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Mesa air publications and presentations policies and procedures (2 pages) manuscript proposal submissions

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(2 pages)
Complete the Proposal Submission Form on the MESA Website.

  • Go to the external MESA Website at:

  • Select “Internal Site”

  • You will be asked for a login and password. Please contact Sharon Fentiman at if you do not already have this information.

Once you are in the Internal MESA Website:

  • Select “Publications and Presentations”, and then

  • “Proposal Submissions” subheading

  • The online Submission Form is the first option, followed by a “how to” document and examples.

  • The submission form will ask you to register for a personal user name and password (instructions are included), which you will use each time you submit a proposal online. If you are having difficulty registering, click “contact”. This will put you in touch with the person at the Coordinating Center who will be able to assist you.

The online proposal submission can be completed in stages. As a submitting author you can set up part of your proposal and save it, and then can complete it at your convenience. Once a proposal submission is complete, an automatic notification is sent to the appropriate P&P Coordinator for processing.

The P&P Coordinators are:

MESA Air and MESA Genetics P&P: Sharon Fentiman (

Main MESA P&P: Karen Hansen (
MESA Air Data
When submitting proposals online that include MESA Air exposure data, be sure to check the MESA Air Data box toward the end of the form. If this is not checked, the proposal will automatically be forwarded to the main MESA P&P Coordinator instead of to the MESA Air P&P Coordinator, which may delay the review of your proposal.
New Author List
Your coauthors can be added to your proposal by clicking on the name in the scroll-down menu of the “New Author” section. Authors who are not on this list are not yet in the MESA database, so you will need to add their names to the system under the “New Authors” Form (located above the “Proposal Submissions” heading). Once the New Author Form is completed, the author will be added to the database and you can then select the author’s name for your online proposal submission.

MESA Air Proposals:
After the MESA Air P&P Coordinator receives the completed online proposal, it will be reviewed by the MESA Air P&P Committee for approval. Approved proposals that are strictly MESA Air (typically, those that do not include health or genetics data) will then be sent on to the MESA Air Steering Committee for final review and approval (the SC meets the third Monday of every month, and manuscript submissions should be made at least a week prior to these meetings). You will be kept informed of each approval status and will be forwarded any comments from the Committees regarding your proposal.
Manuscript No.
Once approved by the P&P Committee, your submission will be assigned a Manuscript number. MESA Air Manuscript numbers begin with “P”; MESA Genetics Manuscript numbers begin with “G”, and main MESA ancillary manuscript numbers begin with either “AC”, “AL”, or “AM”. Please include your manuscript number in any correspondence related to your proposal (including abstracts and pen drafts based on that proposal).
Proposals Requiring Revisions:
If the P&P Committee approves your proposal pending minor revisions, the proposal will receive a manuscript I.D. number in the database. However, it will not be forwarded for Steering Committee approval until the revised proposal is received by the P&P coordinator via email attachment, and re-reviewed by the P&P Committee for approval. When submitting your revision, please also include a cover letter outlining the changes made to your revised proposal in response to the Committee’s major comments and suggestions. The revised proposal receives electronic expedited review by the P&P Committee and, if approved, will be sent to the Steering Committee for final approval.
If your proposal is not approved by the P&P Committee because major revisions are deemed necessary, your manuscript will not receive an I.D. number. You will be asked to revise and resubmit, addressing the major comments and suggestions that were made by the P&P Committee. Once your revised proposal is approved, it will be assigned a number in the database.
MESA or MESA Genetics Proposals related to Air Pollution:
If your proposal includes health or genetics data, it will first be reviewed by the MESA Air P&P Committee and then forwarded by the MESA Air P&P Coordinator to either the MESA or MESA Genetics P&P Coordinator for approval by the appropriate P&P Committee. MESA P&P meets to review proposals the 2nd and 4th Wed. of each month; the Genetics P&P Committee meets the 4th Wed. of each month - see schedule located online -
Approved P&P proposals will then go to the MESA SC for final approval and possible co-author nominations (this generally takes another week or two for SC approval).

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