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Mtn-001 Concept Proposal Form Date:  

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MTN-001 Concept Proposal Form

Investigator/Team Member Name:     

Investigator/Team Member Institution:     

Investigator/Team Member Email Address:     
This concept proposal should be brief (1-3 pages) and must include the following:

  1. Proposed abstract/manuscript title and names of the lead writer as well as potential participating investigators (if known).


  1. Briefly describe the rationale for the proposed publication.


  1. List specific research hypothesis and how it relates to the primary or secondary objectives of MTN-001.


  1. Provide a summary of the analysis plan. List analysis variables including dependent variables, independent variables of primary interest, and other variables to control in the analysis.


  1. Proposed timeline for completion of analysis.


  1. OPTIONAL: Statistical methods/approaches anticipated for the manuscript (unless the statistical analyses have already been determined and/or are to be done outside of SCHARP, an statistician will be assigned to be a member of the writing team once a concept has been reviewed and approved by the MTN-001 Publications Committee).

Submit this Concept Sheet proposal to the MTN-001 Publications Committee (

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