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Minutes of the first meeting for the besiii physics book

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Minutes of the first meeting for the BESIII physics book

April 10, at 4:00pm

Attendees: K. Chao, Yifang Wang, Yuan-Ning Gao, Shan Jin, Hai-Bo Li, Jian-Ping Ma,

Ya-Jun Mao, Xiao-Yan Shen, Zhi-Zhong Xing and Bing-Song Zou

Minutes taken by Haibo Li
The meeing is chaired by Yifang Wang.

Following issues are discussed:

  1. The structure of the book are adjusted. Conveners for each part and each chapter are determined, as listed below.

  2. Next meeting will be held on May 10 at 2:00 pm, in RM#B415 of IHEP. All writers should attend the meeting. Conveners of each Part and/or Chapter should report the outline of their respective part/chapter. It would be great if a draft is written and be distributed for discussion in the meeting.

  3. Conveners of each Part should have their regular meetings. Detailed plans for each part should be discussed in their meetings.

Part One: The BESIII experiment and its physics Jian-Ping Ma and Ya-Jun Mao

Chapter 1. Physics goal of BESIII Jian-Ping Ma

Chapter 2. The BESIII detector Ya-Jun Mao

Chapter 3. Offline Software Ya-Jun Mao and Wei-Dong Li

Chapter 4 Analysis tools Kang-Lin He

Part Two: e+e- collision at BEPC Xiao-Yuan Li and Yuan-Ning Gao

Chapter 5. Physics Processes Ping Wang and Da-Hua Zhang

Chapter 6. Hadron Production and Fregmentation Hai-Ming Hu

Chapter 7. R values Xiao-Yuan Li

Chapter 8. QCD studies at sqrt(s) = 2-5 GeV Hai-Ming Hu and Yuan-Ning Gao

Chapter 9. Production cross section of Ddbar and DsDsbar (?) Kang-Lin He

Chapter 10. Measurements of Parameters of Charmonium Resonances Yuan-Ning Gao and Gang Rong
Part Three: Light hadron physics Bing-Song Zou and Xiao-Yan Shen

Chapter 11. Hadron spectroscopy: status and prediction Qing Zhao, Chuan Liu, Ying Chen

Chapter 12. Meson spectrum Qiang Zhao

Chapter 13. Baryon spectrum Bing-Song Zou

Chapter 14. Glueball searches Qiang Zhao

Chapter 15. Hybrid, Multi-Quark and Molecule candidate searches Shi-Lin Zhu

Chapter 16. Two-photon physics Bing-Song Zou and Hai-Bo Li

Chapter 17. Others: Soft pions and a0-f0 mixing Han-Qing Zheng

Part Four: Charmonium Physics Cong-Feng Qiao and Chang-Zheng Yuan

Chapter 18. Charmonium transition ?? discuss with Qiao and Yuan in detail

Chapter 19. Leptonic decays ??

Chapter 20. Radiative decays ??

Chapter 21. Hadronic decays ??

1. rho-pi puzzle ??

2. Psi(3770) non-Ddbar decays ??

3. Baryonic decays ??

4. Other topics ??

Chapter 22. Rare and forbidden charmonium decays Xing-Min Zhang, Jian-Ping Ma, Hai-Bo LI

Chapter 23. Charmonium spectroscopy close to open charm threshold

Chapter 24. Exotic decays of Psi(4030), Psi(4160) and Psi(4415) Steve Olsen

Part Five: Charm Physics Zhi-Zhong Xing and Hai-Bo Li

Chapter 25. Leptonic D (Ds) Decays Ya-Dong Yang and Gang Rong

Chapter 26. Semileptonic D(Ds) decays and CKM matrix Mao-Zhi Yang and Gang Rong

Chapter 27 Hadronic D(Ds) decays I. Bigi, Yue-Liang Wu and Kang-Lin He

Chapter 28. Charm baryon production and decays H. Y. Cheng

Chapter 29. Ddbar mixing and CP violation Asner, Bigi, Xing, He, and Li

Chapter 30. Rare and forbidden charm decays Ya-Dong Yang and Hai-Bo Li
Part Six: Tau Physics Toni Pich and Chang-Zheng Yuan

Chapter 31. Tau mass near threshold

Chapter 32. Hadronic tau decays

Chapter 33. Leptonic and semileptonic tau decays

Chapter 34. Search for CP violation in tau decays
Part Seven: Comparison with other facilities and future prospects Cai-Dian Lu and Shan Jin

Chapter 35. Tau-Charm physics at B factories Alex Bondar (need confirmation)

Chapter 36. Opportunities of Tau-Charm physics at Super-B factories D. Asner or A. Bondar

Chapter 37. Do we need a super-charm factories A. Bondar (??) and Steve Olsen ??

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