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Mystery Woman 10 In The Shadows -broadcast Script

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cu sign – “captain happy’s miniature golf.”

cut to:

(golfers golf. cassie and philby exit the castle.)

CASSIE: We’ve checked out the castle twice, inside and out. We played a round of golf to check out the course and that’s it. We find nothing.

PHILBY: It was a noble effort. But it bore no fruit.

CASSIE: I wish I knew what we were looking for.

PHILBY: It wouldn’t be in a busy place. Some place serene. Alexsandr hated crowds. His M.O. was a loner.

CASSIE: Golf course and arcade weren’t his thing. Thanks for checking out my ideas Philby.

PHILBY: Check every avenue. Whatever it is we’re looking for, it wouldn’t be hidden, he would have put it in plane sight. Some place open, obvious.

CASSIE: Let me call Sam and give her an update.

(cassie dials. intercut phone call with samantha in hospital room.)

SAMANTHA: Hey did the miniature golf pan out?

CASSIE: It was a complete bust. When Philby said St. Andrews had something to do with golf and castles I thought this might be the place.

SAMANTHA: There is St. Andrews museum out at the cemetery.

cut to:

receiver in car, sam’s voice echoing from it.

SAMANTHA: Why don’t you check that out?

cut to:

ext. miniature golf parking lot.

(lydia watches philby and cassie cross to their car. )

cut to:

ext. night – full moon

(philby and cassie exit her car at the cemetery.)

CASSIE: This is spooky.

PHILBY: Believe me, there’s no one here who can harm you.

CASSIE: Well it’s still spooky.

PHILBY: (looks at mausoleum) This could be the place. It’s open, and it’s obvious.

CASSIE: Wait for me. What are we looking for?

PHILBY: A chalk mark, or even a drawing. I hope it hasn’t worn off. That’s if it were here in the first place. We should split up, we could cover more ground that way. I’ll go this way, you check over there.

CASSIE: (spooked) Okay, I’ll go over there.

(they shine their flashlights over the walls of the mausoleum. philby shines his under a stone bench, where he sees a figure drawn in chalk.)

PHILBY: Cassie! Come take a look at this.

(he draws it on a pad.)

CASSIE: In plain sight, yet protected by the bench.

PHILBY: It’s chalk.

CASSIE: Just like in the book. Do you think this might be it?

PHILBY: I don’t know what it means. It looks like a shield.

CASSIE: Or a coat of arms, because of the Lion’s head.

PHILBY: Whatever it means, it means we’re getting close. Come on let’s get out of here.

(they head for the car.)

PHILBY: I’m not familiar with this coat of arms.

CASSIE: You know maybe there’s a hidden clue within the clue itself.

PHILBY: I’m not sure. It could be.

CASSIE: I want to go. I really don’t like this place at night.

(philby notices a red laser on his notepad, which moves to cassie’s neck.)


(he pushes cassie out of the way. a gun fires from the bushes.)

PHILBY: Cassie, are you hit?

CASSIE: No, I’m I’m okay.

PHILBY: Are you sure?


(philby walks over to the sign which reads “ST. andrews mausoleum”, and pries the bullet out of it. they hear a car and turn to watch it drive away. layla is driving.)

fade to black

fade in

ext. hotel – night

cut to:

int. hotel lobby – night

(philby is on the phone with samantha in her hospital bed. intercut phone call.)

PHILBY: How you feeling?

SAMANTHA: Much better my head is finally getting back to normal.

PHILBY: The next clue is at the mausoleum. I think we’re getting close. And apparently the killer does too. Someone took a shot at Cassie and me.

SAMANTHA: Did you see who it was?

PHILBY: We saw a car speeding away. And I think Lydia Cranston was behind the wheel.

SAMANTHA: Why would she want to kill you?

PHILBY: Well just before the shot there was a red laser beam that attracted my attention. It came from one direction, the shot came from another.

SAMANTHA: They were trying to warn you.

PHILBY: You’re being released from the hospital in the morning. I’ll fill you in then.

SAMANTHA: Philby? We have got to get that manuscript.

PHILBY: I got a feeling we’re running out of time.

SAMANTHA: Whoever killed Alexsandr is looking for the same thing we are. If they get to it first…

PHILBY: …Alexsandr would have died in vain. You get some sleep, I’ve got something to check out. Bye


cut to:

ext. mausoleum – night

(red lights atop a cop car illuminate the scene, uniforms look for clues while the chief talks to cassie.)

CONNERS: Counselor I heard your name come over the radio in connection with a shots fired call. Wanted to make sure you were okay.

CASSIE: Thanks Chief, I’m okay.

CONNERS: So who called it in?

NED: I did.

CONNERS: And you are?

NED: Ned Campbell. Night caretaker.

CONNERS: Did you see anybody else prowling around?

NED: No. It’s usually very quiet around here at night.

CONNERS: I would imagine so. Well thank you Mr. Campbell, this officer over here is gonna take a full statement from you. Jackson, take a statement from this gentleman.

JACKSON: You got it chief.

CONNERS: Now, what were you doing prowling around here?

CASSIE: Looking for something.

CONNERS: Something to do with Zeitsev’s murder?

CASSIE: Sort of. We were looking for clues that might leave to some evidence.

CONNERS: Looking for clues. At a Mausoleum?

CASSIE: Philby and Samantha think Alexsandr left clues for them to follow that might lead them to where he left the manuscript of his latest novel. If we follow the clues…

CONNERS: We? You keep saying we, we who?

CASSIE: Philby and I.

CONNERS: Philby was here? (Cassie nods) Where is he?

cut to:

int. hotel – second floor – night

(philby walks by hotel room with police tape. Then picks the lock of room 224. He enters, turns on the light, and opens a make-up case containing flase eyelashes, and notes a head for a wig. he looks through the suitcase on the bed, unzips a lining revealing weapons, knives, and a gun, which he removes and pulls the clip.)

cut to:

int. – hospital room – night

(samantha lies in bed, dreaming restlessly. flashback, aleksandr falls, tells sam to run, person grabs her and throws her in front of the car. the driver screams as the car hits her.)

cut to:

Int. hospital corridor outside sam’s room – night

(a cop sits reading the paper)

INTERCOM: Dr. Wilson to ER, Dr. Wilson to ER

(a gloved janitor approaches wheeling a mop bucket. the cop yawns. janitor pulls a syringe from his pocket.)

cut to:

int. samantha’s hospital room – night

(samantha continues to dream. the man she wrestled with runs off, she hits the ground. she wakes up with a shout. the cop runs into the room, gun drawn, and the janitor takes off.)

COP: Miss Kinsey? You all right? (janitor sneaks into another room.) Bad dream huh?

(she lies back down and the cop returns to the hallway.)

cut to:

int. hospital corridor – night

(pov of janitor through crack in door.)

NURSE: What’s going on in there?

COP: She had a dream. Everything’s all right.

Cut to:

int. hotel – room 224 – night

(layla enters her room, cane in hand, and snaps on the light. philby stands in the corner with a gun.)

PHILBY: Someone took a shot at me tonight. And I think someone else tried to warn me. Whoever took a shot at me tried to kill Samantha. I intend to find that person.

(he lets himself out, she closes the door behind him. she removes her wig and puts it on the form, revealing short grey hair.)

cut to:

ext. hospital – day

SAMANTHA (VO): It was more vivid than a dream.

cut to:

int. hospital – samantha’s room – day

(samantha is dressed and seated on the edge of the bed, arm in a sling.)

PHILBY: Maybe it means your memory is coming back.

SAMANTHA: Slowly, in all these confusing bits and pieces.

PHILBY: Don’t worry about it. The doctor says it will take a little time. Exactly what did you see?

SAMANTHA: I saw someone standing there. But I couldn’t tell who it was. And then I saw light glint off of something.

PHILBY: Something metal?

cut to:

receiver on seat of car

SAMANTHA: No it was more reflective than that, like stone or glass. Maybe it was a piece of jewelry.

back to scene

PHILBY: Did you see anything else?

SAMANTHA: Based on what I remembered last night I don’t think I saw the killer’s face. It was too dark.

(the nurse pushes in a wheelchair.)

PHILBY: I’ll take it from here.

NURSE: Okay.

PHILBY: Would you take that bag please?

NURSE: Umhm.

PHILBY: Thank you.

SAMANTHA: You know, I can walk.

PHILBY: Sorry Samantha, hospital rules.

cut to:

receiver on car seat

back to scene

PHILBY: You have to be wheeled out.

SAMANTHA: (settling in) Oh Philby can you get my purse, I left it over there.

(he grabs the purse, and notices the bug sticking out from beneath the phone. he puts his fingers to his lips signalling samantha to silence.)

PHILBY: I spilled some things out of your bag. I want to make sure I get them all.

(he carefully lifts the phone. They both observe the bug. he puts it back down leaving the bug in place.)

PHILBY: Yeah. That’s everything. Here (handing her purse) let’s get out of here.

cut to:

int. hospital corridor – day

PHILBY: I told Chief Conners the guard wasn’t necessary. I’m not leaving your side until the killer is caught.

SAMANTHA: Was that a bug on the phone?

PHILBY: Audio transmitter. Someone could hear everything said in your room.

SAMANTHA: Well now we know how the killer’s been tracking our progress.

(yuri exits the elevator with a bouquet of flowers.)

SAMANTHA: Yuri! What are you doing here?

YURI: They would not release Alexsandr's body for a couple of days. I had a little time on my hands so I thought I would come and visit you. But it appears I’m too late.

SAMANTHA: Oh I’m sorry, Yuri Slipchenko, this is my friend Philby, Philby, Yuri Slipchenko.

YURI: It’s a great honor to meet you, Philby.

PHILBY: What brings you to this country Mr. Slipchenko?

YURI: Yuri. Please.

SAMANTHA: Yuri is a friend of Aleksandr’s.

PHILBY: Ah yes. Aleksandr’s friend.

YURI: His close friend. His death is great loss to me.

PHILBY: I’m sure it is.

YURI: I merely came to see how your healing process is going.

PHILBY: She’s in good hands.

YURI: (hands her flowers) I’m sure she is.

SAMANTHA: Thank you.

(philby backs samantha into the elevator, and yuri watches them as the doors close.)

fade to black

fade in

ext. hospital – day

PHILBY: Did you have any idea who he was?

cut to:

int. hospital corridor – day

(philby wheels sam.)

SAMANTHA: Alexsandr’s friend.

PHILBY: You remember what Alexsandr’s code name was?

SAMANTHA: The Magician?

PHILBY: That man’s code name was The Emcee.

SAMANTHA: Master of Ceremonies? Why?

PHILBY: He ran the whole show. He wasn’t Alexsandr’s friend. He was his handler. (wheeling her outside) At one time he was one of the highest-ranking members of the KGB.

SAMANTHA: Come on Philby, he’s even older than Alexsandr. He’s gotta be retired now.

PHILBY: That high up, you never retire. Now what is he really doing here?

SAMANTHA: What do you mean?

PHILBY: What if he’s one of the corrupt government officials that Alexsandr spoke about?

SAMANTHA: Well that would mean that he could be Alexsandr’s killer, but he didn’t get into the country until after Alexsandr’s death.

PHILBY: Are you positive about that?

SAMANTHA: No. I guess I just assumed.

PHILBY: We can’t continue to look for the manuscript until I know specifically when he really arrived in this country. We’ve gotta get back to the store. I’ve got some inquiries to make.

(he helps samantha into the car. the nurse hands him the bag.)

PHILBY: Thank you.

(aleksandr walks out, he and philby exchange a look.)

cut to:

ext. bookstore – day

cut to:

int. bookstore – day

insert – sketch of clue

SAMANTHA: Well it looks like a lion and a shield with a spear through it.

PHILBY: Well at least I didn’t waste my money at Art School.

SAMANTHA: What could it mean?

PHILBY: Whatever it means, it has to be near the hotel.

SAMANTHA: So, we’re looking for a shield or a coat of arms.

PHILBY: No. Knight’s Arms Apartments.


PHILBY: It’s on eighth. (hands her a map he printed off his computer) A couple of blocks from the hotel. Aleksandr must have gone there the night he was killed.

SAMANTHA: And that’s where he was coming from when he got jumped by the killer. Let’s go.

PHILBY: Do you think you should be doing this?

SAMANTHA: I feel much better.

PHILBY: If you begin to feel ill, we’re coming right back.

SAMANTHA: Don’t worry. I’m just along for the ride.

PHILBY: Let’s go.

cut to:

ext. knight’s arms apartments – day

(samantha and philby stand in the courtyard of the building, which is decorated with a giant chess board.)

SAMANTHA: So what are we supposed to do, play chess?

PHILBY: I don’t think so, I think we should check out each tile, and see if we spot anything. (moving a plant) It’s too obvious.

(samantha holds a hand to her head, woozy.)

PHILBY: Are you all right?

SAMANTHA: Yeah yeah yeah, I just got a little dizzy.

(he leads her to a bench in the shade, where she sits.)

PHILBY: We should go.

SAMANTHA: No, I’m okay. We should finish up here.

PHILBY: Are you sure?

SAMANTHA: Yes, I’m okay.

(philby moves some leaves of a plant around. he reveals some writing – “b/r kn5”)

PHILBY: I’ve got something. Here’s another one. They’re chess moves. It’s a continuation of the game Alexsandr and Yuri were playing. And it looks like they’re in order. Here, black rook to Kings Knight five.

SAMANTHA: (writing it down) Black Rook to King’s Knight Five.

PHILBY: (reveals another) White Bishop to Queens Knight four.

cut to:

ext. Knight’s arms apartments –day

(they exit)

PHILBY: We found fifteen moves.

SAMANTHA: Wonder where they’ll lead us.

PHILBY: In the end to the manuscript. But right now to the chess board at Mystery Woman. (she gets in car) Do you see that red car? It’s been following us.

SAMANTHA: Are you sure?

PHILBY: Positive.

(philby looks at the car, and then notices the legs of a figure behind a bushy tree.)

PHILBY: You stay here. Be right back.

(he reenters the courtyard, and exits the backway. sneaking up behind the man, he shoves him against a tree. it’s bosworth. samantha sees what is happening, and gets out of the car.)

PHILBY: Why are you following us?

BOSWORTH: This the only way I could get the story. I’m a reporter. I make my living getting the inside scoop. A big story like this doesn’t come along that often. Think of the headline. The death of a KGB spy. What would it hurt to let me tag along? I promise I will stay out of the way, you won’t even know I’m there.

SAMANTHA: You have no idea how dangerous that could be.

PHILBY: You’re way out of your league. Stay out of it.

(they turn from his disappointment.)

cut to:

int. bookstore – day

PHILBY: Let me check and see if I got any answers to the inquiries I sent out.

SAMANTHA: On Yuri Slipchenko?

PHILBY: (heading to his computer) Among others.

SAMANTHA: Which others?

PHILBY: Just about everybody who was there the night Alexsandr was killed. I want to see if I have any matches of any current government personnel. In the meantime, why don’t you set up the chessboard the way it was the night of the murder.

(she opens the file with the picture of the chess game.)

cut to:

ext. bookstore – day

SAMANTHA (VO): Anything?

cut to:

int. bookstore – day

PHILBY: Hopefully we’ll get a match of the hotel security cameras.

SAMANTHA: How did you get the hotel security tapes? I know I know, you have your ways.

PHILBY: Okay, Alexsandr had the next move. It was Bishop to Queens Pawn Four. (she moves the piece) Now, Black Rook to King’s Knight Five. (she moves it).

cut to:

ext. bookstore – night

(yuri appears from around a corner.)

cut to:

int. bookstore – night

(philby moves chess pieces around on the board while samantha watches, sipping coffee.)

PHILBY: That’s it.

SAMANTHA: What is it?

PHILBY: (laying down a piece) The game is over.

SAMANTHA: What do you mean the game is over?

PHILBY: Well that last move put the game in checkmate.

SAMANTHA: Where does that leave us?

PHILBY: Well that was Alexsandr’s last clue. He told me to finish the game, and I finished the game.

SAMANTHA: But where is the manuscript, does the board tell us where the manuscript is.

PHILBY: No the board just tells us that black won. And according to you, Alexsandr only played white.

SAMANTHA: Yuri wins the game. So all those clues just led us in a big circle.

PHILBY: It doesn’t lead us to the manuscript.

SAMANTHA: Where does it lead us?

PHILBY: Nowhere. (laughs) That was the Magician’s last illusion. The grand deception to lead everybody away from where he hid the manuscript.

SAMANTHA: And that would be?

PHILBY: I don’t know.

SAMANTHA: Okay, the night Alexsandr died, you were supposed to meet him.

PHILBY Yeah but he never showed up so I became concerned. And I went out to look for him, and that’s when I found you lying unconscious, and Aleksandr about two yards away.

SAMANTHA: You said that he told you to finish the game. What else did he say?

PHILBY: The last thing he said was, everything is in the shadows.

SAMANTHA: Those were his exact words.

PHILBY: Well no, he said it in Russian.

SAMANTHA: So he said, in the shadows, in Russian.


SAMANTHA: When I first started to read the novel in the hospital I thought I was going crazy, I was reading it it was in Russian and then I fell asleep and all of a sudden it was in English when I woke up. Here, look.

(she grabs the two copies of the book from her purse and sits next to philby with them.)

PHILBY: This is written in Russian.

SAMANTHA: Philby, he gave you a different book. I bet this is a new manuscript in Russian.

PHILBY: (comparing the two) No, I’m sorry Samantha, this is just the Russian edition of the shadow.

SAMANTHA: He wrote your inscription in Russian.

(philby flips to the front of the book and reads out loud, translating into english.)

PHILBY: Oftentimes, the shadows serve not only to conceal those who wish to do evil, but also to protect those who seek to do good.

SAMANTHA: Very poetic. Maybe it’s a code.

PHILBY: Those who wish to do evil.

(he tears off the cover)

SAMANTHA: What are you doing?

(he examines the book, binding and then pages, and liner. he smiles, then takes out a knife and begins peeling back the lining. he pulls out a small piece of microfilm.)

PHILBY: Yes. This is what he wanted us to find. (hands it to her) And it was right under our noses the entire time.

SAMANTHA: A negative.

cut to:

int. darkroom – night

(they are standing in the darkroom, with drying pieces of photo paper hanging on a line.)

SAMANTHA: This can’t be the manuscript, there are only six pages.

PHILBY: It’s a list of dates and places and meetings. Along with payments made and items purchased. This could implicate the double agent.

SAMANTHA: Alexsandr said he was going to name the double agent so why didn’t he? Because he didn’t have the name. He set himself up.

PHILBY: To draw the double agent out, knowing that they would have to kill him.

SAMANTHA: And get the manuscript before it was made public.

PHILBY: I was wrong about that Samantha. The clues weren’t to draw everybody away from the manuscript.

SAMANTHA: They were meant to expose the double agent, and if we’re following the clues…

PHILBY: …so is the killer!

SAMANTHA: So all the clues were a wild goose chase.

PHILBY: There is no manuscript.

(he exits, laughing. samantha follows him.)

cut to:

int. bookstore – night

insert – computer screen –several captured images from a security camera.

(samantha stands over philby’s shoulder as he surfs, seated at the keyboard.)

PHILBY: I got some hits from the hotel security camera.

SAMANTHA: Walden has turned into a nest of spies.

PHILBY: These two don’t surprise me, I guessed as much. But this one, hm, that’s an interesting talent to have. That explains a lot. I think we both know who killed Alexsandr.

SAMANTHA: And who was listening in the hospital room.

PHILBY: And Alexsandr’s room was probably bugged.

SAMANTHA: Do you have a plan?

PHILBY: It’s time. (hands her phone) To call Chief Conners.

(she dials.)

fade to black

fade in

ext. convention hotel – night

cut to:

int. lobby

(stansfield walks through looking sweaty and anxious, watched from behind a newpaper by the janitor, now dressed in suit clothes.)

cut to:

insert - elevator buttons – second floor

(tilt down to stansfield exiting the elevator. he sees a maid dusting, and walks by her to the taped off door of suite 213. she watches him. he picks the lock, tears the tape down, and enters. the maid talks into a button on her collar.)

MAID: Chief, the suspect has entered the room.

cut to:

insert – sign – second floor stairwell

(a shadowy figure in black stands holding the receiver from the car.)

cut to:

int. second floor corridor – night

(elevator doors open, conners rushes out, pulling his weapon, followed by two uniforms.)

CONNERS: (to the maid/cop) Cover the hallway.

(he bursts through the suite door, startling stansfield.)

CONNERS: Police. Freeze. Get your hands where I can see ‘em, don’t move.

STANSFIELD: I’m only looking for the manuscript, it’s rightfully mine. I know it’s here somewhere.

CONNERS: So you killed for it. Greed, the oldest motive in the book.

STANSFIELD: You’ll have to prove it.

CONNERS: I believe I can do that. (motions to men with cuffs) We’re taking you in.

COP 1: Behind your back sir.

COP 2: Come on.

STANSFIELD: You’ll lose your badge over this.

CONNERS: I’m shaking. Get him in the elevator, read him his rights, I’m sick of looking at him.

COP 2: Keep moving.

CONNERS: Get the elevator.

(the shadowy figure watches through a crack in the stairwell door as they all board the elevator and the doors close.)

COP 1: We’re going to take you downstairs, read you your rights.

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