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Minutes of the bels consortium Council Meeting May 19, 2011 Presiding

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Minutes of the BELS Consortium Council Meeting

May 19, 2011

Presiding: Janice Cooper N.V. Old Tappan HS
Present: Gihan Mohamad Bergenfield HS

Andrea Romano Cliffside Park HS

Kathleen Maynes Dumont HS

Donna Mikulka Hasbrouck Heights MS/HS

Susan Grover Leonia HS

Victoria Gupta Leonia MS

Linda Keesing New Milford Public Schools

Martin Skeele North Bergen HS

Katie Nellen Park Ridge HS

Deborah Clare West Ridge ES (Park Ridge)

Pat Gordon Eastside HS (Paterson)

Karen Giblin JFK HS (Paterson)

Susan Noto Indian Hills HS

Melissa Ferro Ramapo HS

Katherine Panczyk Midland School (Rochelle Park)

Ida Luteran Saddle Brook MS/HS

Eileen Layman Wood-Ridge MS/HS

Linda Martelli Catherine E. Doyle ES (Wood-Ridge)

  1. Call to Order: MOTION: There being a quorum, the May 19, 2011 BELS Consortium Council meeting will commence (10:14 AM). Meeting begun late due to several local road closures.

(Motion made- Linda Keesing, Seconded- Ida Luteran, Carried)

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes of the March 17, 2011 BELS Consortium Council meeting, they will stand as written.

(Motion made- Janice Cooper, Seconded- Kathleen Maynes, Carried)

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Invoices for BELS services in the 2011-12 school year were either available at the meeting or were mailed the following day. Bill creation was delayed slightly this May due to the more complicated nature of the invoices.

  1. President’s Report: Janice Cooper explained that the Polaris ILS launch date was pushed back to December 1, 2011 in order to ensure that training, revamped reports, and the BELS-BELS inter-library loan system will all be operational by that time. It was also announced that this would be the final meeting for Saddle Brook HS SLMS Ida Luteran. Everyone wishes Ida well in retirement.

  1. Consortium Coordinator’s Report:

  1. Phillip Berg announced that members should continue to email with delivery issues. The consortium was also reminded that the last date for BELS-BELS inter-library loan requests for the 2010-11 school year will be 5/25/2011.

  2. It was stated that the annual information collection process has begun. All schools are asked to send the Consortium Coordinator their district’s 2011-12 calendar, their desired last date of circulation in 2011-12, and a signed Letter of Agreement. Incoming student spreadsheets are optional to submit, but are highly recommended.

  3. The Consortium Coordinator indicated that 2010-11 professional development certificates should be received by all those who were still due a certificate no later than May 27, 2011.

  4. Phillip alerted everyone to the fact that the new LibraryLinkNJ website has been launched. All libraries must create an account to login to this website and record delivery statistics.

  5. MOTION: Vote on the following schedule of dates for the 2011-12 Consortium Council meetings:

    • 10:00 on Thursday, September 22, 2011 (online meeting)

    • 10:00 on Thursday, November 3, 2011 (NJEA Conf. is 11/10-11/2011)

    • 10:00 on Thursday, December 8, 2011 (online meeting)

    • 10:00 on Thursday, January 19, 2012

    • 10:00 on Thursday, March 15, 2012

    • May meeting to be determined at January 19th meeting

Please note that the location for the meetings is not yet confirmed, but will most likely remain the New Milford Public Library.

(Motion made- Janice Cooper, Seconded- Vickie Gupta, Carried)

  1. It was explained that training for the Polaris ILS would not need to take place until late October and November due to the launch date delay. Consequently, the original online survey asking for the Consortium Council’s preferred training dates has been rendered inactive.

  1. Committee Reports:

    1. WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Committee Chair Joanne Griffo was not in attendance, but gave a message through the Consortium Coordinator that the website is still set to launch in September, 2011.

    1. OPAC/CIRCULATION COMMITTEE: Committee Chair Linda Keesing delivered the committee’s findings on the topic of BELS Reports. They are as follows:

      1. Remove the “About” hyperlinks to the right of each report

      2. “Daily Overdue Notices”

        1. Make page layout more printer-friendly

          1. A .pdf document could work well

        1. Have more than one patron on each page

        2. Merge with Delinquent Item Notices

      1. The “Dusty Books” report should be automatically run every September 1st for each school, otherwise this report is useless. This report can also be customized and run manually at any time through BELS Reports on Demand (B-ROD).

      2. If the new “Daily Overdue Notices” report is exactly what is needed, the “Overdue and Bill Notices” report can be removed as well.

      3. The “Uncirculated Items Report” appears redundant after viewing the “Dusty Books” reports, and can therefore be eliminated.

      4. The “Items Currently Charged Out” report can stand by itself and the homeroom variety can be deleted.

      5. The “Outstanding Fines List” report should remain as is.

      6. The “Items Added Monthly” and “New Items” reports can be simply consolidated into one report.

      7. We should keep the “Items Discarded Monthly” and “Monthly Circulation” reports.

      8. The “Collection Age” and “Dewey Analysis Report” will remain, but should also be run automatically every September 1st for each school.

      9. Suggestions for new reports include:

        1. Most frequently circulating titles

        2. Most frequently requested titles

        3. Springtime overdue items for oldest grade (in order to more efficiently chase down those who are graduating)

  1. Old Business: None

  1. New Business: Donna Mikulka asked for a brief tutorial to be sent on the listserv about how to reactivate multi-window mode in Workflows. Such a tutorial was emailed on May 23, 2011.

  1. Adjournment: MOTION: There being no more business, the meeting will adjourn (11:17 AM).

(Motion Made- Linda Keesing, Seconded-Vickie Gupta, Carried)

Date of Next Meeting: 10:00 AM online via Adobe ConnectPro on Thursday, September 22, 2011.

Note: After adjournment, Phillip Berg gave demonstrations of several new items of interest:

  • Our new Polaris ILS system

  • The new Polaris PAC:

  • Polaris’ “Simply Reports” (B-ROD’s successor)

  • The new LibraryLinkNJ website:

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