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Mma mBanking Committee Recap Mobile Banking Face to Face Session 4 June, 2009 2: 30pm et committee Co-Chair(s)

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MMA mBanking Committee Recap
Mobile Banking Face to Face Session

4 June, 2009

2:30pm ET

Committee Co-Chair(s)

John Mavraides, Verisign

Sean Moshir, CellTrust

MMA Liaison

Kristine van Dillen



John Beber ATT

Sean Moshir CellTrust

Tosh Uchida Fidelity

Eileen Kim LifeLock

Frank Carnana Lifelock

Michael Dorian NeuStar

John Mavraides VeriSign

Shawn Flynn VeriSign

Bruce Withers Wells Fargo

Lori Beck Western Union


Attachments/ Links

mBanking Committee Forum



Agenda Details:

Goal: Build on last year's White Paper and provide an update on mobile banking in the US

1) Mobile Banking Update

- Latest stats on mobile banking adoption

- Types of services launched (text, WAP, app)

- Cost and Revenue Considerations

2) Technology

- New phones / OS (iPhone, Android)

- LBS (Fraud Detection)

3) Services

- Remittances

- Bill Payment

4) Surveys

- Field study conducted by MMA

- Case studies

Also: authentication, credentialing and provisioning


Meeting Recap

  • Independent Committee

    • It was agreed upon during the Mobile Commerce Committee meeting that Mobile Banking can become an independent committee.

    • We need to select a new name for our committee. Mobile Banking is too narrow and does not encompass everything that we do. (i.e. Secure Transactions)

  • Customer Survey

    • How can we help to increase the adoption of mobile banking with US users?

    • Create a list of questions about consumer’s attitude towards mobile banking and submit to MMA research department

  • Redefined opt-in process

    • The current opt in & opt out processes are onerous or difficult for financial institutions, as the processes were created for early-stage mobile marketing functions (ringtones, subscriptions, etc.)

    • AT&T has indicated that they are already evaluating these processes, and additional use cases would help.

    • Committee is interested in creating a draft of an opt-in processes specifically for financial institutions for review by the carriers.

  • P2P Remittance

    • Provide a consistent method for two users to transfer funds between their respective accounts (e.g. bank or stored value). This transaction is strictly between the users, it does not get added to the carrier’s bill.

    • Committee members need to explain the various use cases for P2P remittance and they need to be reviewed by the carriers.

  • Bill Pay

    • Provide a consistent method that allows users to authorize a bill payment from their phone. This particular bill would have already been approved for electronic payment from the financial institutions’ website.

    • Committee members need to explain the various use cases for bill payment and they need to be reviewed by the carriers.


Action Items

  1. Independent Committee:

    1. Determine name (Sean & John week of 6/29)

    2. Propose to Board for Approval (Kristine week of 7/6)

  2. Customer Survey

    1. Determine scope & process of survey (Kristine week of 6/29)

    2. Committee members submit questions for mobile banking survey to

    3. Collect a repository of mobile finance & mobile banking metrics from past surveys (John, ongoing)

  3. Collect Use Cases

    1. Committee members identify & define various financial use cases for Opt In, P2P Remittance & Bill Payment and appropriate opt-in and opt-out requirements. (all, ongoing)


Next Meeting



Please let Kristine van Dillen know if you have any questions regarding this meeting report:

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