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Mystery Woman 10 In The Shadows -broadcast Script

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Mystery Woman 10 – In The Shadows -Broadcast Script

(music plays over black with white titles.)

rhi entertainment presents

an alpine medien production

in association with larry levinson productions

(fade up to a black and white scene of searchlights over barbed wire fencing.)

(a soldier walks a dog thru as helicopters whir overhead.)


(a young man appears over the rocks as the soldier passes the other way.)

Kellie martin

clarence williams III

nina siemazko

(the man scrambles toward the fence and tries to shimmy under it. the soldier runs back toward him, pointing his rifle.)

SOLDIER: (german words)

(ecu close-up of the man’s eye staring upward.)

(match cut to:

ecu the same eye, in color, many years later, an old man’s eye now. pull back as he looks through a snowy window, rubbing his shoulder. he walks to a desk and takes some pages off of a typewriter.)

casey sander

malachi throne

arye gross

brandon keener

michael ensign

nina mann

diane robin

(he takes a camera and snaps the documents.)

alejandro furth

michele spears

don swayze

(he puts the papers in shredder.)

casting by

penny perry

amy reece

(he cuts the typewriter ribbon.)

music by

joe kraemer

(he shreds the ribbon and puts the top back on the typewriter. he takes the top off the shredder and walks to the toilet, where he dumps the contents and flushes them away.)

cut to:

ext. mystery woman bookstore – day

edited by

jennifer jean cacavas

(samantha kinsey perkily approaches the store and enters.)

cut to:

int. bookstore – day

SAMANTHA: Good morning!

PHILBY: You’re late.

production designer

scott h. campbell

SAMANTHA: I’m sorry Philby but I needed my oil changed and I just decided to take it in. While I was there I had them rotate the tires and detail it and then the library’s just a couple of blocks away so you know…

director of photography

maximo munzi

PHILBY: You really hate doing inventory don’t you.

SAMANTHA: (holds up a bag) I brought donuts! Hey how about I make you a cup of tea to go with your donuts.

PHILBY: How about we get started on this inventory? You know it’s only once a year Samantha, the sooner we get started…

SAMANTHA: Oh look mail! Look at this. (reading the envelope) Samantha Kinsey and Philby.

PHILBY: What is it?

SAMANTHA: An invitation to a private book signing at the Espionage Writer’s Convention.

PHILBY: What are they signing? Who’s the author?

SAMANTHA: That Russian author – Alexsandr….

PHILBY: Tseitsev.

executive producer

joyce burditt

SAMANTHA: Yeah, that’s it. I read his last book. I think I have it here somewhere. Oh, here it is.

CO-executive producers

nick lombardo

michael moran

SAMANTHA: “The Cold Of Night” It’s about a Russian Spy who gets trapped in West Berlin before the wall went up.

produced by

randy pope

lincoln lageson

SAMANTHA: He has to figure out a way to get to the East. I couldn’t put it down. It’s almost like he was there.

PHILBY: He was.

SAMANTHA: Really? You mean I’m going to meet a real Russian spy?

PHILBY: Ex Russian spy.

SAMANTHA: Do you know him?

created by

michael sloan

PHILBY: Only by reputation. His code name was The Magician. I can’t tell you how many times we thought we had him figured out. He’d send us off on a wild goose chase while he was off doing something entirely different.

SAMANTHA: Would you rather not go to the book signing?

written by

eric e. enroth & patricia tait

PHILBY: Tseitsev was doing what he thought was best for his country at the time. He had a job to do. And he did it.

SAMANTHA: Just like you did?

PHILBY: Ha ha. Talking about jobs to do. We better get started on this inventory. That convention is about a week away.

SAMANTHA: How about I make you some tea.

PHILBY: What kind of donuts?

SAMANTHA: The yummy kind.

PHILBY: Ha ha ha.

cut to:

ext. convention hotel – day

directed by

david s. cass, sr.

(a banner hangs advertising campbell books. philby examines a weapon at one of many draped booths. samantha looks at the booth where ALEXSANDR’s book is advertised. his chair is empty. he appears from behind the curtains. he is the man from earlier.)

SAMANTHA: Mr. Tseitsev. I hope I’m not bothering you, I just wanted to meet you before the signing, I’m a big fan. Samantha Kinsey. I run the Mystery Woman Bookstore.

(a man approaches impatiently.)

STANSFIELD: Come on lets get ready for the signing.

ALEXSANDR: I’m sorry Miss Kinsey, but I must go.

SAMANTHA: Please, Mr. Tseitsev, it’s Samantha. Maybe we can continue our conversation after the signing.

ALEXSANDR: I would like that Samantha very much.

cut to:

int. another section of the convention hall - day

(a man has buttonholed mary hofstedter.)

BOSWORTH: I am very good and I am very serious about this as a career. I mean if you’d like I can give you a brief description of my new novel…

HOFSTEDTER: Look, Mr. Botsworth,

BOSWORTH: That’s Bosworth

HOFSTEDTER: Whatever. Look, I’m a buyer for a major chain of bookstores. I’m not interested in a self-publishing author. Excuse me.

STANSFIELD: Miss Hofstedter! I’m Jonathan Stansfield, I’m so glad you could attend my little gathering.

HOFSTEDTER: It is little isn’t it. I just hope you can find a way to make it worth my while Mr. Stansfield.

STANSFIELD: Well if you’ll excuse me I’ll get the show on the road.

cut to:

(a bartender serving bottled water watches the goings-on. as does philby.)

PHILBY: Samantha. You see that woman standing over there?

SAMANTHA: Yeah, what about her?

PHILBY: She keeps staring at me. I wonder why.

SAMANTHA: Hmm? Let’s go find out. (crosses to her) Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice your necklace from across the room. It’s so beautiful.

LYDIA: Thank you. It’s smoky topaz. It comes from the mines just outside of Istanbul. At least, that’s what the man in the store told me when I bought it. I’m Lydia Cranston. (reaches hand to shake).

SAMANTHA: Samantha Kinsey, I run the Mystery Woman Bookstore here in town. And this is my associate, Philby.

PHILBY: How do you do.

LYDIA: How do you do.

PHILBY: Have we met before?

LYDIA: It’s possible. Have you attended other conventions?


LYDIA: There’s your answer. I’m a buyer for a chain of independent bookstores. I must go to at least twenty-five of these things a year.

STANSFIELD: (clapping his hands) If I may have your attention please? We’ll be starting the signing in just a moment. If everyone would please form a line we have complimentary copies of “The Shadows” for each of you. After the signing there will be Q&A with the author Alexsandr. Tseitsev where I will be waiting to take your orders.

(he takes Hofstedter by the hand and leads her to the front of the line where he introduces her to alexsandr.)

STANSFIELD: Alexsandr, this is Mary Hofstedter.

(samantha, philby and lydia watch.)

cut to:

(samantha’s turn in line, she is last.)

ALEXSANDR: Ha ha. I thought perhaps you had left before you got a signed copy.

SAMANTHA: I wouldn’t think of it. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I received the invitation.

(he smiles, then looks a little stricken.)

SAMANTHA: Are you feeling all right Alexsandr?

ALEXSANDR: I’ll be fine, just a bad case of jetlag. I’m getting old. Only in the pages of my books can I pretend to be young again. Here.

samantha looks at the inscription which reads “to samantha, a lovely woman of mystery.”

SAMANTHA: That’s very sweet. Thank you. I’d like you to introduce you to my associate, Philby Cross. Philby, this is Alexsandr Zeitsev.

ALEXSANDR: I almost feel as if we are old friends. But that’s not entirely accurate, is it?

PHILBY: Perhaps not in the past. But hopefully in the future.

ALEXSANDR: I would like that, very much.

(stansfield and hofstedter watch from afar and discuss.)

HOFSTEDTER: Okay, you want a contract? Your titles in all sixteen hundred Bender stores?


HOFSTEDTER: Then you better reassure me Tseitsev’s next book is gonna be a winner. My last few acquisitions were a bust and my job is on the line. I need a blockbuster and I need it now.

(stansfield walks away. aleksandr drops the book he was going to give philby, then reaches for a different book leaning against the leg of his chair, and hands it to him. he and philby exhange a look. stansfield approaches.)

STANSFIELD: All finished? Good. If I could have everyone’s attention please. Mr. Tseitsev has an announcement that he would like to make.

ALEXSANDR: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. As you know I write spy novels. Fiction. But what no one knows is they are based on true-life experiences. My experiences. I was for forty years an undercover agent for KGB. I have recently completed a new non-fiction book on the red mafia. The masters of the Russian criminal underworld. During the course of my research, I have discovered that they have infiltrated to the highest level of government. And I’ve recently learned how they managed to attain such prominence so quickly by being fed information from a double agent, a mole, within the American intelligence community. I have named this person in my next book. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

(reaction shots of samantha, philby, lydia, bosworth, and the bartender.)

(stansfield joins hofstedter.)

STANSFIELD: That do it for you Mary?

HOFSTEDTER: Oh I think you’ve got a contract Jonathan.

(they shake on it.)

(philby and samantha approach aleksandr.)

PHILBY: We’ve got to talk.

ALEXSANDR: Yes. But not now.

PHILBY: When and where?

ALEXSANDR: I’m staying here at the hotel, room two hundred and thirteen. Come to me in three hours. But please, I must go. I need my rest.

SAMANTHA: He just announced that he’s going to name a double agent.

PHILBY: And by doing so, he signed his death warrant.

cut to:

ext. hotel - night

cut to:

int. hotel restaurant – night

(close up – alexandr’s book in philby’s hand. philby and samantha sit and talk. )

PHILBY: Why would Alexsandr announce what he’s doing? Why not just publish the book and put the name out there?

SAMANTHA: I know, with a hundred thousand copies out there everyone would know the name, he wouldn’t be putting himself in danger. I’m sure he had a good reason. He’ll probably tell us later when we see him.

PHILBY: We? You’re not coming Samantha.

SAMANTHA: What do you mean of course I’m coming?

PHILBY: Not this time. I have to talk to him alone.

SAMANTHA: But Philby…

PHILBY: I mean it.

SAMANTHA: All right. As much as I would like to be there, I’ll trust your judgment. After all you know a lot more about this world than I do.


SAMANTHA: All right.

cut to:

Ext. knights arms apartments – night

(alexsandr walks out of the gate, looks around, and walks away. A figure in a black leather coat and hat follows.)

cut to:

int. hotel hallway – second floor – night

(elevator buttons hit 2, ding, philby gets off the elevator and strides down the corridor to room 213 where he knocks.)

PHILBY: Alexsandr, it’s me, Philby.

(he kicks the door which swings open, revealing a ransacked hotel room. philby looks around, then exits, slamming the door behind him.)

cut to:

ext. hotel – night

(samantha walks, removing her car keys from her purse. she sees alexsandr by a car. He collapses, and she runs to him.)

SAMANTHA: Alexsandr?

ALEXSANDR: Samantha.

SAMANTHA: What is it what happened to you?


(samantha is grabbed from behind. slow motion struggle, she breaks free and runs, and is hit by a car. from the ground, she sees the figure run off as alexsandr leans slumped against a tree. the woman driver screams and gets out of the car. philby comes running up. philby takes off his coat and covers her.)

PHILBY: Call 911! Get an ambulance.

ALEXSANDR: (weakly) Philby.

PHILBY: (grabbing a woman from the crowd) You stay with her. Alexsandr, how badly are you hurt?

(in the gathering crowd we see lydia, bosworth, and hofstedter. aleksandr opens his hand, and a syringe drops out.)

ALEXSANDR: You must finish the game, Philby.

PHILBY: What game?

ALEXSANDR: (speaks Russian)

PHILBY: (translating) Everything is in the Shadows.

(he dies.)

PHILBY: Alexsandr. Alexsandr.

cut to:

ext. crime scene – night

(lights flash atop a coroner’s van.)

COP: (to crowd) Step back please.

(samantha is strapped to a gurney, philby looking concerned stands next to her. chief conners questions an officer.)

CONNERS: All right. What have we got?

DETECTIVE: One dead body, male, approximately seventy years old. He’s a Russian national.

CONNERS: Oh great, an international incident. Tell me it was a heart attack.

DETECTIVE: I don’t think so sir, we found this. It’s a used syringe.

CONNERS: Get these people back. They’re corrupting my crime scene. Get back. What else you got.

DETECTIVE: We think we have a witness.


DETECTIVE: A woman, hit by a car. (checks his notes.) Samantha Kinsey. Uh they’re getting ready to take her over to uh County now.

CONNERS: Samantha! (running to the gurney) How bad is she?

PHILBY: We don’t know yet. I’m going to the hospital.

CONNERS: I’ll meet you there as soon as I finish this.

(emt closes the doors, and the ambulance pulls away.)

cut to:

ext. hospital – night

cut to:

int. hospital waiting room – night

(chief conners arrives and philby and cassie spring to their feet.)

CONNERS: How is she?

CASSIE: Did you put it all together?

CONNERS: The driver of the car was a maid at the hotel, she just got off her shift. She said she was driving and I quote, the young lady just came flying out of nowhere right in front of my car.

CASSIE: Do you believe her?

CONNERS: No reason not to. We did find signs of a scuffle by Zeitsev’s body.

PHILBY: It’s possible that Samantha surprised the killer. They struggled, and he shoved her out in front of the car.

CONNERS: That’s what I’m thinking.

CASSIE: Under that scenario she could identify the killer.

CONNERS: I’ve ordered a twenty-four hour guard on her.

ER DOCTOR: (walking up) Miss Hillman. Chief.

CONNERS: Doctor.

PHILBY: How is she, Doctor?

ER DOCTOR: Unconscious, but stable. Stable is a good sign for someone who’s sustained her injuries.

CONNERS: Which are?

ER DOCTOR: She has a broken arm, possible internal injuries, I’m waiting for those tests to come back now. There’s a strong possibility that she may have suffered a concussion. We’ll monitor her closely. We should have more information in the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

PHILBY: We have to wait that long before we can see her?

ER DOCTOR: No, she’ll be out of the ICU in an hour or so. She’ll be moved to her own room then.

PHILBY: Thank you Doctor.

cut to:

ext. hospital – day

cut to:

int. samantha’s hospital room – day

(samantha lies in bed, still, with eyes closed. Philby sits vigil.)

NURSE: I’ll come back and check on her.

(she exits as cassie enters.)

CASSIE: Thanks. (to Philby) You’ve been here last night and most of today. Why don’t you come home for a while? I’ll stay with Sam. I spoke to the Doctor. She’s stable. Come on Philby, You need some rest. I’ll call you if anything changes.

(philby covers her gently with the blanket, and leaves. Cassie sits bedside.)

cut to:

ext. bookstore – day

(philby is in the darkened empty store. on the computer screen is a graphic for the national security agency. the password screen is up. philby enters 202-555-2342, the screen says agent identification 7 5 7 27 locked.

cut to:

int. national security office – day

(a phone rings. a computer screen shows incoming call, tracing call. then a photo with stats of philby APPEARS. an older man seen only from behind pushes the speaker button.)

MAN: Philby. I’ve been expecting your call.

PHILBY: You’re aware of what’s been going on.

MAN: Regarding the Magician. There were rumors that he was up to something.

PHILBY: He’s dead.

MAN: Any idea who’s responsible?

PHILBY: No. That’s why I’m calling you. Who can you send?

MAN: Other agencies already have assets in place.

PHILBY: Can you trust them?

MAN: Who do you trust Philby?

PHILBY: No one.

MAN: Precisely. (hangs up)

cut to:

ext. hospital – day

cut to:

int. hospital corridor – day

(philby approaches the chief who walks with cassie.)

PHILBY: Chief, we need to talk.

CONNERS: I thought you were going to go home and get some rest.

PHILBY: I promised a long time ago that I would protect Samantha. I failed in that.

CONNERS: All right Philby. Tell me what you know so far.

PHILBY: The announcement Alexsandr made the other night, about exposing the double agent, I think that’s why he was killed.

CONNERS: Did he say who the double agent was?

PHILBY: He said he would name the mole in a manuscript of his next book.

CONNERS: And where is this so-called manuscript?

PHILBY: I was supposed to meet him that night in his hotel room. When I got there he was missing. The room had been searched. And I think the killer took the manuscript. They had to eliminate the one person who could identify him.

cut to:

int. samantha’s hospital room – day

(chief connors enters, closing the door softly behind him. quiet music plays as he sits by her bed.)

CONNERS: We’re gonna get whoever hurt you Snoopy. I promise.

cut to:

ext. hotel – day

cut to:

int. convention hall – day

(philby checks a list in a folder. and begins questioning people.)

PHILBY: So you two didn’t see anything last night.


A MAN: No sir. (greeting someone.) Hey.

PHILBY: (approaching her) Mary Hofstedter? I’m investigating the murder of Alexsandr Zeitsev. I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.

HOFSTEDTER: I already gave a statement to the police. I don’t think there’s anything more to add.

PHILBY: Well your statement said you and your group were coming back following an after party. Was anybody else from the book signing at the reception?

HOFSTEDTER: Not that I can think of. It was a very exclusive event.

PHILBY: Well the report says you were interviewed at the same time as Wes Bosworth, and Lydia Cranston. We’re they at the reception?

HOFSTEDTER: Who? Wes Bosworth? That wannabe writer? Ha. There’s no way he would have been invited. And Lydia Cranston? I don’t even know who she is.

PHILBY: She has red hair. She walks with a cane. She’s a book buyer.

HOFSTEDTER: I know everyone in this business. I’ve never even heard of her. Now. If you’ll excuse me.

(philby approaches mike, who is on a ladder hanging some curtains.)

PHILBY: Mike Panoff?

MIKE: Yeah?

PHILBY: I’m investigating the murder of Alexsandr Zeitsev. Can I have a few minutes of your time?

MIKE: Not really. I’ve got work to do.

PHILBY: I’ll be quick.

MIKE: I’ve already made my statement to the authorities. I was in the hotel lobby replacing light bulbs when I heard the commotion. By the time I got outside the police were already there.

PHILBY: Well did you see anybody?

MIKE: I told you I didn’t see anything. I have to get back to work. I would be in trouble if my boss knew I was talking to you.

(philby has noticed mike wears a school ring, and very nice shoes.)

fade out

fade in

int. hotel restaurant – day

(stansfield is leaving when philby stops him.)

PHILBY: Mr. Stansfield.


PHILBY: Your assistant told me where I could find you. Is there anything you could tell me about the events of the other night?

STANSFIELD: Not much. I was asleep in my room the whole time. The first I heard of it was when the cops came to tell me Al was dead.

PHILBY: Did Alexsandr give you a copy of the new manuscript?

STANSFIELD: He promised to get it to me by the end of the week.

PHILBY: Did he make a copy? Maybe on a computer disk.

STANSFIELD: That’s not the way Al worked. He wrote all his books on an old manual typewriter. He’d send me the only copy I’d have it translated and it would be set to publish. I’m sorry I’ve got to go.

(he walks away.)

cut to:

int. convention hall – day

(philby approaches bosworth.)

PHILBY: Wes Bosworth? I’m investigating the death of Alexsandr Zeitsev. I need to ask you a couple of questions. (Bosworth nods) Where did you go right after the book signing?

BOSWORTH: I went to get a bite to eat and I got back to the hotel just after the accident happened.

PHILBY: Well did you hear or see anything unusual.

BOSWORTH: No. Well uh wait a minute, now that you mention it I I uh did hear something strange. You know that that woman with the cane.

PHILBY: Lydia Cranston.

BOSWORTH: Lydia Cranston, yeah that’s her. I heard her tell the cops that she hadn’t seen anything, but I saw her coming from right where the accident happened. She must have seen something.

PHILBY: Thank you.

BOSWORTH: Oh wait, excuse me Detective. As you probably know I’m here trying to find a buyer for my novel, but I make my living as a free-lance reporter. Is there any way I could tag along while you investigate? This story is huge.

PHILBY: I don’t think so. (turns to go)

BOSWORTH: Okay. Well what about after it’s all over, huh? Let me know if you change your mind.

cut to:

int. hotel – second floor corridor – day

(philby exits the elevator and looking around, crosses to the doors of room 213 which are blocked with police tape. He picks the lock with his gloved hands and opens the doors. he enters the messy room and looks at exhibits now marked with large numbers, 5 on a jacket in the closet. 11 on a vcr on the floor. he picks up a crumpled piece of paper on which is written in block letters bqp4.)

PHILBY: Bishop to Queen’s Pawn Four.

cut to:

flashback – ext. crime scene – night

ALEXSANDR: You must finish the game.

cut back to present

(philby crosses to a chess board where a game is in progress. he moves the bishop.)

PHILBY: Bishop to Queen’s Pawn Four.

(there is a knock on the door. philby crosses and opens it to reveal cassie.)

CASSIE: I thought I’d find you here. You started without me. Anything interesting turn up?

PHILBY: Did your techs photograph this?

CASSIE: Everything.

PHILBY: Good. I want copies.

(he walks out of the room, cassie following.)

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