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Minutes student Activity Fee Board Meeting Friday, October 2, 2009 404 Old Main Attendance: Board Members

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Student Activity Fee Board Meeting

Friday, October 2, 2009

404 Old Main
Board Members:
Jack Rayman, Senior Director, Career Services; Chair, Student Activity Fee Board

Nick Borsuk, CCSG President

Mark Calore, CCSG Representative

Mark Donovan, UPAC Chair

Mary Edgington, Senior Director, Union & Student Activities

Roger Egolf, Faculty Senate Committee on Student Life, Penn State Lehigh Valley

Kathie Flanagan-Hertsek, Director of Student & Enrollment, Penn State Wilkes-Barre

MaeAnna Hassell, CCSG Representative, Abington

Gavin Keirans, UPUA President

Michael Kenney, CCSG Representative, Altoona

Justin Weiner, UPUA Representative

Michelle Matzko for Alfonso Mendoza

Dwayne Hilton for Ken Miller

Jay Arcuri, Assistant Director, Central Office for Commonwealth Student Activities

Heide Port, Administrative Support Assistant, Union & Student Activities
Welcome and Roll Call
Roll call was taken.
Adoption of the Agenda
A motion to accept the agenda was made by Nick Borsuk and a 2nd by Mark Calore. All were in favor.
Adoption of the Minutes
A copy of the last meeting minutes will be sent to the board by email for them to review and to vote on at the next meeting.
Announcements by the Chair
Jack Rayman brought several handouts for the group and began with the BLUE handout (appendix A). He discussed the role of the board and welcomed everyone, including the new members. Jack asked that each person do a quick introduction so the board could get to know each other.
Jack then continued by saying that he has been appointed by Damon Sims to chair this board and Damon will be available to come to the meetings as necessary.
Jack asked that everyone take some time to read the Handbook. The group last year spent a great deal of time updating the Handbook. Please come to the next meeting ready to approve this document.
Jack reminded everyone that a substitute board member policy has been adopted and that you can send a substitute as necessary. Please make sure that person is able to represent your organization fully at this meeting and understands the SAFB. If you will be sending a substitute, you need to notify Jack and Heide Port one week prior to the meeting and you need to make sure the substitute is appraised of all information prior to the meeting.
Jack asked if anyone in attendance was a parliamentarian. Jack stated that we follow a “soft” interpretation of Robert’s Rules of Order and that we need someone to be the guardian of the procedure. MaeAnna Hassell volunteered to do this for the group.
Jack stated that a quorum is 7 members and that Jack will not vote unless there is a tie.
Any discussion items for the board need to be submitted to Heide or Jack by noon on the Monday prior to the meeting. It is not acceptable to bring topics up 2 minutes before a discussion. If there is not much on the agenda, then we will open the floor for new topics, as time permits.
Subcommittee meetings will be held to work on proposals that have been brought before the board and delegated back to subcommittee work. The detailed discussion of any proposal must be done in subcommittee. When the proposals come before the full board, they then should be in good form and ready for voting.
Polycom services will be available for all meetings, but Heide needs to be notified a week prior to the meetings to have this scheduled.
Please review the cost of the SAF which is provided on the blue sheet.
Public Comments (10 – 15 minutes)
No comments from the Gallery.
Discussion Items
Item 1 – Operational Budget for UPAC – Mark Donovan led this discussion and provided a handout (Appendix B). UPAC is asking for an increase in funds to help pay for their retreat. This money originally came from a budget from Student Affairs that was dissolved. Gavin Keirans didn’t see anything wrong with this proposal. Nick wanted to remind everyone that the philosophy of this SAF board is to only allocate funds to the governing student bodies. Mary Edgington clarified that these funds have already been allocated to UPAC. Jay Arcuri stated that they are not requesting more money, just an exemption to allow for retreat expenses.
Gavin Keirans made a motion to vote on this for a total of $5000.
Roger Egolf asked to discuss this further.
Nick Borsuk moved to table this to have new language added and Mary Edgington seconded the motion.
Jay Arcuri asked that this go to subcommittee to be wordsmithed before bringing it back to the board. Mark Donovan will work with Heide Port to schedule this first session.
The motion was unanimously approved.
Item 2 – Clarification on SAF policy regarding fundraisers – Please see Appendix C. There is a recommendation to add the following highlighted areas to this definition for clarification.
Nick Borsuk stated that these comments are great and this clears up any questions.
Roger Egolf asked if they could fundraise for the betterment of the organization. This should go to the subcommittee for further discussion.
Gavin Keirans moved to table this discussion and Mary Edgington seconded the motion.
The board voted unanimously to table this discussion and send this item to subcommittee.
Item 3 – CCSG Operational budget – Last year this board approved three proposals that permit student organizations to receive lump sum funding. Lump sum funding was approved for UPUA and GSA, but lump sum funding was not approved for CCSG because of continuing questions & concerns from the commonwealth campuses.
Dwayne Hilton stated that the controversy arose because campus money would be coming to University Park instead of staying at the campuses, which is against written policy in the Handbook.
Gavin Keirans asked what the current progress was on this.
Nick Borsuk stated that Damon Sims created a committee and has called it the CCSG Taskforce. From now until Thanksgiving they will be working on a compromise and will come back to the board at the December meeting with a recommendation. Damon Sims gave them 1 semester of funds to operate until this is resolved.
Open Discussion
1. Gavin Keirans wanted to discuss the definition of Co-sponsorship. The intention was that if a group went to UPAC that UPUA could also cosponsor.
Mark Donovan clarified that only 80% of the funding could come from SAF funds to support the program.
Jay Arcuri clarified that during previous discussions about this issue, it was decided that the student group was responsible for 20% of the program costs.
Nick Borsuk clarified that this board did not want to have any group double dipping.
Gavin Keirans stated that he just wanted a clarification.
2. Nick Borsuk stated that at the last meeting a discussion about the SGA members was tabled. The current policy is that the SAF groups cannot have a governing body rep sitting on another allocating board. He wanted this removed from the handbook to allow the campuses to make this decision.
Mary Edgington asked why this was put in the manual.
Kathie Flanagan-Hertsek stated that this was just to prevent an incestuous situation.
Dwayne Hilton asked if there was more to this.
Nick Borsuk stated yes. This had to do with a co-chair in a case where there had been a conflict.
Mary Edgington had a copy of the legislation and Dwayne Hilton read the legislation to the board.
Gavin Keirans felt that this did make sense.
This issue needs to go to subcommittee for further discussion. Nick Borsuk will send a copy to everyone for review.
3. Gavin Keirans asked if there was any guidance given on this year SA Fee. Jack stated that at this point no.
A copy of the letter to Vice President Sims which included the recommendations from the board last year was handed out. (Appendix D).
Nick Borsuk moved that the meeting be adjourned and Mark Calore seconded at 4:33 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Heide Port.

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