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Matador ambassador program

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General Information

The Matador Ambassador Program is a diverse and dynamic team of leaders dedicated to serving and creating a positive impact on the AWC community. Working together, we accept a commitment to enhance the quality, services, and reputation of Arizona Western College and the Matador Ambassador Program. We will maintain the integrity of AWC by creating a positive first and lasting impression.


  • To cultivate leaders who will represent and promote Arizona Western College by creating, encouraging and maintaining an active role that builds loyal relationship between students, alumni, faculty, administration and community members by stimulating interest and association.

  • To encourage and embrace the unique qualities and experiences that each student brings to the program and the AWC community, while providing them with the training, direction, and opportunities needed to develop strong leadership skills.

  • To foster socially conscientious members willing to accept responsibilities and embrace challenges to represent the college and the program with sincerity, skill, and style.


How we fulfill our Mission Statement and meet our goals…

Matador Ambassadors take on several duties during the academic year under the direction of Admissions & Registration to assist the AWC community to represent, promote, and support the college’s efforts. Matador Ambassadors receive the training and guidance to help develop leadership skills that are used to attract prospective students, provide encouragement for current students, and provide support to faculty, staff and administrators. Through a number of activities and events, Matador Ambassadors are called upon to work closely with:

  • AWC Faculty and Staff

  • NAU-Yuma Faculty and Staff

  • AWC Athletics, Student Government, and various Clubs

  • Yuma and La Paz area Elementary, Junior High, and High School students and staff

  • and the surrounding community

Matador Ambassadors participate in the events and activities to help promote AWC and the community. These can include:

  • On-going Campus Tours

  • School Visits and Classroom Presentations

  • Job and College Fairs

  • “College Goal Sunday”

  • “Family Night”

  • Special Receptions


What kind of commitment is involved in order to fulfill these duties?

Matador Ambassadors are given various opportunities to demonstrate their unique leadership skills. In order to further develop these skills and build a strong sense of communication and teamwork, Matador Ambassadors are required to:

  • Enroll and participate in the ORI-99: Ambassador Leadership course each fall semester, throughout duration of ambassador contract and earn a B or better in the course.

  • Actively participate in events and activities each semester throughout duration of contract.

  • Submit the required number of online student blog entries throughout the year.

  • Maintain the minimum required GPA throughout involvement in the program.

  • Fulfill selected duties and represent AWC with integrity (refer to AWC Code of Conduct found in the AWC Student Handbook).

  • Stay informed, practice good communication skills, be unique, be respectful of self and others, demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude, and be prepared to share ideas!


Training is conducted through a two-day summer program along with course ORI-099: Ambassador Leadership. This WEB-enhanced class includes regular meetings throughout the semester, some field trips, and on-line interaction, discussions, and communication using “Blackboard”, accessible through our AWC website at Training will empower and enable you to:

  • Help promote our institutional values and fulfill the mission of Arizona Western College

  • Understand the programs and services offered at Arizona Western College

  • Successfully conduct campus tours, public speaking, and develop networking skills

  • Influence and effectively communicate with potential students, guests and community members

  • Answer questions from the general public

  • Engage student and community interest


Opportunities seized will positively impact Your Community, Your College, and Your Future!

In order to enable you to successfully fulfill your duties, fully prepare you for your role, and build your leadership abilities, we are prepared and committed to providing you with thorough and on-going training that encompasses a variety of experiences, people, and events. You determine what your results will be from this experience. The best results can be accomplished with a positive attitude and active involvement. Be prepared to build your self-esteem and self-confidence, become part of a team, network with and impress a variety of community members, develop outstanding presentation and leadership skills, and be recognized because of your work! Benefits to Matador Ambassadors include:

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Event planning

  • Networking

  • Leadership training

  • Resume Development

  • Recognition

  • Enhanced Confidence, Customer Service and People Skills

  • Writing Skills


To be eligible to apply for the Matador Ambassador program, students must:

  • Be a current AWC student with a minimum 2.75 GPA (or 3.0 high school GPA for first semester students)

  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours*, with at least 2 semesters remaining at AWC

All students need to take the following steps to apply for the Matador Ambassador Program:

  1. Complete the Matador Ambassador Program APPLICATION packet including a SAMPLE BLOG.

*Packet available at AWC Admissions & Registration office-see below

  1. Attach an updated RESUME and TRANSCRIPT (official or unofficial), and TWO REFERENCE forms (included in application packet).

  2. Submit the completed application packet by the DEADLINE date indicated on the front of the application form to the person listed below.

  3. After an initial screening, selected students will be invited for an INTERVIEW.


Matador Ambassadors may be eligible to receive the Matador Ambassador Scholarship of approximately $500 per semester (fall and spring only). *Students receiving the scholarship must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.


We accomplish our goals under the direction of the Admissions & Registration office, through effective communication with potential students, faculty and staff, and community members. If you would like more information about the Matador Ambassador Program, questions should be directed to:

Mandy K. Heil

Admissions, Recruitment, and Outreach Coordinator

E-mail address:

Office phone: 928-317-6084

Office Location/Address:

College Community Center (3C Building)~Admissions & Registration Office

Arizona Western College

2020 S. Avenue 8E

Yuma, Arizona 85366

MAP Guidelines

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