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Microsoft Office Version Comparison

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Microsoft Office Version Comparison

Still running a previous version of Microsoft® Office? See all you are missing by not upgrading to Microsoft Office XP. Compare the features and benefits of Office XP with your current software in the following areas:

  • Making Productivity Simple

  • Enabling Collaboration for Everyone

  • Flexibly Addressing Business Needs

For additional details, read an independent report by the American Institutes for Research that compares Office XP and Office 2000.



Office 97

Office 2000


Smart Tags
A set of buttons shared across Office applications, smart tags appear as needed (when you paste data, for example, or make an error in a Microsoft Excel formula) to provide options for completing a task quickly.

Task Panes
Access important tasks from a single location with task panes. Perform searches, open documents, view your Clipboard, format documents and presentations, download templates from the Web, and more.

Paste Options Smart Tags
Change the formatting of copied data before you paste it into a new document with Paste Options smart tags. You can even apply specific characteristics to data, based on content.

AutoCorrect Options Smart Tags
Control automatic functions that take place within Office applications. You can undo or disable automatic corrections, and access the AutoCorrect Options dialog box without going to the Tools menu.

File New (Task Pane)
Now you can launch a new document from inside another document, create documents from templates stored on the Web, and see a list of recently used templates and documents.

Office Clipboard (Task Pane)
The Clipboard now holds 24 pieces of information—double the number in Office 2000. Thumbnails in Task Pane View make it easier to distinguish among items.

Office Document Imaging
Scan documents for later viewing or to reuse the text in Office applications. Take advantage of the text search capabilities of Office to search scanned documents.

Speech Recognition
Increase productivity by using speech to dictate text and voice commands to make formatting changes and navigate menus.

Notes you take on a handheld device can be uploaded to Office applications as text. You can also write directly in Microsoft Word—in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to English—and save your work as a handwritten document or convert it to text or typed characters.

Compress Pictures
Compress images simply by designating how they will be used (on the Web, for example). Office XP compression minimizes file size without sacrificing quality.

Office E-Mail Introduction
Add a short introduction to e-mail messages sent from Office applications.

Ask a Question
Get help in Office XP by typing questions into the Office menu bar without launching the Answer Wizard or Office Assistant.

Office Assistant
In Office XP, the Office Assistant is hidden by default and only appears when Help is activated.

Now hidden by default

Help Window Improvements
Access Help and useful Web sites, including Product Support Services' and Office Update's, more easily. A “What's New” catalog provides information about new features.



Office 97

Office 2000


Context-Sensitive Smart Tags
Using smart tags, Office XP automatically recognizes many information types, including names, dates, addresses, telephone numbers, places, and stock symbols. Smart tags can be developed to recognize any kind of data.

Search Task Pane
The task pane makes it easy to find text in a document and locate files or folders from within the document you are working on. You can also index files on your machine for faster searches.

Web Queries
Access and analyze live data from the Web by simply copying and pasting Web pages into Excel. Smart tags automatically provide the option to create refreshable Web queries.

Office Template Gallery
The New Document task pane gives you direct access to hundreds of professionally designed templates available on the Web in the Office Template Gallery.

Available from the Web

Available right from the Office task pane

Microsoft Design Gallery Live
Access thousands of images, sounds, and animations on the Web in the Office Media Gallery. Monthly updates mean you always have access to fresh material.

My Data Sources
Connect quickly to databases and other data sources from this new folder inside My Documents, which tracks information you have previously accessed.

Print from Browser
HTML files are now printed directly from the Office application they were created in, providing a significantly better printing result.

Web Options Capability
A new drop-down menu in Web Options makes it easy to create documents compatible with specific browsers.

Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Enhancements to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box make it easier to link to files when creating or maintaining Web pages.



Office 97

Office 2000


Document Recovery
In the event of a program error, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Word, Excel, and Access let you save the file you are working on when the error occurs.

Automatic recovery, now provided in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, lets you choose how often files are saved. If an error occurs, discard the recovered file, save it in place of the original, or keep it as a separate file.

Only in Word

Only in Word

Now in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Application Error Reporting
Office XP applications can automatically report errors directly to Microsoft or a corporate IT department. Error information can be used to correct problems and provide workarounds.

Application and Document Recovery
A safe method for quitting a program that has stopped responding, Application and Document Recovery lets you initiate recovery of a document while you are shutting down the application.

Repair and Extract
This sophisticated document recovery feature is automatically invoked in Word and Excel whenever an error occurs or a document fails to load properly. Also accessible from the File Open dialog box.

Safe Mode
Office XP eliminates unnecessary downtime by automatically running workarounds for common problems that can occur when applications are launched.

Digital Signatures
Digitally sign entire documents in Office XP. With digital signatures, you'll know if a document has come from a trusted source, or if it has been altered.

Document Password Encryption
Word and Excel offer improved password security through the addition of the CryptoAPI standard. Password encryption has been added to PowerPoint for the first time.

Simple password protection without encryption

Single Security Tab
Office XP provides easy access to security features by placing security options for each application under a single tab.



Office 97

Office 2000


Send for Review
New features let you assign roles to everyone involved in the document review cycle, while automatically providing the correct tools for each reviewer. As the review process progresses, changes can be easily merged back into the original document.

Compare and Merge
Office XP makes it easier to merge comments and revisions from more than one reviewer into a single version of a document, and accept or reject proposed edits.

Markups in Word and PowerPoint now appear in the right margin of documents, and identify revisions and reviewer comments without obscuring the original document or affecting its layout.

Reviewing Toolbar
New Reviewing toolbar features include the option to view changes by specific reviewers or by all reviewers, and then accept or reject changes one at a time or all at once.



Office 97

Office 2000


SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft
An easy-to-create Web site that serves as a central location for all project information, SharePoint Team Services (included with FrontPage® version 2002) makes it easy to conduct discussions and create contact and task lists, event calendars, document libraries, and surveys—all from a Web browser.

Included with FrontPage 2002

Document Libraries
Document Libraries make collaboration easier by providing a single location where Web users can store documents.

Save/Open Dialog
A new HTML interface lets you navigate directly to a Document Library from within the File Open/File Save dialog box.

View and edit structured lists used to build Microsoft SharePoint team Web sites using a Web interface. List templates include announcements, team contacts, team events, and surveys, and lists can be customized or created from scratch.

A central location for storing team events, this new feature lets team members add information about events and then export them directly to a Microsoft Outlook® calendar.

Team Contacts
Manage contacts, change columns and views of contacts, and export or import contacts to or from the Outlook Contacts folder.

Document Discussions
With Office XP, you can conduct discussions in an Office document or Web site.

Editing in FrontPage
Use FrontPage to edit Microsoft SharePoint Team Web sites. Customization options include changing themes, adding FrontPage components, and incorporating static HTML elements.



Office 97

Office 2000


MSN Messenger Integration
Now you can find out if someone is online when you open their e-mail message or contact card, and immediately initiate an MSN® Messenger session.

Outlook Free/Busy Sharing
Outlook makes it easier to schedule meetings with Outlook users who don't share an Exchange server by providing Free/Busy information over the Internet.

Propose New Time
Now you can propose a new meeting time when you receive a meeting request. Access Free/Busy information for meeting attendees before proposing a meeting time.

Group Schedules
Save group calendars within Outlook for quick and easy access to team schedules. View Free/Busy information from a group calendar and set up meetings for an entire group.



Office 97



File Format Compatibility
Backward compatibility between Office XP, Office 2000, and Office 97 (with the exception of Access 97) lets users of all three versions seamlessly share documents. Access version 2002 uses the Access 2000 file format by default.

Smart Tag Extensibility
Smart tag technology provides a great platform for third-party developers building business solutions for Office XP users. One example: a smart tag that links you to customers, orders, and prices when you type an order number into Excel.

XML Support in Excel and Access
Rich support for XML in Office XP lets you load and save XML directly into Excel, and analyze online data by querying XML spreadsheets from the Web. In Access, you can import and export XML schemata, data, and tables automatically using default settings, or you can take advantage of advanced options that provide more control.

Office Web Components
Excel Web Components now support native Excel files and named ranges, and allow for multiple worksheets, wrapped texts, and the ability to publish interactive workbooks to the Web. Excel PivotTable® components provide conditional filtering on a range of expressions. Office XP extends the object model to allow developers to build custom solutions that deliver data to the browser.



Office 97



Intelligent Setup
Intelligent Setup simplifies installation when you upgrade to Office XP by analyzing your system configuration and installing Office components that match your existing setup.

Custom Installation Wizard
New features include the ability to remove files (such as outdated add-ins) during installation, the chance to set security levels for each program, and options for customizing Outlook.

Custom Maintenance Wizard
This new feature simplifies maintenance and configuration after installation. Use it to add or remove files, programs, and components; change configuration settings; and conduct many other administrative tasks.

Save My Settings Wizard
Copy settings from one computer to another easily by transferring them to a file or the Web (using Microsoft Passport for authentication), and then applying them to another machine.

Available as a Web download

Setup from HTTP
Installation support for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP means Office XP can be installed directly from a Web server or a file share on your organization's network.

Policy Support
Office XP provides added policy support for most new Office XP functionality, allowing administrators to set policies that control Office security settings and Office task panes.

International Support
Enhanced support for international features includes an independent setup for each language; a new Multi-Language Pack setup wizard; and automatic operating system language detection. FrontPage, now available in 26 languages (FrontPage 2000 came in 15), supports bi-directional character sets and Unicode, making it possible to create FrontPage content in any installed language.

Support for Windows Terminal Server
Upgraded interaction between Office and Windows® Terminal Server means Windows Terminal Server can now be installed along with Office XP, eliminating the need for custom installations. In addition, complex display features are turned off when you connect to a remote machine, yielding improved application performance.

Microsoft Office Version Comparison 11/26/01

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