat. I think he would want you to have it.

SAMANTHA: Thank you. Can I offer you some tea?

YURI: I’m afraid I cannot stay, I’m taking the last flight out. My taxi should be here any moment.

PHILBY: We’ll walk you out.

YURI: That would be an honor. After all this time it is a pleasure to have finally met you Philby. Samantha, do not be sad. Aleksandr gave his life to protect the country that he loved. It is what he wanted.

SAMANTHA: Though no one will know what he did.

PHILBY: It doesn’t matter Samantha, Alexsandr himself said it best. (reading) Oftentimes the shadows serve to conceal those who wish to do evil, but also to protect those who seek to do good.

(yuri walks away, putting on his hat.)

SAMANTHA: You know I think Yuri orchestrated this whole thing.

PHILBY: Of course he did. But always remember, Alexsandr was a willing pawn.

SAMANTHA: It’s getting cold, I’m gonna go inside. You coming?

PHILBY: In a second.

(yuri turns, philby holds up the book, yuri tips his hat. music swells, and plays through credits.)


executive producer

larry levinson

robert halmi, jr.


Samantha Kinsey Kellie Martin

Philby Clarence Williams III

Cassie Nina Siemaszko

Chief Conners Casey Sander

Alexsandr Malachi Throne

Yuri Slipchenko Michael Ensign

Jonathan Stansfield Arye Gross

Wes Bosworth Brandon Keener

Mary Hofstedter Diane Robin

Lydia Cranston Nina Mann

Mike Alejandro Furth

Rookie Cop Shane Callahan

Uniformed Officer Andre Ware

ER Doctor Michele Spears

Charge Nurse Baadja –Lyne Odum

Nurse Chris Farah

Doctor Norm Lewis

Bishop Don Swayze

Ned Campbell Eugene Lee

Uniformed Officer #2 Boo Arnold

Uniformed Officer #3 Joe Souza

Publisher Tricia Gilfone

Maid/Cop Yvette Brooks

Randy Pope Unit Production Manager

Lincoln Lageson Second Unit Director

Charity Ozarowski First Assistant Director

Kevin Bocarde Executive in Charge of Prod.

Matt Fitzsimmons Production Executive

Greg Krutilek Business Affairs

Paul Balelo

Marie Frick Business Affairs Associate

Amy Chance Staff Production Supervisor

Amanda Phillips Development Assistant

Staff Assistant

M.C. “Max” Berryhill Second Assistant Director

John LaBrucherie 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Francisco Tignini Add’l. Second Second AD

Jason Z. Kemp Add’l. Second Second AD

Kristin Calabrese Script Supervisor

Heather Askew Add’l. Script Supervisor

ALValentine Locations Manager

Milena Milicevic Production Coordinator

Shannon Strange Office Production Assistant

Barry Boen Kappelman Office Production Assistant

Evan Waters Costume Designer

Kristen Anthony Wardrobe Supervisor

Ashlyn Angel On-Set Costumer

Michael Spezzano Key Make-Up

Alison Reyes Key Hair Stylist

Leslie Espinosa Add’l. Make-Up/Hair

Albert Lopez Add’l Director of Photography

Mark Robinson A Camera 1st A.C.

Luis Gomez A Camera 2nd A.C.

Robin Noble Add’l A Camera 2nd A.C.

Andy Bethke Loader

Lisa Stacilauskas B Camera Operator

Dominik Mainl Add’l. B Camera Operator

Peter Ozarowski Add’l. B Camera Operator

Shane English B Camera 1st A.C.

Taj Teffaha Steadicam Operator

Erin McCandless Still Photographer

Eric Enroth Sound Mixer

Jonathan “Pockets” Norton Boom Operator

Kevin Becker Add’l. Boom Operator

Rene DeFraniesch Add’l. Boom Operator

Linda-Louise Sheets Set Decorator

Todd Whitaker On Set Dresser

David Lloyd Lead Man

Vahn Armstrong Add’l. Leadman

Barry Boen Kappelman Swing

Dustin Grabiner Swing

Rick Smith Swing

Justin Setchell Swing

Douglas Poole Swing

Sarah Prager Art Department PA

Chris Pippin Construction Coordinator

Wendell Armstrong Construction

Sergio Munoz Salinas Construction

David Downes Carpenter

Zachary Hammond Carpenter

Steve Clark Carpenter

Nahid Varjavand Scenic Painter

Peter Clines Prop Master

Eugene Wyrick Prop Assistant

Lorie Arms Add’l. Prop Assistant

Richard Smith Add’l. Prop Assistant

Laura Diamond Add’l. Prop Assistant

Narsim Acher Set Production Assistant

Carlos Reza Set Production Assistant

Sarah Boroski Set Production Assistant

Brian Lewis Set Production Assistant

Trevor Jones Set Production Assistant

Aliza Ramos Production Accountant

Roselyn Winward Add’l. Production Accountant

Dawn Wirth 1st Assistant Accountant

Sande-Alessi Casting Extras Casting

Christine Babayans Casting Associate

Cast and Crew/

Motion Picture Catering Caterer

Genero Rodriguez Chef

Felipe Rodriguez Chef

Carlos Rodriguez Chef

Luis Cabrera Chef

Lucas Martinez Chef

Hugo Maldanado Chef

Robert Cymbal Set Medic

Justin Taylor Add’l. Medic

Christy Powers Add’l. Medic

Eduardo Garcia Craft Service

John Dickenson Security

Albert Lopez Gaffer

Kevin Witt Add’l. Gaffer

Jared Wellman Best Boy Electric

John Van Valkenburgh Add’l. Best Boy Electric

Joe Crowder Electrician

Jason Sasche Electrician

John Van Valkenburgh Electrician

Ryan Norris Electrician

Zack Richard Electrician

Eric Castro Electrician

Gregory Brazovec Electrician

Steven Bryant Electrician

Halsey D. Corbin Rigging Electric

Jean-Philippe Belliard Rigging Electric

Todd Loos Key Grip

Roberto Ramirez Best Boy Grip

Kenneth Woodbury Dolly Grip

Jason Webster Grip

Jacob Romero Grip

Aaron Brenner Grip

Luke Barger Grip

James Plaxton Grip

Brad Carr Grip

Nicholaus W. Swedlund Grip

Robert Toth Grip

Grayson Martinez Grip

John Gearhart Transportation Captain

Ronald Fitzgerald Driver

Michael O’Grady Driver

Robert Wood Driver

Michael Arnold Driver

Chris Sharff Driver

David Downes Driver

Charles Martinez Driver

Mitchell Bergman Driver

Ricker Slaven Driver

Dorian England Driver

Dester Stowers Driver

Tony Roman Post Production Supervisor

Eric Geisler VFX Supervisor

Nona Khodai Assistant Editor

Frank Sharp Post Prod. Coordinator

Kevin Gieseking Post Prod. Office Coordinator

HTV Online Services

Luke Asa Guidici Online Editor

Mike Volland Colorist

Kelly Kroelis Scheduler

Matthew Shelton Music Editor

Mercury Sound Studios, Inc. Post Sound Services

Samuel Lehmer Re-recording Mixers

Mark Ettle, C.A.S.

Patrick O’Sullivan Supervising Sound Editor

Marc Glassman Sound Effects Editor

Michael Weatherwax Dialogue Editor

Bob Fitzgerald ADR Supervisor

Gregory Jefferson ADR Mixer

Roberto Dominguez Foley Mixer

Eric Hoeschen Foley Artists

Nancy Parker

Anthony Krajchir Sound Engineers

Steve Utt

Paul Wight

Michael Sable Studio Manager

Amit Barrett Studio Coordinators

Carrie Layne

Vocal Yokels Loop Group







C 2006 Alpine Copyright GmbH

The characters, names and events depicted in this motion picture are ficticious.

Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to any actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional, and no such similarity is intended or should be inferred.

This motion picture and all material contained in or related to this motion picture are protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition of this motion picture or any portion thereof (including the soundtrack) is an infringement of the copyright and may subject the infringer to civil and criminal prosecution.



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