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Mendelssohn Bonus: Name these three composers from their works on a 10-5 point basis: 10: String Quartet #3-Rasoumovsky 5: Symphony #9-Chorale ludwig von beethoven

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1. The grandson of a Jewish assimilationist philosopher, he conducted the Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra and revived interest in Bach, as well as writing the oratorios "Elijah" and "Song Without Words." His symphonies include "The Scottish," "The Italian," and "The Reformation." For ten points name this German composer who at age 17 wrote an overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Felix Mendelssohn

Bonus: Name these three composers from their works on a 10-5 point basis:

1. 10: String Quartet #3-Rasoumovsky 5: Symphony #9-Chorale LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN

2. 10: Die Fledermaus 5: Tales of the Vienna Woods


3. 10: Semper Fidelis 5: Stars and Stripes Forever


2. He rose quickly, from Minister of Justice in February to Minister of War in May, to Prime Minister in July. He fell even more quickly, being toppled in a revolution in October 1917. For ten points, who was this brief ruler of Russia.

Alexander KERENSKY

Bonus: Identify this Russian after one clue for 30 points, after two for 20 or after three for 10:

  1. As Soviet Ambassador to Hungary in 1956, he played a major role in the Soviet invasion of that year.

  2. As head of the KGB from 1967 to 1982, he had major roles in the invasions of Czechoslovakia and

3. He was much less interventionist as head of the Soviet Union from 1982 till his death in 1984.


4. He earned a Pulitzer Prize for his work My Lai 4, uncovering the horror of the My Lai massacre, and has written other books such as The Samson Option. For ten points, name this author, who may be more famous for his most recent work, The Dark Side of Camelot Sy Hersh

Identify the following Kennedys for ten points each

1. Daughter of Eunus, niece of JFK, she is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver

2. He was killed in a skiing accident while playing football on the slopes. Michael Kennedy

3. Probably drunk at the time, he drove off a dock in Massachusetts, killing the female passenger in his car Ted Kennedy
5. At just 5’3”, this man is the shortest player in the NBA. Drafted by the Bullets in

1988, he was part of a bizzare duo with Manute Bol, then the tallest member of the NBA. For ten points, name this Golden State Warrior who starred in Charlotte as a playmaker and defensive sensation

Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues
7. Pencil and paper ready. It takes one faucet 4 minutes to fill a sink with water and it takes a second faucet 2 minutes to fill the sink with water. If both are run at the same time, how long would it take the sink to fill?

1 minute 20 seconds, or 1 and 1/3 minutes, or 4/3 minutes, or 80 seconds

BONUS: For ten points each answer the following questions about mathematical sequences and series.
This number is the tenth term of the Fibonncci sequence


If you took the sum of the factorials of all integers from 1 to 100, this number would be the last digit of the final sum


This is the sum of the integers from 1 to 100


8. He he was born in 1881, although he didn't make his name known until 1913

when he co-founded a film company with Samuel Goldfish, who was also known as

Samuel Goldwyn. Despite his death in 1959, his legend lives on. The Academy

Award for lifetime achievement is given in his name as a tribute to his

lifetime of work. For 10 points, name the man who directed The Ten

Commandments twice, once in 1923 and once in 1956, and also directed The

Greatest Show on Earth.
A. Cecil Blount DeMille
BONUS: Given the actor or actress, name the current spouse or significant other for five points each.
1. Helen Hunt Hank Azaria

2. Rhea Perlman Danny DeVito

3. Kim Basinger Alec Bladwin

4. Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman

5. Ellen Degenerous Anne Heche

6. Will Smith Jada Pickett

9. They were the most powerful of the Akan peoples and moved from the interior to take control of what is now coastal Ghana and to take control of the trade routes for gold. For ten points, name this people famed for their gold work and kente cloth.


Bonus: The 554-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrials Average on October 27th two years ago was the worst point-drop in history but didn't even make the top ten in terms of percentage declines. For 10 points apiece:

  1. The 508-point drop on October 13th of what year was the worst-ever percentage loss, a fall of 22.6%?


2. On what day of the week did the crash of '87 occur?


3. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest percentage losses all occurred in the fall of what earlier year?

10. She lived in Titusville, Pennsylvania when the world’s first oil well was drilled there, and so was in a unique position to see the creation of the oil industry. For ten points, name this crusading journalist who ripped Mr. Rockefeller in her History of the Standard Oil Company?


In 1911, the U. S. Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of the Standard Oil Company. For 10 points each, give the current name of each of the following companies which were created or restructured as a result of the dissolution of the Standard Oil Company.

  1. Standard Oil of New Jersey Exxon

2. Standard Oil of New York Mobil

3. Standard Oil of Indiana Amoco

12. He was greatly annoyed when he learned that Stanley Kubrick was planning to omit the crucial last chapter of his book in the process of filming his "A Clockwork Orange." For ten points, name the author who wrote the book, which gave the English language the term "droogies."


Ten points each, name the following "Promethean" authors.

  1. Wrote Prometheus Bound and Prometheus the Fire-Bringer


2. Person besides Aeschylus to write a work called Prometheus Unbound.


3. Wrote a book subtitled The Modern Prometheus


13. Decided in 1968, this case was a landmark victory for Civil Libertarians. One of the Burger Court’s first decisions, the case involved the meaning of symbolic expression as well as the First Amendment rights of students. For a quick ten points, name this Supreme Court case that was brought by three Iowan teenagers who had been suspended from school for wearing black armbands protesting the Vietnam War.

Tinker v. Des Moines
BONUS: For five points each, name the Constitutional amendment.

States the vote cannot be abridged on account of race


States that the vote cannot be abridged on account of sex


Prohibits excessive bails and fines


Authorizes the income tax


Protects citizens from unwaranted searches and seizures


Prohibits slavery


  1. This English artist of the late 19th century who worked in black and white epitomized the decadence of the 1890’s. His most famous works are heavily influenced by Japanese Sumi-e art. For ten points name this illustrator of J.M. Dent’s famous edition of Sir Thomas Mallory’s “Morte d’Arthur.”

Aubrey Beardsley
Given a work, name the artist. 5 points each

The Practice Edward Degas

Waterlilies Monet

The Slaveship J.M.W. Turner

The Potato Eaters Vincent Van Gogh

Birth of Venus Botticelli

Bacchus and Ariadne Titian
16. For a quick ten points, this Hemingway character’s “short happy life” ended quite suddenly when his wife shot him during a safari. Francis Macomber
Bonus: And now for something completely different. Answer the following about Monty Python and the Holy Grail for ten points each

1. As Sir Lancelot, he helped lead the quest, and has also appeared in A Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures John Cleese

2. Naughty Girl who tempts Sir Galahad with a misleading beacon


3. Outcome of Arthur’s fight with the Black Knight, according to the knight

a Draw
17. This colorful star of a documentary proved to know more about Jersey cows than

politics and even voted for his opponent Patrick Leahy in the recent elections

for senator of Vermont. For ten points, name this septagenarian who wore

overalls and a cap on the televised debates.

Fred Tuttle
18. This British statesman became Prime Minister in 1916, held the post until 1922, and later led the liberal party from 1926 to 1931. For ten points, name the political giant who was part of the “Big Three” at the Versailles peace negotiations.

David Lloyd George

BONUS: Identify the following people from British history for ten points each.

He was Queen Victoria’s German consort

Prince Albert

He replaced Cromwell at the restoration

Charles II

He became king in 1910

George V
19. The King Faud Causeway links this country with Saudi Arabia. Independent from Great Britain since 1971, this country is made up of several islands which are also claimed by Iran. Though a 1973 constitution promised a national assembly, it only met for two years, and the nation is now ruled by the Al-Khalifa family. For ten points, name this emirate which has its capital at Manama.

BONUS: For ten points each, name the parliament or legislature of the following countries.

Japan Diet

Israel Knesset

Iceland Althing


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