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Mie 373 Assignment #3

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MIE 373

Assignment #3

Wednesday January 28, 2004

The deadline to submit your files (both your model and a Word document answering to the questions) is Wednesday, February 4, at noon.

Please submit your files at: s:\course\mie373\submit

Both your files should be named with your student number.
Create a model of the following.
Finally reading week and those traveling to do some study!
The passengers arrive at the airport with an exp (1) distribution. 10% are first class, 25% are business class, and 65% are economy class.

At the check-in desk, there is a single queue for check-in. However, there are three servers (first class check in server, business class check in server, and economy class check in server) each taking customers of the specific class out of that single queue and serving them (ie: the first class check in server only serves first class people and so on). The check-in time for all fits a distribution of Normal (5, 0.3). Then they all randomly enter one of the four queues for security check. The security check for all passengers fits into a distribution of Average (2). There is a single queue for boarding the plane, in which the first class passengers are prioritized over other passengers, and business class passengers are prioritized over economy class ones. The boarding time depends on the classes. For first class passengers, the boarding time is Average (2.5), for business class passengers it is average (1.5), and for economy class passengers it’s average (1).

Please simulate the model for 120 minutes. All timings provided are in minutes.
Please answer the following question:

  1. What was the average waiting time in the boarding queue for first class passengers?

  2. What was the average waiting time in the check in queue for business class passengers?

  3. What is your recommendation to make the flow of passengers smoother, without adding new servers? Just explain, no need to incorporate in the model.

Here model should look like this of the model:

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