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Matrix club hosted the fourth basic round

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MetalGate Massacre vol.II – semifinals at the gates

On Thursday, 10.3.2011, Prague Matrix club hosted the fourth basic round of the second installment of MetalGate Massacre metal bands contest. This time, it was up to D.A.D., dISCORDANT, Interitus and Shadow Area to compete for the votes of the spectators and therefore for the advancement into the semifinals. The special guest position was occupied by one of the icons of the Czech death metal scene, by Tortharry from Hronov.

Same as on the third round, the Matrix club was once again decently filled, so that the bands would have the right ambience to perform. Close to 200 spectators decided thus:

With 59 votes, the crossover-metalcore band Shadow Area from Strážnice near Hodonín became the winner and hence the fourth semifinalist. The second place was taken by the gothic metal act Interitus from Plzeň that received 50 votes. By gaining 16 votes, the metalcore-metal band D.A.D. from Polná near Jihlava ended third, and the final fourth place was occupied by metal-progressive band dISCORDANT from Krnov with 9 votes.

The advancement spree however did not end there. Furthermore, we decided the twin so-called best second places, which means that we compared the number of votes of those bands from all four basic rounds that gained the second place and two of them with the highest number of votes received, also advanced into the semifinals. Which ones? One was the aforementioned Interitus with 50 votes, the other the Prague metalcore band xXXx that performed on the third basic round, receiving 78 votes.

At midnight of Thursday 17.3.2011 also ended on the contest website the online voting for two Wild Cards that as well guarantee their holders the semifinal advancement. It was a tough fight, with 2134 valid votes received. The first Wild Card was granted to the folk/pagan metal band Odraedir, from in and around Prague, which received 417 votes, the second one was taken by metal band R.A.W. from Kralupy nad Vltavou that gained 313 votes.

We thereby have the complete list of all semifinalists. Beside the already mentioned acts, those are also the bands Area Core, Bad Victim and Suffocate With Your Vomitus. The lineups of individual semifinal rounds shall be announced shortly on the MetalGate Massacre website.

Before us now lies the first semifinal round, which will take place this time on SATURDAY 2.4.2011 once again in Matrix club, with the metal-electronica band LIVEEVIL from Hranice and Ostrava as the special guest of the gig.

We begin as usual at 19:00. The club will be open from 18:30. Online stream of the whole commotion will once again be in operation and viewable at website.

The stakes are getting much higher now, so come and support your favorites!

We are looking forward to see you again!

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