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1145 NW 108 Street

Miami, FL 33168

(305) 725-1431

Doctor of Philosophy Student in Family Therapy July 2009

Nova Southeastern University: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy August 2003

St. Thomas University: Miami, Florida

Bachelors of Science in Psychology May 2001

Florida International University, Miami, Florida

Professional Experience

Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Provide individual, family, couple and group therapy in churches, homes, and schools.

  • Conduct intake assessment of children and families as well as collaborate with other mental health care professionals in order to make clinical diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

  • Implement clinical intervention as described in individualized treatment plans.

  • Provide group therapy to substance abuse and/or mentally ill patients in Partial Hospitalization Program.

  • Utilize therapeutic ideas and techniques in helping middle/high school students better understand various dynamics of relationships.

  • Integrate systemic and a strength-based approaches to explore sexual minority issues faced by pre-teen and teen aged students.

  • Apply clinical psychology ideas and play therapy techniques to help Head Start children improve behavior.

Teaching and Training

  • Taught Substance Abuse and Therapy course to Master level students.

  • Taught Group Therapy course to Master level students.

  • Taught Theories of Personality to Master level students.

  • Taught System Theories course to Master level students.

  • Taught Couples Therapy course to Master level students.

  • Taught Pre Practicum course to Master level students.

  • Developed class curriculum and methods of assessments.

  • Participated in multidisciplinary education workshops and staff development.

  • Maintain an effective relationship with parents, volunteers, students, school district representatives, staff, and community.

  • Provide workshops to empower parents and children.

  • Participate in Responsive Teaching training in an effort to help parents improve parent-child attachment.

  • Assisted faculty with projects, research and workshops conducted with the counseling department.

  • Attend continuing education activities for professional growth.

  • Organize and foster avenues for parent awareness on issues of pre-teen/teen dating and relationships.

  • Assessments for children aged 0-6; motor and cognitive development.

Administration and Management

  • Educated patients and their families on state regulated requirements upon admissions.

  • Coordinated health care benefits ensuring hospital reimbursement by verifying insurance information and obtaining pre-certification and authorizations of patients.

  • Acted as liaison between patients and insurance companies.

  • Mediated with doctors, social workers, and quality control staff members.

  • Executed daily review of all patient records, ensuring state and (JCHAO) federal laws compliance.

Community Planning and Outreach Programs

  • Conduct therapy at the Brief Therapy Institute at Nova Southeastern University

  • Coordinated and directed activities for staff and children.

  • Supervised over 150 camp counselors and campers.

  • Managed daily activities of the camp.

  • Organized social fellowships/meetings, recreational activities, conferences, annual conventions, retreats, camp, concerts, and evangelism crusades.

  • Facilitated annual fund-raisers.

  • Counseled youth in preparation for financial management, marriage, college and employment.

  • Coordinated annual retreats and conferences for youth.

  • Conducted seminars and facilitated discussion on relevant topics for singles.

Research and Teaching Training

Nova Southeastern University,

School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Teaching Assistant (Qualitative Research I) 2007

Research Assistant 2006 - present

  • Assisted faculty on research project for Copreneurial Relationships.

  • Performed telephone surveys and interviews with participants.

  • Conducted literature reviews.

  • Designed visual charts to reflect analysis of data.

  • Produced and maintained outcome measures.

Teaching Assistant (Family Therapy Topics- Organizational Consulting) 2006

  • Assisted faculty in Organizational Consulting lectures.

  • Presented simulated consulting case project.

  • Moderated class presentations

  • Liaison between student and professor

Employment History

Adjunct Professor, Carlos Albizu University, Miami, FL 2012-Present

Adjunct Professor, St. Thomas University, Miami, FL 2008 - Present

Child Therapist, Susan B. Anthony Rec. Ctr, Pines, FL 2009-2011

Therapist, Bertha Abbess Children Center, Miami, FL 2007

Therapist, American Therapeutic Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2006- 2007

Therapist/Facilitator, Jewish Community Services, Miami Beach, FL 2005

Play Therapist, University of Miami, Miami, FL 2003- 2005

Graduate Assistant, St Thomas University, Miami Gardens, FL 2002-2003

Licensures and Certifications

Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, Florida #IMT 742 2004

Professional Associations and Affiliations

Member, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 2002- present

Member, United Dominica Association 1997- present

Member, Kingdom Life Restoration Ministries 1997- present

Computer Skills

Proficient in Windows professional 2000, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer


1145 NW 108 Street

Miami, FL 33168

(305) 725-1431



Barbara Buzzi, Ph. D., LMFT

Family Therapy Coordinator, St Thomas University

Counseling Department

16400 Northwest 37th Avenue

Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

Telephone: 305.628.6584


Patricia M. Cole, Ph. D., LMFT,

Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

3301College Ave

Davie, Florida 33314-7796

Telephone: 954.262.3022


Carlyn Jacques, M.S.

Founder, Life Solutions Network

518 Northwest 47 Court

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Telephone: 954.980.0888


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