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Music research postgraduates, 2014­–15 Term 2 Student (* = part-time) Supervisor Adviser

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Student (* = part-time) Supervisor Adviser
Alekseeva, Elena Brian Lock Mark Bowden

Musical composition and sound design for contemporary dance

AlSalhi, Ahmed Rachel Beckles Willson Henry Stobart

A Comparative Study of Saut Music in Kuwait and Bahrain

Asaba, Yuiko Henry Stobart Shzr Ee Tan

Tango in Japan: Music, Dance and Eroticism

Bank, Katherine Helen Deeming Stephen Rose

Music and Minde in Early Seventeenth Century England

Bath, Naomi Rachel Beckles Willson Erik Levi

Futures for Hungarian folk music: Institutions and performance strategies today

Bennett, Elizabeth Stephen Rose/ Helen Deeming

Rupert Ridgewell (BritLib)

Lies, truth and religious identification in 16th-century music printing
Bettencourt Mendes, Nuno Nick Cook Geoff Baker

Modernism and Modernity in Portuguese Music of Freitas Branco (1890-1955)

Blickhan, Samantha Helen Deeming Stephen Rose

The Influence of Digital Media on the Study of Medieval Music: Notation in British Song Manuscripts, 1150-1300

Brady, Clare* Julian Johnson Stephen Downes

From Seconda Prattica to the Italian avant-garde: vocal music tradition in the collaborative works of Luciano Berio and Cathy Berberian

Bruno, Chelsea Brian Lock Anna Morcom

Electronic music composition and modular synthesis

Burton, Susan Geoff Baker/Henry Stobart (ST) Tina K. Ramnarine

Take Your Harem Pants Off, Baby: Ethnicity, Modernity and Tradition in the Musical Practice of the

Bosnian Krajina
Cattell, Katie Julian Johnson (SD) Paul Harper-Scott

Temporality and Subjectivity in Variation Form

Conde, Alfons* Brian Lock Helen Grime


Cordeiro, Miguel* Brian Lock Mark Bowden


Cryne, Michael* Mark Bowden Helen Grime

Composition: Musical and Dramatic Structure: Narrative and Non-Narrative Coherence

Curran, David Mark Berry/Stephen Downes David Charlton

A study into the aesthetic outlook of the French composer Hector Berlioz

Dachri, Zoi* Brian Lock Helen Grime


Day, Rebecca Paul Harper-Scott Stephen Downes

Philosophical, Analytical and Psychoanalytic Conceptions of Subjectivity in Mahler’s Musical Modernism

Dearden, Nathan* Mark Bowden Brian Lock

Composition for Voice in Music Theatre

Destribois, Clemence Stephen Rose (HD) Paul Harper-Scott

Pitch Organization in Seventeenth-Century Ensemble Music

Dunnahoe, Sean Helen Deeming Stephen Rose

Anglo-Baltic Exchange in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Music Manuscripts up to the Thirteenth Century

Etxeberria Adrien, Xabier Henry Stobart (AM) Geoff Baker

Participatory Ethnomusicology and Indigenous Music in Ecuador

Feeny, Antony Anna Morcom/Shzr Ee Tan Alan Bradshaw [Marketing]

Economic and Business Models and the Development of Western Classical Music

Gentili, Barbara Erik Levi Mark Berry

Belcanto and Verismo as

Graham, Michael* Paul Harper-Scott Kiernan Ryan [English]

Shakespeare and British Opera: The Knot Garden

Green, Andrew Stobart, Henry (EL) Tina K. Ramnarine

Sounds of Solidarity: Music, the Zapatistas, and the Alter-Global

Harrison, Lucy Brian Lock Helen Grime

Composition. The Role of Context in the Compositional Process for Sound Installations and Film Scores

Heidemann, Diana-Maria* Shzr Ee Tan/ James Bennett tbc [Media Arts]

J.P.Kelly [MediaArts]/AM

Transmedia Music Concepts
Higgins, Gavin Mark Bowden Brian Lock

Music and dance

Hunter-Bradley, Louisa Stephen Rose Helen Deeming

The Officina Plantiniana as Music Publishers and Distributors [1555-1595]

Hyacinth, Natalie Henry Stobart/ tba [Geography]

David Gilbert [Geog]

Music and popular creativity in suburban faith communities
Kiladi, Maria* Erik Levi Stephen Downes

The London Labour Choral Union, 1920-1940: A Musical Institution of the Left

Knight, Douglas Julie Brown Carlo Cenciarelli

From the Ascetic to the Aesthetic: Classical Music in Non-Classical Cinema

Lachs, Vivienne (Hist/Mus) Rachel Beckles Wilson/ Julie Brown

David Cesarani [Hist]

Yiddish songs of London 1880-1914 and their place in the political debates of the time
Lebedinski, Ester Stephen Rose Helen Deeming

Roman Vocal Music in England, 1660-1710: Court, Connoisseurs, and the Culture of Collecting

Lee, Annabelle Shzree Tan/Mark Berry/EL Derrick Chong [Management]

The Effects of Social Media Techniques of Concert Halls in London and New York: Marketing and Promotion of Classical Music Concerts

Marsden, Hannah Tina K. Ramnarine Anna Morcom

Western Music in India

McCarthy, Rachel Paul Harper-Scott Erik Levi

Women and Listening in Early- to Mid-Twentieth-Century Britain

Mercieca, Nathan Paul Harper-Scott Mark Berry

Music, Writing, and the Self: the Ethics of Musicology

Millard, Russell* Stephen Downes (EL) Paul Harper-Scott

Gender and Narrative in Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé

Morra, Salvatore Rachel Beckles Willson Tina K. Ramnarine

The Tunisian ʻūd Soundscape

Moynihan, Sarah* Paul Harper-Scott Mark Berry

Sibelius: Post-‘Crisis’

Paine, Christina* Katharine Ellis/Erik Levi Henry Stobart

Angelica Catalani’s London Career

Parkinson, Tom Brian Lock Mark Bowden

Music for theatre/dance

Plans, Elise Brian Lock Shzr Ee Tan

Adaptive music for mobile devices

Pons, Elena Stephen Rose (HD) Paul Harper-Scott

Arranging the Canon: Keyboard Arrangements, Publishing Strategies and the Rise of Musical Classics, 1750-1820

Porton, Jennie* Tina K. Ramnarine Erik Levi

Contemporary Conservatoires and their Practices

Ranasinghe, Shanika Anna Morcom Carlo Cenciarelli

Ethnographic Studies of Nostalgia in Popular Music

Santos, Sorana Brian Lock Mark Bowden


Sarakatsanos, Anastasios Brian Lock/Sue Clayton Anna Morcom


Singh, Simran Tina K. Ramnarine Julie Gallagher [Politics]

Politics, Power and Identity: Popular Music in Fragile States

Sorayyapour, Giti Rachel Beckles Willson Shrz Ee Tan

/Geoff Baker

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Terrorised’: Hip-Hop framing Global War on Terror resistance through Anti-Colonial discourse: the case of Lowkey
Springthorpe, Nigel* Stephen Rose Henry Stobart

The Works of Johann Georg and Johann Christian Röllig, with Thematic Catalogue

Stuart-Rees, Roya Stephen Rose Henry Stobart

London’s original Academy of Ancient Music c.1710–1810

Tarrant, Chris Paul Harper-Scott Julian Johnson

Schubert, Sonata Theory, Psychoanalysis: Traversing the Fantasy in Schubert's Sonata Forms

Thomson, Kelvin* Mark Bowden Stephen Downes

Portfolio of Compositions: Stratifying Modernist and Postmodernist Techniques of Musical Composition

Van der Heijden, Frieda Helen Deeming/Ruth Harvey [Fr] Stephen Rose

A full view of Paris, BnF fr. 12786

Vavva, Georgia Tina K. Ramnarine Anna Morcom

Professional Music Making in Recession Athens: Globalisation, Cosmopolitanism and Human Agency

Ventura, Laura Stephen Rose (HD) Geoff Baker

Iconographical Representations of Women Making Music, 1500-1650: A Study of Cultural and Social Conventions

Vos, Stephanie Tina K. Ramnarine Erik Levi

‘Patterns in the Whole’: Contexts and Styles in South African Music of Exile

Walters, Adam* Brian Lock/Helen Grime (SD) Tina K. Ramnarine

Traditional Music as a Basis for New Art Music: A Caribbean Case Study

Wang, Weida Shzr Ee Tan/Erik Levi Derrick Chong [Management]

Record business & music

Wettermark, Esbjorn Tina K. Ramnarine Shzr Ee Tan

Socio-Musical Interaction and Sentiment in Vietnamese Opera

Whiter, Christopher Brian Lock Helen Grime


Whittaker, Laryssa Tina K. Ramnarine Anna Morcom

Beyond "Mzansi's Golden Economy": Inequality in neoliberal South Africa and the economics of development through music education

Williams, Jessica Paul Harper-Scott Mark Berry

Mythology and Politics in Twentieth-Century British Music

Wilson, Tom Brian Lock Mark Bowden

Pop composition: expanded application of pop songwriting aesthetics

Young, Katie Anna Morcom/ (HS) Geoff Baker

Simon David [Geog]

Global Bollywood in Northern Ghana: Tracing the Post-Colonial Circulation of Hindi Film Songs in Tamale, 1957-Present
Supervisions continue throughout sabbaticals; students temporarily change adviser during sabbaticals, (temporary advisers shown with initials).

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