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Minutes regular city council meeting march 8, 2006

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MARCH 8, 2006
Thompson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Council members present were Jean Soine, Jeff Bertram, and Dennis Zimmerman. Absent was Tom Lindquist. Others present were Ron Mergen, Interim City Administrator; Denise Baune, Administrative Assistant; Terry Hacker, Cable Coordinator; Mike Jacobson, Paynesville Press; Chuck DeWolf, Bolten and Menk, Inc.; Bill Spooner (6:04 p.m.), City Attorney; Lowell Flatten, MnDOT; Peter Ampe, Paul Ampe, Bob McDaniel.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Zimmerman reported his attendance at the Public Works Committee meeting. Soine reported that she did not attend any meetings. Thompson welcomed Ron Mergen as the Interim City Administrator and reported that the purchase of the irrigation land was completed on February 28, 2006. Additionally, Thompson reported that he will attend a League of Minnesota Cities Planning Committee meeting on Friday, March 10, 2006 and informed members that the LMC Day at the Capital will be held on March 30, 2006. Finally, Thompson reported his attendance at a Pay-Del-Co meeting and relayed to members that they are neutral on the Industrial Park expansion until new possible property becomes available. Bertram reported that he attended the Planning Committee meeting.
Motion to approve the minutes from the January 31, 2006 Special City Council Meeting, February 8, 2006 Regular City Council Meeting, February 22, 2006 Regular City Council Meeting, September 20, 2005 Ad Hoc Enhancement Committee Meeting, January 24, 2006 Ad Hoc Public Charitable Trust Fund Committee, January 9, 2006 Paynesville Area Joint Trails Board, February 15, 2006 Personnel Committee Meeting, January 25, 2006 Airport Commission Meeting, January 17, 2006 EDAP Board Meeting, October 4, 2006 Wellhead Protection Committee, February 6, 2006 Planning Commission.
Motion to approve Vouchers #69868-69872; 69902-69956 totaling $504,891.91 and Vouchers #69957-69996 totaling $12,147.46. Payroll vouchers #69873-69901 totaling $22,9636.37 and void #69893-69896. ACH Liquor Sales tax totaling $3,664.00 on 01/06.
Motion to approve the Joint Purchase Agreement between the City of Paynesville and Paynesville Township.

Motion to approve Ron Mergen, Kent Kortlever, and Chris Lundgren’s attendance to the LMC 2006 Safety & Loss Control Workshop on April 13, 2006 in St. Cloud.

Motion was made Soine to approve the Consent Agenda. Seconded by Zimmerman and unanimously carried.

The St. Louis Knight’s of Columbus submitted an application for a Gambling Permit to hold a raffle on March 25, 2006, at the St. Louis Church Hall.
Motion was made by Bertram to approve the St. Louis Knights of Columbus Minnesota Lawful Gambling. Seconded by Soine and unanimously carried.
Mergen reported that the City received a grant last fall which makes it possible to award 61 trees to residents that live within the City on a first come first serve basis. The variety of trees is as follows: Black Hills Spruce; Swamp White Oak, Sugar Maple; Seedless and Green Ash, American Linden Snow Crab, Red Splendor, Amur Maple, and Red Maple. Mergen stated that the permit applications are available and a tree book outlining the types of trees available at City Hall and that there is a two tree maximum per residence.

Austin & Tammy Nichols of 515 Liberty Street are requesting a Variance as their existing house does not meet the 20 foot set back from the road right of way. Therefore, their proposed 48’ x 34 ‘addition can only be 13’ from the road right of way.

Motion was made by Zimmerman to set the Austin & Tammy Nichols Variance Public Hearing for Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. Seconded by Bertram and unanimously carried.
Motion was made by Zimmerman to approve an extension to approve the Austin & Tammy Nichols Variance Request until April 30, 2006. Seconded by Bertram and unanimously carried.
Peter Ampe and Paul Ampe were in attendance to discuss the Preliminary Plat Application for the construction of 18 lots in Out B of Ampe Morningside Plat Two. All lots are proposed to be re-zoned R1 Single and Two Family Residential. Mergen reported that the Planning Commission had reviewed the Preliminary Plat, held a public hearing, and recommended approval with noted changes.
Motion was made by Zimmerman to approve the Ampe Morningside Plat Five Preliminary Plat as presented. Seconded by Bertram and unanimously carried.
Lowell Flatten, MnDOT, was in attendance to review alignment changes to the Highway 23 design that were recommended by the MnDOT Central Office Geometrics staff.

Flatten outlined some of the more significant changes as follows:

  • Each end has slight shifts in alignment outside of the City limits

  • There will be no turning lanes outside of Lake Avenue

  • The curve by the Airport will be tighter to bring the highway closer in and will flatten out the curvature going North

  • Area by Cemetery Road is shifted 150 ft to the West

  • Across the river is 100 ft east

Flatten stated that the alignment changes are an improvement, however, the changes will set the timeline back a bit and that Municipal Consent may not come until late March or early April and that he is currently waiting for cross sections and grades before approval from the Central Office.

Mergen reviewed a letter from Scott Schroeder, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Trails and Waterways Supervisor, regarding the lack of funding for fishing piers this year. Mergen stated that he spoke with Mr. Schroeder who indicated that the City would not have to resubmit the Application next year as it is already on their list for funding. Mergen also stated that the Park & Tree Board had discussed obtaining alternative funding to help assist the DNR with the funding of a pier and that one of the Board members was going to contact the Sportsman’s Club to solicit funding.
Mergen reviewed the proposed plan for this year. Mergen stated that the Park & Tree Board discussed taking one of the swimming docks from the beach and utilizing it as a boat dock and then making the swimming area smaller. The Council concurred with the proposed plan.
Mergen reported on the most recently reviewed Concept Plan for Ampe Park with the Council. Mergen stated that the Concept Plan was presented to the Park & Tree Board at their last meeting. Mergen informed the Council that the Concept Plan is not ready and is still being worked on diligently by the Park & Tree Board and that the Board hopes to have a final Concept Plan to the Council for approval within the next one to two months along with a cost estimate.
Peter Ampe addressed the Council and praised Mergen and the Park & Tree Board for all of their efforts to create such a terrific Park and that all of their hard work had exceeded his highest expectations for the Park.
Bertram suggested that things should be done in stages and cautioned addressing to many factors at once and added that it might be a good idea to eliminate South Street Park in tandem with the construction of Ampe Park.

Mergen reviewed a letter that he sent to the affected residents of Washburne Avenue regarding the placement of trees. Mergen stated that he is getting some feedback regarding the letter and that he is currently soliciting bids for the trees and would have the cost estimates available at the next meeting.
DeWolf stated that he spoke with someone at R. L. Larson and that they would be delivering a backhoe within the next 24 hours and that they hoped to begin in early April with weathering pending. DeWolf additionally stated that Bolten and Menk, Inc. would be sending out newsletters shortly.
Jason Ferche was unavailable to attend the meeting; therefore the Concept Plan was tabled until a future meeting.
Members briefly reviewed the letter from Development Services, Inc. (DSI) which stated that the City’s 2006 Small Cities Development Grant Application had been denied. DSI stated that as of the day of their letter they did not have any details regarding successful and unsuccessful projects. Additionally stated was that there were 87 applications and only 35 were approved for funding.
The meeting was recessed at 7:00 p.m. for the AMPI Variance Public Hearing.
The AMPI Variance Public Hearing was closed at 7:03 p.m. and the City Council meeting reopened.
Motion was made by Zimmerman to approve the Grant of Variance for AMPI, Inc. Seconded by Bertram and unanimously carried.
Thompson reviewed the following Informational items:

  • Minnesota Association of City Attorneys Conference from Bill Spooner

  • Closing of Funds

  • February Liquor Store Reports

  • Unaudited January Fund Balances

  • West Central Sanitation Usage Letter

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:08 p.m.

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