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Melbourne Water Logo & Image Request Application

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Melbourne Water Logo &

Image Request Application

Instructions: Please answer every question on this form, providing as many examples as possible to outline the nature of your request. Ensure you have read the agreement on the next page and email your completed form to





Phone number

Email address

Melbourne Water contact

(if any)

Target audience


  1. Internal communications for [Company Name]

  2. Department of Sustainability & Environment stakeholders

Reason for requesting logo/image


  1. [Company Name] brochure worked on in collaboration with Melbourne Water

  2. Consultant report by [Company Name] for Melbourne Water

Specific context of how logo/image will be used


  1. With other logos indicating support by many organisations

  2. With [Company Name] logo

  3. On the web, print, event space, etc.

If requesting permission to use image(s), specify where you saw image used previously

Provide website URL, publication, or other location information/reference

Will the logo be used with any other logos?

This will help us determine whether you need just the Melbourne Water logo or the Melbourne Water + Victorian Government logo

Any additional information relevant to your request that will assist us in assessing your application

Logo and image usage agreement

By submitting this request I agree to the following conditions:

  • All images will be captioned with the words ‘Image supplied courtesy of Melbourne Water.’

  • The Melbourne Water logo will not be modified in any way, and will be used according to the specifications in the reference guide supplied with the logo artwork files

  • Should my request be approved, I will submit final artwork showing the logo or image in use, and not publish the item until Melbourne Water’s approval for publication is received

  • Any approval given is only for the specific use of the logo or image detailed in this form

  • Should I wish to use the Melbourne Water logo or image(s) for a purpose other than the one specified in this form, I will submit a separate request

Thank you for your request.


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