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Mt awards the 2007 Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Awards

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MT Awards the 2007 Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Awards

The winner of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Award for large fleets is Mr. Ross Mangus (USAF). The winner of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Award for small fleets is Master Sergeant Tony Griffin (USAF). They received their awards at the awards dinner at the Seventh National Motor Vehicle and Aviation Exposition and Workshops in Orlando, Florida on July 24, 2007.

Ross J. Mangus is the Fleet Manager for Randolph Air Force Base, Texas and is responsible for the economic and efficient management of a 2,889 vehicle fleet valued in excess of 50 million dollars. In this capacity, he establishes policies, procedures and managerial oversight for vehicles assigned to 22 wing units. He also has supervisory responsibility for two civilian employees and ensures data input and analysis accuracy for all related vehicle issues. Mr. Mangus creates an atmosphere of partnership with customers across the base and with higher headquarters agencies. Moreover, his outstanding communication skills enable him to converse easily at any level. He is the absolute “go-to guy” for any fleet management questions or issues.
Mr. Mangus’ experience was invaluable in expediting the staffing process of five new vehicle authorizations to support a new T-38 aircraft squadron at Randolph Air Force Base. All five vehicles were in place two months before the new squadron started flying missions.
Mr. Mangus is a forward thinker and environmentally conscious manager. He single-handedly authored and received approval from the General Services Administration (GSA) to allow GSA vehicles leased by the Air Force to use the base’s Ethanol 85 pump. This agreement increased Randolph’s flex fuel usage by 200% and brought the base into compliance with Environmental Protection Act mandates.
Mr. Mangus is the consummate professional in every sense of the word. During the past year, not only did he fulfill the responsibilities as the fleet manager in an outstanding manner, he also stepped in to fill the responsibilities of the vacant Production Controller, a grade above his own.
Mr. Mangus has an Associate Degree in Logistics Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management. He is married to Mika Komatsu and they have a daughter, Tatum.
Master Sergeant Tony Griffin is responsible for the 56th Fighter Wing’s vehicle fleet

management and maintenance activities, including a 484-vehicle fleet valued at $30M and a 410-Low Speed Vehicle Management Program valued at $2.6M. He evaluates, directs, and leads 43 military and 11 civilian personnel. He’s responsible for inspecting, repairing, rebuilding, and modifying the fleet while ensuring compliance of emission laws with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Sergeant Griffin initiates self-inspections and establishes guidelines to track and maintain flight performance. He evaluates flight productivity, identifies affecting factors, and forecasts fleet changes to meet objectives. In addition, he plans, controls, and monitors work methods directly related to Vehicle in-Commission (VIC) rates.

Master Sergeant Griffin expertly maintained a 92.5% VIC rate average. He led his team to success by directing the upkeep of 484 critical vehicles. As a result, the 56th Fighter Wing was able to meet 100% aircrew on-time arrivals.
Placing customer service as a top priority, he focused attention on turnaround times, resulting in an improved 24-hour turn-time by 10%. Additionally, he captured a phenomenal 96.7% Fire Department vehicle fleet mission-capable rate. Ultimately, he initiated a standardized tracking system for "quality maintenance" practices, leading to a 25% repeat-work decline.
His team performed in-house repairs of hydraulic/tilt systems on six 463L forklifts, eliminating the middle man and saving tax payers $4.5K. Furthermore, he passed four no-notice inspections with a 100% pass-rate and noted as “Best in Arizona” by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
Master Sergeant Griffin also acts as the Cost Center Manager and he’s responsible for initial and recurring training progress. Sergeant Griffin7 cut training time by 15% and ensured a 100% skill level exam pass-rate.

Master Sergeant has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is married to the former Alicia Kay Washington and they have three children, Kristen, Lauren, and Ryann.

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