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Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting held at the Doubletree Hotel Lowell, usa

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Executive Board Meetings

Lowell, USA 31 March & 1 April 2006


Of the Executive Board Meeting

held at the Doubletree Hotel

Lowell, USA

31 March & 1 April 2006

Roy Sinclair Scotland President

Les Harrison Canada Vice President

Warren Lowe USA Director of Finance

Per Näsman Sweden

Tove Porskjær Denmark

Kristian Sørum Norway

Hiro Saito Japan

Mike Thomson Secretary General

Richard Harding Curling Development Officer

Keith Wendorf Curling Development Officer

Liz Burns Administration Manager

Liz Munro Administration Assistant
1. Apologies
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Page 2 – EJCC 2006 – Should read 3-7 January, Prague. Czech Republic
4. Matters Arising from the Minutes
5. Director of Finance Report Warren Lowe
Current financial position discussed, no significant changes since December meetings.
A loan of US $50,000 @ 5% interest had been provided to the Lowell Organising Committee.
A charge of Cdn $10,000 had been made by TSN as an access fee at the Womens WCC in Grande Prairie to enable coverage to be broadcast out of Canada.

Outstanding Subscriptions

Belarus 18 months

Israel 3 ½ years

Ukraine 3 ½ years

6. Reports for Committee Convenors

6a. Operations Warren Lowe

Nothing to report

6b. International Roy Sinclair

An AIOWF meeting will be held in Seoul, Korea next week which Roy Sinclair will be attending.

IOC – Post Games Reports for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics were due to be completed and returned to the IOC.
Recommendations would have to be given to the Programmes Commission soon on the Singles event.
A questionnaire on the activities of each International Federation over the last 4 years is due to be returned to the Programme Commission shortly.
Curling had been a huge success both at the Olympics and the Paralympics and the IOC and IPC were very happy with both competitions.

6c. Competitions Roy Sinclair

European Junior Challenge 2007
It was agreed to hold EJCC 2007 at Tårnby, Denmark.


2006 11-19 March, Jeonju City, Korea

Excellent event very well organised.

2007 3-11 March – Eveleth, MN, USA

The contract has been amended and is with the Organising Committee at the moment. Some concerns over costs relating to Arena, Ice Making and Transportation which the WCF will be contributing towards. Bob Fenson will be the USCA contact.

2008 1-9 March

Formal bids had been received from Almaty, Kazakhstan and Östersund, Sweden. These bids were discussed by the Executive Board and the decision was made to award the Championships to Östersund.

2009 7-15 March Vancouver – Test Event for 2010 Winter Olympic Games


2006 Women, 18-26 March – Grande Prairie, Canada

Event went exceptionally well with good attendance.

  1. Men 1-9 April – Lowell, USA

Potential problem with siting of coaches during games at ice level behind scoreboards. Alternative positions being investigated.
It was agreed that coaches should be sited outside the field of play, if possible, at one end of the arena. Actual placement will be dependent on layout and circumstances relating to the venue. This should be agreed with the Organising Committee well before the start of the event.

2007 Women, 17-25 March – Aomori, Japan

Arrangements in hand. Richard Harding and Hiro Saito are to meet in Lowell to discuss broadcasting issues.

Japan TV station NHK are interested in broadcasting all Japan games. Fee to be negotiated. Sponsors being sought by DENSU. “Total Sport” Asia have shown interest in the event.
WCF to nominate Chief Icemaker and Chief and Assistant Chief Umpire.

2007 Men 31 Mar-8 April – Edmonton, Canada

Arrangements going really well. There will be a delegation from Edmonton at the AGA in Lowell to give an update. Les Harrison will attend a site meeting in April.

2008 Women 22-30 March – Canada

To be decided

2008 Men 5-13 April - Grand Forks, USA (WCF Meetings)

Chris Semrau from Grand Forks will be in Lowell for a meeting with the WCF. USCA to be represented.

2009 Women - Bid from Gangneung City, Korea

There will be a delegation from Korea in Lowell to give a presentation

2009 Men - Canada

To be decided

2010 Women – Canada
2010 Men – Interest from Hamburg, Germany

Discussion took place on the proposed Ford contract for WCCs and the latest arrangements between CBC and TSN. A meeting to cover these subjects will be held with the CCA representatives in Lowell.


2006 4-12 March – Tårnby, Denmark

Excellent event.


There was a problem with late withdrawals by teams which should be addressed in the future. This was discussed and it was proposed that for the Seniors Championship, European Junior Challenge and the Wheelchair Qualifying Event where there is a late cancellation by any team, the Member Association would be suspended from entering a team of that gender the following year.

2007 23-31 March Edmonton, Canada

Arrangements well in hand for this event which will run the week prior to the World Mens Championship and the Opening Banquet for the Mens event will be the Closing Banquet for the Seniors. To be held in Thistle Curling Club on 6 sheets of ice (8 sheets in club). Separate transport budget from WCC.
2008 7-16 March – Bid from Vierumäki

Decision deferred.

Masters Winter Games Proposal

The WCF have received an invitation from the International Masters Games Association to attend a meeting in Seoul. They wish to create World Masters Winter Games and would like curling to be included.

PCC 2006 – To be decided

A meeting of the Pacific members would be held in Lowell to determine a site for PCC 2006.

2006 13-24 February – Pinerolo, Italy

The curling event was a huge success and Roy Sinclair congratulated everyone involved especially Keith Wendorf, Chief Umpire and Lisa Schoeneberg, Curling Manager on an excellent job.

2010 Vancouver (CAN)

Dan Moro from VANOC will be in Lowell to give an update.

The qualification system to be proposed to members for 2010 will be the same as before but starting with 14 points to cover 12 teams (14-12-10).
A system needs to be put in place for the Singles discipline proposed to the IOC. It will be played at the 2006 Continental Cup with a WCC in 2007 and a 2 year qualifying period in 2008 and 2009.


2007 17-27 January – Italy Les Harrison

A meeting took place in Pinerolo during the Winter Olympic Games. Preparations for the event are well in hand.


2009 Date to be determined - Poland

Continental Cup

2006 23-26 November – Chilliwack, BC, Canada

A site visit is due to take place in May. No sponsors yet. Prize money to be circa Cdn $120,000 in total.


Roy Sinclair reported that the issue of eligibility for Olympic Participation was being debated by the IOC, and International Federations may have to revise their current rules.

6d. Rules Roy Sinclair

A twelve team tiebreak system needs to be inserted in the rule book.

6e. Marketing & Development Per Näsman

A report by Richard Harding on broadcasting was handed out and discussed by the Board. Appendix I

Roy Sinclair reported that there had been some discussions with other Winter Sports Federations on TV coverage of Winter Sports in general. There may be a future in programmes covering more than one Winter Sport.

Key Partners
A progress report and been received from Mark Schlüssel Appendix II
Lenovo, a Chinese owned IT company were sponsors in Lowell. Need to follow up for possible future sponsorship opportunities.

6f. Programmes & Services Kristian Sørum

A report by Richard Harding on equipment supplies and projects was handed out and discussed by the Board. Appendix III

A request has been made by the Swedish Curling Association for loan of US $200,000 towards a new dedicated 4 sheet curling facility in Uppsala. The current WCF policy was only to support one facility per member, and this had been done in Goteborg. This request was therefore turned down.
An application has been made by the Danish Curling Association for a Development Officer. This would be put to the new Executive Board.

It was agreed that the Development Assistance Programme will continue for 1 year from 5 April 2006 to 30 June 2007. US $10,000 is available for each Member Association to assist in curling development. Repayments for the purchase of stones and ice machines out of DAP will be considered.

A report by Keith Wendorf was distributed to the Executive Board.

Appendix IV

Fussen 2006

Junior Camp – Over 140 applications have been received for the Fussen Junior Camp from 18 different countries. 120 Places will be available and the selection process is under way.

The three courses (Ice Technician and Level I & II Technical Instructor) are now full.
Saturday 1 April 2006
Roy Sinclair had left Lowell to attend the Annual General Assembly of the Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF) in Seoul, Korea. The meeting was chaired by Les Harrison.

6g. Juniors Tove Porskjær
There was nothing further to report on Juniors with competitions already covered.
6h. Doping Tove Porskjær

80 tests had been taken at the Winter Olympic Games Curling Event compared to 26 in Salt Lake. There had been no positive tests.

At the Paralympics there were 8 test taken in the first day and then nothing until the semi finals. A total of 14 tests were taken.
The US Anti Doping Agency may be testing in Lowell.

6i. Constitution & By Laws
The need for a Constitutional Committee was discussed with an annual review of the constitution. Some suggestions had been received from Günther Hummelt. Warren Lowe would attend.
7. New Members

Spain – The WCF now recognise the Spanish Ice Sports Federation as its Member Association after a split between the Ice and Snow sports in Spain.

Kate Caithness joined the meeting
WWCC 2007 16-25 February – Sollefteå
Kate Caithness travelled to Sollefteå in January and met with the Organising Committee. The ice facilities and accommodation are very good.

The Wheelchair Championship will form part of the Sollefteå Winter Games which takes place every two years.

Winter Paralympic Games 2006
This was an excellent event. The Wheelchair Curling Event was a sell out most days and Kate thanked Lisa, Heli and Danielle for the first class job they had done.
The IPC were delighted with the first appearance of Wheelchair Curling at the Winter Paralympic Games.

2006 World Wheelchair Curling Qualifying Competition (WWCQC 2006) – 9-12 November – Braehead, Glasgow, Scotland
Kate has had a meeting with the Organising Committee and everything is in place.
Teams will pay for their own accommodation and travel to Glasgow.
Invitations will be sent out soon to Member Associations who did not qualify for WWCC 2007.

Kate Caithness left the meeting

8. Elections
Discussion took place on the format of the Executive Board elections to take place at the AGA. The Secretary General would be responsible.
9. Bid for Womens WCC 2009
A bid for the Womens WCC 2009 had been received from the City of Gangneung, Gangwon Province, Korea, and a presentation was made to the Executive Board. The proposed dates were 21-29 March, but these could be altered if sufficient notice was given by the WCF.
The decision was made to award the Championship to Gangneung pending a satisfactory site survey. The arena proposed had been used for the Pacific Championships in 2004.
10. Next Meeting
Date to be discussed with new Executive Board.

Open Meetings
The following Open Meetings were held on 2 & 3 April 2006
All major items discussed and recommendations made were carried forward to the Annual General Assembly and are recorded in the minutes of that meeting unless detailed below.

Sunday 2 April
Programmes & Services Kristian Sørum

Competitions & Rules Roy Sinclair
It was announced to the Members that the 2009 World Women’s Curling Championship had been awarded to Gangneung, Korea.
Wheelchair Curling Hiro Saito

Monday 3 April
Marketing & Development Per Näsman

Juniors & Doping Tove Porskjær

Finance Review, Constitution and Legal Warren Lowe
of the Annual General Assembly

held at the Doubletree Hotel

Lowell, USA, 5 April 2006

1 Reading of Notice of Meeting

The Assembly had been convened by intimation to members on 7 February 2006.

2 Report on Credentials of Representatives and Quorum

The following attendance was recorded.

Executive Board

Roy Sinclair Scotland President

Les Harrison Canada Vice President

Warren Lowe USA Director of Finance

Per Näsman Sweden

Tove Porskjær Denmark

Kristian Sørum Norway

Hiro Saito Japan

Mike Thomson Secretary General

Richard Harding Curling Development Officer

Keith Wendorf Curling Development Officer

Liz Burns Administration Manager

Liz Munro Administration Assistant

Representatives of Full Members

Royal Caledonian Curling Club Ainslie Smith

Jeanette Johnston

Bill Marshall

Irene Hird
Andorran Curling Association Andrew Ferguson-Smith

Ana Arce Lopez

Australian Curling Association Hugh Millikin

Rachael Woloschuk

Austrian Curling Association Günther Hummelt

Saskia Krügl

Canadian Curling Association Donna Duffett

Barry Greenberg

Dianne Barker

Jerry Shoemaker

Chinese Curling Association Li Dongyan

Czech Curling Association Karel Kubeška

Danish Curling Association Niels Larsen
English Curling Association John Brown

Sarah McVey

Finnish Curling Association Olli Rissanen

German Curling Association Didi Kolb

Icelandic Sport Federation Pall Tomasson
Irish Curling Association John Burns
Italian Ice Sports Federation Franco Zumofen

Japan Curling Association Shuji Abe

Hisako Urakawa

Kenichi Sato

Korean Curling Federation Young Chul Kim

Norwegian Curling Association Grethe Wolan

Havard Petterson
Russian Curling Federation Yurii Andrianov

Olga Andrianova

Swedish Curling Association Leif Öhman

Jan Rydheim

Helena Lingham
Swiss Curling Association Romano Ruch

Patrick Hürlimann

Beat Jäggi

Elisabeth Kellerhals

Chinese Taipei Curling Federation Rich Lee

United States Curling Association Leland Rich

Peggy Hatch

Andy Anderson

Bob Fenson
Welsh Curling Association John Stone

Ann Stone

Representatives of Provisional Members

Serbia & Montenegro Curling Association Marko Stojanovic

The following Proxies were recorded.

Member Nation Representative Proxy

Czech Republic Jana Medřicka Karel Kubeška (CZE)

Denmark Lisa Richardson Niels Larsen (DEN)

Finland Riikka Louhivuori Olli Rissanen (FIN)

Germany Karen Fischer Didi Kolb (GER)

Hungary Ferenc Studniczky Karel Kubeska (CZE)

Ireland Fiona Turnbull John Burns (IRL)

Kazakhstan Yekaterina Gorkusha Andrew Ferguson-Smith (AND)

Kazakhstan Viktor Kim Olga Andrianova (RUS)

Liechtenstein Michael Bader Günther Hummelt (AUT)

Liechtenstein Fränzi Bader Young C. Kim (KOR)

Luxemburg Marco Etienne Didi Kolb (GER)

Korea Ok Soon Kim Young C. Kim (KOR)

Netherlands Alie Kramer Jeanette Johnstone (SCO)

New Zealand Lorne DePape Rachael Woloschuk (AUS)

New Zealand Caroll DePape Ann Stone (NZL)

Norway Morton Tviet Grethe Wolan (NOR)

Spain Eduardo De Paz Gutiez Olli Rissanen (FIN)

Media Representatives

Håkan Sundström WCF Media Relations Officer

Doug Maxwell Canada


Australia Gerald Chick

Canada Dave Parkes

Dan Moro

Sharon Harrison

Ken McGowan

China Lan Li

Liu Yuanfu 

Italy Lisa Schoenberg

Japan Sachiko Saito

Korea Sun Ae Kang

Jong Heun Park

Kiseung Youk

Beyoung Rae Kim

Soon Hwan Park

Yoo Kum Jick

Scotland Colin Grahamslaw

Switzerland Urs Müller

USA David Garber

Jannette Lowe

Mark Swandby

Barry Mclaughlin

European Curling Federation Malcom Richardson
Attendance and Proxies

Voting Representatives present 46

Voting Representatives by proxy 17

Votes present 75

Votes by proxy 23
Full Members present 23

Provisional Members present 1

Zones present 3

Presentations of Medals, Badges, Ties, Scarves and Pins to Representatives attending their first Assembly.

Australia Rachael Woloschuk

Iceland Pall Tomasson

Norway Havard Petersson

Serbia & Montenegro Marco Stojanovic

Chinese Taipei Rich Lee

3 Exclusions/Suspensions of a Member Nation


4 Additions to the Agenda


5 Approval of the Agenda

Proposed by Niels Larsen

Seconded by Didi Kolb

and carried unanimously

6 Reading of the Minutes of the Last General Assembly and Approval Thereof


Page 2 – EJCC 2006 – Should read 3-7 January, Prague. Czech Republic

Proposed by John Stone

Seconded by Saskia Krügl

and carried unanimously
  1. Business Arising Out of the Minutes

No business arising

8 Report of the President Roy Sinclair

Olympic Winter Games, Torino 2006

The curling competitions both ran smoothly, and particular mention was made of the Chief Umpire, Keith Wendorf and the TOROC Curling Manager Lisa Schoeneberg for their hard work which ensured the success of the events.

All dope tests were negative.
Paralympic Winter Games, Torino 2006

The first Wheelchair Curling competition in the Paralympics exceeded all expectations, both for the quality of play and the levels of attendance in the arena. At times there was standing room only. The IPC officials were very impressed.

Assocation of International Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF)

The AGA was attended in Seoul earlier in the week. René Fasel, of the Ice Hockey Federation was re-elected as President. Ottavio Cinquanta of the Skating Federation would continue as the AIOWF representative to the IOC.

IOC Business

The income from the IOC following the 2006 Games would be paid to the WCF as follows:

April 2006 40% $4.8m

June 2006 40% $4.8m

December 2006 20% circa $2m (less insurance premium costs)
Applications were being made by other sports wishing to participate in future Winter Games programmes:

- Ski Archery

- Ski Triathlon

- Ski Orienteering

- Ski Mountaineering

- Bandy
None of the skiing disciplines had any involvement with the International Skiing Federation.

The IOC were considering these applications.

Roy Sinclair also reported on those competitions he had attended recently.

WJCC 2006 – Jeonju City, Korea – 11-19 March

An excellent event and very well organised. Everyone was extremely well looked after.

WSCC 2006 – Tårnby, Denmark – 4-12 March

Johannes Jensen the Chairman of the Organising Committee and Alex Tordrup, the Chief Umpire were congratulated on running a very successful event. Johannes also played in the competition.

2006 Women, Grande Prairie, Canada - 18-26 March

Very well organised and played to capacity crowds all week. Everything ran smoothly.

9 Report of the Executive Board and Committees

a) Competitions Les Harrison

Due to Roy Sinclair’s absence in Lowell earlier in the week, the Competitions Report at the Open Meeting had been tabled by Les Harrison as follows:

EJCC 2-6 January 2007 – Awarded to Tårnby, Denmark


2007 – Eveleth, USA – 3-11 March

Contract being finalised.

2008 - 1-9 March – Awarded to Ostersund, Sweden

Interest expressed from Russia in bidding for a future WJCC.


2006 Men, Lowell, USA - 1-9 April

Everything running smoothly.

2007 Women. Aomori, Japan – 17-25 March

Kenichi Sato of the Organising Committee confirmed that all arrangements were well in hand for the event.

2007 Men, Canada, Edmonton, Canada –31 March – 8 April

A presentation was made by members of the Organising Committee updating on plans for the event.

2008 Women, Canada – venue to be decided

2008 Men, Grand Forks, USA – 5-3 April

Meetings with the Organising Committee will be held in Lowell.

2009 Women awarded to Gangneung, Korea

2009 Men, Canada – venue to be decided

2010 Men

An expression of interest was received from Cortina. One had already been received from Hamburg.


2007 – Edmonton, Canada – 22-31 March

2008 – Bid received from Vierumäki, Finland and interest from Grand Forks, USA.

Olympic Winter Games

2010, Vancouver – 8-19 February

The qualification system for the 2010 Games will be the same as before but starting with 14 points i.e. 14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Points will be awarded at WCCs in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

A presentation was given by Dan Moro of the Vancouver Organising Committee.
FISU (University Games)

2007, Pinerolo, Italy - 10-20 January

Invitations to the teams who have qualified will be issued by FISU.

Continental Cup, November 2006 – Chilliwack, Canada

The European teams will be selected after the Men’s WCC in Lowell.

b) Rules Roy Sinclair

Kate Caithness intimated that some rule changes for Wheelchair Curling were being proposed. Details would be distributed and decided on at the SAGA in December.

There had been a problem with late cancellations of teams which should be addressed in the future. The Executive Board had discussed this and it was proposed that for the Seniors Championship, European Junior Challenge and the Wheelchair Qualifying Event where there is a late cancellation by any team, the Member Association would be suspended from entering a team of that gender the following year.

c) Wheelchair Curling & Paralympics Hiro Saito

Kate Caithness congratulated all those involved with the Paralympic Wheelchair Curling Competition. The President of the IPC Sir Philip Craven had been extremely impressed.

The next wheelchair event will be in Glasgow in November 2006, the qualifying event for the final places at the World Championship in Sweden in 2007.

d) Marketing & Development Per Näsman

A full report on Broadcasting had been given at the Open Meeting and the relevant papers distributed. Appendix I

Appendix II

e) Juniors & Doping Tove Porskjær

Junior Camp Füssen, July 2006 – 140 applications had been received from 18 countries for 120 places.

EYOF 2009 to be held in Poland.

Doping – 80 tests were taken at the Olympics and 14 at the Paralympics, all were negative. US Anti Doping Agency expected to be testing in Lowell.

f) Programmes & Services Kristian Sørum

A full update had been provided at the Open Meeting. Appendix III


The Development Assistance Programme will continue for 1 year from 5 April 2006 to 30 June 2007. US $10,000 is available for each Member Association to assist in curling development

g) Operations Warren Lowe

Thanks were extended to members of the Secretariat staff for their hard work. The workload was constantly increasing and an additional member of staff was now urgently required.

h) Constitution

Consideration would be given to amendments relating to future terms of office for the Executive Board Members

10 Report of the Director of Finance Warren Lowe

No budget was being presented at this time, proposals would be sent out in June 2006 for the year to 30 June 2007.

11 Appointment of the Auditors Warren Lowe

It was proposed that Tenon Audit Ltd, Chartered Accountants, Edinburgh be appointed Auditors for year to 30 June 2007.

Proposed by Andy Anderson

Seconded by John Burns

and carried unanimously
  1. Approval of the Annual Subscriptions

No changes proposed.

13 Resolutions


14 Further Business

The Secretary General made members aware of the recent death of Charles Heckmann, a former member of the WCF Executive Board and Past President of the German Curling Association. He had chaired the “Moving Ahead” project committee which was responsible for the reorganisation of the WCF in 1994 to form the current structure. He will be sadly missed by his many friends in the curling world.

15 Elections

Elections for members of the Executive Board were held. The Secretary General outlined the voting procedure.

David Garber

Liz Burns

Liz Munro

Susan Wendorf
An absolute majority was required to determine each position. Ballot papers had been distributed in advance to all voting delegates.
Management Committee

Sole nominee Les Harrison (CAN)

Elected by acclamation
Vice President

4 Candidates

Saskia Krügl (AUT)

Kristian Sørum (NOR)

Kate Caithness (SCO)

Leif Öhman (SWE)

Kate Caithness was elected on the first ballot.
Kristian Sørum, having served three, two year terms as a Member at Large, retired from the Executive Board. The other candidates would now stand for a Member at Large position.
Director of Finance

Sole nominee Warren Lowe (USA)

Elected by acclamation
The three Member Associations with guaranteed places on the Executive Board – Canada, Scotland and the USA, and both genders were now represented.
Members at Large

Candidates for the remaining 4 places on the Executive Board were:

Saskia Krügl (AUT)

Karel Kubeška (CZE)

Niels Larsen (DEN)

Olli Rissanen (FIN)

Hiro Saito (JPN)

Young C. Kim (KOR)

Olga Andrianova (RUS)

Leif Öhman (SWE)

Patrick Hürlimann (SUI)

In each of the ballots, if no candidate secured an absolute majority, the candidate with the least votes would be eliminated and the remaining candidates voted on. Those eliminated from a ballot for one position would be eligible to stand for a remaining position.

Position 4

Patrick Hürlimann elected on the first ballot.

Position 5

Ballot 1 Saskia Krügl eliminated

„ 2 Olli Rissanen “

“ 3 Olga Andrianova and Karel Kubeška eliminated

“ 4 Leif Öhman elected

Position 6

Ballot 1 Olga Andrianova eliminated

„ 2 Olli Rissanen “

“ 3 Karel Kubeška “

“ 4 Young C. Kim “

“ 5 Niels Larsen “

“ 6 Hiro Saito elected
Position 7

Ballot 1 Olli Rissanen eliminated

“ 2 Olga Andrianova and Karel Kubeška eliminated

“ 3 Young C. Kim eliminated

“ 4 Niels Larsen elected

The Executive Board Members elected to serve for a two year term of office were as follows:

President Les Harrison Canada

Vice President Kate Caithness Scotland

Director of Finance Warren Lowe USA

Patrick Hürlimann Switzerland

Leif Öhman Sweden

Hiro Saito Japan

Niels Larsen Denmark
All ballot papers were destroyed immediately following the election.

During the election process, various videos and DVDs were shown.

New President’s Address

Les Harrison thanked the members of the Canadian Curling Association who had supported him over the 9 years since he was first elected to the Executive Board.

He also thanked the staff of the WCF Secretariat for the efficient manner in which they ran the day to day business of the Federation and for the service provided to all Member Associations.

A number of the members of the previous Executive Board had now retired, and they were recognised for their valuable contribution towards the development of the sport.
A special tribute was paid to the outgoing President for the past 6 years, Roy Sinclair. He had performed at the highest level as a player, official and administrator over many years. His contribution in all these functions had had a major influence on the sport at national, international and Olympic levels.
Curling however, was not the only sport in Roy’s life, and his retrial will leave more time for visits to the golf course, a game at which he had also excelled over the years.
In recognition of his outstanding contribution to World Curling, Roy was presented with an electric golf cart, bag and set of golf clubs.
In his response, Roy Sinclair stated that he had always tried to uphold the traditions of the sport relating to fair play and sportsmanship on and off the ice, and urged the administrators of the future never to forget these values as the sport continues to develop and grow. Curling is now an established Olympic sport thanks mainly to the efforts of people like Günther Hummelt and Franz Tanner, and he had been proud to have been given the opportunity to play a part in the sports development.
He was sure that the Federation was in safe hands for the future and thanked all those who had supported him in the past.

16 Acceptance of new Member Association

No applications.

17 Date & Location of next General Assembly

Wednesday 13 December, 2006 – Ramada Plaza Basel Hotel, Basel, Switzerland


Of the Newly Elected Executive Board Meeting

held at the Doubletree Hotel

Lowell, USA

6 April 2006


Les Harrison Canada President

Kate Caithness Scotland Vice President

Warren Lowe USA Director of Finance

Patrick Hürlimann Switzerland

Niels Larsen Denmark

Leif Öhman Sweden

Hiro Saito Japan

Mike Thomson

Richard Harding

Keith Wendorf

Liz Burns

Liz Munro
Les Harrison was carrying out a review of all duties and responsibilities of Board Members and would meet each member individually to discuss. Some meetings had already taken place.
The final decisions on these responsibilities would be taken during the Management Committee meetings planned for May 2006.
All papers presented at the meetings of the previous Executive Board in Lowell were made available to the new Board members.
A presentation was made by George Karrys (Canada) outlining some proposals to enhance the image and profile of the WCF. These would be considered by the Board and discussed at their next meeting.
It was agreed that contact should be made with Lenovo, the Chinese IT Company who were ‘local’ sponsors in Lowell. They had also been sponsors at the Olympic Winter Games in Torino. Les Harrison was making enquiries.
Hiro Saito would make enquiries through Mizuno who supplied the IOC with branded jackets with a view to ‘sponsorship’ by providing replacement jackets for WCF Executive and Staff and also outfits for Competition Officials.

Silver Broom Tapes
Doug Maxwell, former editor of the Canadian Curling News has tapes of some of the Silver Broom Championships, and it was agreed that the WCF should obtain them and have them transferred to DVDs. Keith Wendorf will attend.

Moving Ahead
Copies of the original Moving Ahead document produced in 1994 will be forwarded to Board members.

Date of Next Meeting
24-27 August at the Secretariat, Perth.

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