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Mirc advanced Customization

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mIRC Advanced Customization
Ok by now you’ll have the basics setup, in this document we will cover –
Adding chat servers

Registering nick’s

Creating aliases

Changing colour schemes and layout

Adding a chat server
Open the options box, click on connect in the left panel, click on add at the top right of the right hand panel

In here you will specify the chat server that you wish to connect to. In this case it is the AURadioRocks chat server.
In the description box just type a name that best describes the server you’re going to connect to

In the irc server box type in the address of the chat server

The port number by default is 6667 which is the most commonly used port for IRC but there are other ports available. Check with a server administrator for what other ports are available.

If the server is a private server there may even be an access password which will only allow you to get on to it if the correct password is entered in the box at the bottom. Don’t panic there isn’t one on the AU server. Click ADD.

Registering a nickname
You may have settled on your ‘perfect nickname’ for the chat room, disconnected for the night and then come back the following day only to find that some git has nicked it and are using it as their own. To stop this from happening it is a good idea to protect it by registering the nickname on the server.
To do this you need to be logged on to the chat server and currently using the nick that you want to register and then type in the following command. It is also important to note that in this instance to use a valid email address as some servers send you a confirmation email to verify that you are who you say you are.
/nickserve register [my-password] [my@email-address].
Whether by email or a notification in the status window you will then be informed that your nick has been registered to you or if not then it will tell you what the issue was.

Make sure you can remember your password as it will need to be used every time you log on to the server. What you can do at this point is to put it in your perform box as mentioned in the basic setup doc and have mIRC take all the work out of it for you.

Click on perform under the connect heading in the left hand column of the options window and type in the following /nickserve identify [your password]

Creating Aliases
Aliases are commands that can perform commonly used commands, these can be a simple text entry in to a chatroom to a complex set of instructions for ops to use to kick and ban people etc.
For example if you want to have your own ‘personal’ slap message you can create an alias just for this purpose, the following example will assume you are familiar with the use of the tab key when entering peoples nicknames –
Copy the command below, and then in the main mIRC window press and release Alt+A and then paste the command in after the last entry, click on OK
/slap /me slaps $1 around with his trusty flick hammer for a laugh :o)

Ok let’s break the command down in to it’s component parts
/slap – this is the command that tells mIRC you are going to use the ‘slap’ alias

/me – tells mIRC that it is an ‘action’

$1 – is the nick of the person you’re going to ‘slap
Now if you type

/slap [nickname]

This will appear in the chat room looking like this –

[13:35] * optical slaps optical around a bit with his trusty flick hammer for a laugh :o)

The first part of the alias (/go, /sa, /gsa etc) is always the command you’re going to type in mIRC. Everything else are the instructions that mIRC carries out.
The commands can be whatever you want as long as they make sense to you and you can remember them.
Changing colour schemes
The text and background colours that are preset on mIRC may not be to everyone’s taste so there is an option that lets you change them. Press and release Alt+K to bring up the colour palette

All you need to do now is simply change the colours as you see fit, one obvious hint though, make sure that the colour of any text that is going to appear in chat is not the same colour as the background or you’re not going to be able to read it :o)

To change the background colour simply click in an empty area of one of the boxes above.

And finally –
Changing The Layout
This is a very useful option if, like me, you have more than one monitor and want to have different rooms / private messages on different screens.
Open the mIRC options box, click the ‘+’ next to display in the left hand column and then click windows. You can now tell mIRC to open any windows ‘outside’ of mIRC. This will allow you to move the windows from one screen to another without having to stay within the main mIRC program window.

All you need to do is select which windows you want to open this way and then click on OK.

This function is almost never used by people with only one monitor so don’t panic.

One thing you might decide to do though is have the channels you do go in to open up in the same place each time you go in to them.
Firstly you need to be in the room and have the room positioned on the screen where you want it to open each time.

At the top of the window it will have the name of the room you are in, to the left of the room name you will see a white box with a blue bar across the top of it –

All you need to do is right click the box, hover the mouse over the ‘position’ heading at the top and when the next popout menu appears left click on ‘remember’
Enjoy :o))

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