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More Success Stories


Hi Salvina,

I just wanted to inform you that I have been matched to the University of Toronto Residency Training Program. I wanted to thank you all especially Daniel whose critical input was very useful in achieving good scores on the OSCE exam. Please keep up the good work that you are all doing for the benefit of IMGs.

 Dr. Nilofar Siddiqi

Dear Dr. Salimi,

Thank you for all your assistance. I am presently doing my Residency in Family Medicine at Queen's University in Kingston. I hope you and your Ontario IMG School have even greater success in the coming years.
Best Regards,
Dr. Nafisa Aptekar
Hello Dr. Salimi and Staff,
I attended your OSCE classes last year. I got my result this Monday and I was accepted into the program for Clerkship Level in Internal Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton. I really appreciate your classes and thank you very much. Without your school's guidance, I would not have been able to do well in the exams.
Thanks to every one of you!
Dr. Lay Lay Win
Dear Salvina,


I just wanted to let you know that I succeeded and I've got an offer for a position in the Practice Ready Assessment (6 months) for Family Medicine. Thank you for all your help!


Dr. Gabriela Lewin
Dear Dr. Salimi,


I wanted to let you know that I got accepted into the Family Medicine program in IMG-Ontario. Thank you to your school for all its great work and dedication in helping IMGs.  


Take care,

Dr. Attar Masood

Hi Salvina:

Thank you and The Ontario IMG School for all your great help, direction and guidance. I am going to start my Residency in Psychiatry at The University of Toronto. Thank you so much!


Dr. Adriana Krizova

Dear Dr. Salimi,


I have been selected into the O-IMG Program and my Residency starts in July 2007. I am a previous student from your school and I attended your Mock Exams. I found your school to be of great assistance to me and quite useful. Thank you!


Best Regards,


Dr. Durya Ali


Dear Dr. Salimi,


I am pleased to tell you that after completion of the IMG Clinical Clerkship, I have received acceptance into the Internal Medicine Program at McMaster University, starting in July 2007. Special thanks to your school, your wonderful physicians/instructors, your detailed written materials and your Standardized Patients, especially Daniel.



Dr. Rouslan Kotchetkov


Dear Dr. Salimi and Staff,

I have been selected into the Family Medicine Residency Program by IMG-Ontario for the year 2007. I found your classes very useful, your written material very helpful and your direction immeasurable. Thank you!

Dr. Zubaida Siddiqui

Dear Dr. Salimi,
Thanks to you and your school, I am starting my Pre-Residency on March 27, 2006. I could not have done it without your school. Thank you so much!!!


Dr. Vinod Jauhari

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