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Mtv is looking for a pr coordinator

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MTV is looking for a PR Coordinator

MTV - Music Television, is the world’s largest network of youth entertainment television channels, and is broadcast in the Nordic region together with other channels including VH1 and Nickelodeon. MTV reaches over 6 million households in the Nordic region and Baltic regions.
MTV is looking for a PR coordinator to strengthen our PR department. The job is to keep media informed about MTV Networks and our channels. This will demand a person with a high stress threshold since it is a position with a department that has a very high tempo. The work requires knowledge in crisis communication, corporate communication and operative PR.
The person needs to have a university degree and 1 or more years experience from PR-work with a company or at an agency.

Key Responsibilities:
Serving journalists with information & material

Press releases, answering questions from press and such

Press administration

Updating Media lists, working with press invitations, arranging press events, Q&A’s and such

Press accreditation

Accredit press to MTV’s world wide events with help from PR-assistant

Crisis communication

Assist PR Manager and Management in events that require crisis communication

Required Qualifications:

High Performance Mindset:

Please e-mail your CV and covering letter in English to: no later than 23 June 2006. Please write “PR Coordinator” in the subject line.

Any queries in relation to this position should be directed to HR Assistant Elisabeth Fransson:

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