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Mathematica™ X Software Licenses and Installation cds for License Term expiring 10/31/10 for suny campus-owned machines, students and faculty

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Mathematica™ 7.x Software

Licenses and Installation CDs for License Term expiring 10/31/10

for SUNY campus-owned machines, students and faculty
Table of Contents

1. SUNY license numbers

2. Campus Owned Machines

a) the CDs

b) passwords

3. Student Owned Machines:

a) the CDs

b) passwords

4. Faculty Home Use

  1. WebMathematica

  2. Mathematica Professional Use statement

1. SUNY license numbers

(a) For all campus-owned machines use: see campus license manager for number

(b) For student owned machines use student license number included in shipment.

  1. Campus Owned Machines:

(a) The following CDs need to be used for campus-owned machines:

  1. Mathematica 7.x for Windows (2000/XP/VISTA), Mac OS X (INTEL/PPC) and Linux X86 (32-BIT, 64-BIT) Universal (previously called NCN) (Silver CD)

The campus passwords are below. They can be used on stand-alone or networked machines. If you choose to network the Silver CD, you can do so with MathLM or some other network monitoring software like KeyServer or FlexLM. Networking Mathematica with some other type of monitoring software, although allowable, is not supported by Wolfram.

2. Mathematica License Manager (MathLM) for Windows (2000/XP/VISTA), Mac OS X (INTEL/PPC) and Linux X86 (32-BIT, 64-BIT) and Solaris (SPARC, X86)

Wolfram’s proprietary Mathematica License Manager used with Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX

For Network and Single Machine:

3. Mathematica 7.x for Windows (2000/XP/VISTA), Mac OS X (INTEL/PPC) and Linux X86 (32-BIT, 64-BIT) (Black CD)

4. Mathematica 7.x for SOLARIS (SPARC, X86) (Black CD)

Passwords need to be obtained through Wolfram for each installation
(b) Passwords:

  1. For #1 CD above, the campus passwords are

Windows: see campus license manager for password.

Macintosh: see campus license manager for password.
Organization name needed during the install is SUNY.

Passwords expire 10/31/10

  1. For #3 and 4 above, using the license number for a campus owned machine, go to to request new passwords. The “campus email address” of person requesting password will be used for authentication purposes.

3. Student Owned Machines:

(a) There is one CD for Students which covers Windows (2000/XP/VISTA), Mac OS X (INTEL/PPC) and Linux X86 (32-BIT, 64-BIT)

Each student, who receives a copy of the Mathematica CD, must sign the Mathematica Professional Use Statement a sample of which is located on last page.
(b) passwords
During installation, a dialog box will open requesting the student license number (see I.b above). The student would then go to to register, submit their MathID* number (everything for the students is machine-specific passwords) and request a password. The password will be returned to the student and a copy emailed to the campus Mathematica license manager using the email address sent to the ITEC Mathematica support team.
*For Macintosh and Windows versions of Mathematica, the MathID number can be found in the dialog box viewed upon installation. (The top of this dialog box says, “Please personalize your copy of Mathematica.”) You may also retrieve a MathID number as the value of $MachineID from within Mathematica. For Linux versions please refer to your “Getting Started with Mathematica” guide.

4. Faculty Home Use:

To facilitate the process for faculty and staff requesting a Mathematica home-use license, Wolfram Research has created a Home-Use License Request Form, which is available online at: The only information the Mathematica campus license manager and technical coordinator will need to provide faculty/staff is the Mathematica site license number (see 1.SUNY License Numbers).

Faculty and staff can also use this form to request an upgrade or renewal for an existing faculty/staff home-use license. Please note that this form should not be used for student home-use license requests.
When a request is received, Wolfram verifies that the applicant is a current faculty/staff member of your organization and in a department that is covered by your license program. Please let know if you would like to approve all home-use license requests before the license is shipped so Wolfram can make sure they handle these requests appropriately.
Each individual approved for a home-use license is issued a unique license number and sent a CD-ROM containing a single-machine version of Mathematica for the platform requested. Each home-use license expires annually in conjunction with your organization's campus license. Upgrades are free as they are released, but each home-use license holder must request them from Wolfram Research by filling out this form. Certain restrictions of use apply, so please refer to your organization's home-use license agreement for details.
5. WebMathematica

WebMathematica licenses are on a “per request” basis so the software will not be included in the shipment of CDs. When it is requested by the campus (request must be made using ITEC’s Helpdesk (, the campus will need to keep Wolfram informed (instructions on how to do this will be provided) of the URL of any website(s) using WebMathematica, together with contact information for an individual responsible for the website(s). Any campus responsible for a website that does not conform to these terms may lose its right to use WebMathematica.

  1. the person responsible for the license

  2. contract information of #1

  3. the url’s of pages made to use in conjunction with WebMathematica

For further information on the use of webMathematica, see the “Mathematica Summary of User Terms” document.

6. Mathematica Professional Use statement
I accept this complimentary copy of Mathematica under the following conditions.

  1. The software is for my use only. It may be installed on my personal computer, but it is to be used only for SUNY-related business.

  2. I will not make copies of the media, and I will not allow others to install the software on additional pc's using my media.

  3. I will abide by all copyright and usage provisions associated with the product.

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date signature
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phone print or type name

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fax mailing address

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