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Marimba/ percussion and Per Friman

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duo FriBerg was set up in 2003 during the final week of the Småland soloist event. The two musicians in the band want to find out what the possibilities are for an ensemble made up of just two instruments, percussion and saxophone. They discovered that there were no limits. The combination of marimba and saxophone has turned out to be quite outstanding.
duo FriBerg consists of Joakim Berg, marimba/ percussion and Per Friman, saxophones.
The ensemble would like to elaborate the music for marimba, percussion and saxophone mostly because the young musicians find a pleasure in playing but they also hope it will become a part of their professional careers. The combination of marimba and saxophone has turned out to be quite outstanding. Both instruments have great potential in regards to pitch and nuance and they complement each other quite agreeably.
duo FriBerg has given a lot of concerts during the last few years. The response from the summer tours presented in churches throughout southern Sweden in 2005 and 2006 was unambiguously positive. The same applies to the concert held at Christina Nilsson room, in Växjö Concert Hall, 2005, which was broadcasted live by Swedish Radio P2. Comments like exciting, entertaining, balanced inventive were heard.
In May, 2007, duo FriBerg was invited to participate in , Young and Promising 2007, which took place in Västerås 4-6 May 2007, arranged by The Swedish Chamber Association. This meant that duo FriBerg among other things gave a concert and was introduced to all Swedish chamber music societies.  The response from the audience and the concert organizers was really great and maybe this was duo FriBerg´s breakthrough on the chambermusic stage. Earlier participants in Young and Promising are e.g. Malena Ernman, mezzosoprano, and Martin Fröst, clarinettist.

duo FriBerg wants to give the listener, a musically and visually entertainment of colourful fireworks you probably never experienced before. Do not hesitate to visit one of duo FriBerg`s concerts or contact us if you would like to book duo FriBerg.

Joakim Berg (born in Alvesta 1981) has dedicated his whole life to the instruments of percussion in any shape or form. He began at Alvesta Musikskola as a six-year-old boy and later on he studied at Växjö Kulturskola. After graduation from the Arts Programme, in Växjö, he was accepted in Malmö Music Academy. Here he studied for Lennart Gruvstedt, a percussionist instructor. He graduated in 2006.
Since 2006 Joakim Berg is employed as a percussionist at The Royal Swedish Navy Band, Karlskrona. Where he also continues his career as a soloist- and chamber musician.
In 2003 he won the competition Smålandssolisten which was arranged by Smålands Musik och Teater. In 2006 he received second prize for Ljunggrenska Competition for Young Mucisians
Joakim Berg has played as a soloist together with Musica Vitaé String Orchestra, Jönköping Sinfonietta and Malmö Music Academy Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed at the world`s greatest percussion festivals, PASIC, in the US and has been participating in radio- and TV programmes broadcast by Swedish Radio P2, Radio Blekinge, SVT and TV4.
Beside the soloist career Joakim Berg is in great demand as a chamber- and orchestra musician .He has had temporary jobs with Malmö Opera Orchestra, Malmö, Symphony Orchestra, Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Malmö Baroque Orchestra and Ensemble Ars Nova.
Joakim Berg has been awarded many scholarships, e.g. the city of Alvesta´s cultural sholarship, the county of Kronobers´s musical prize, the city of Växjö´s cultural sholarship, scholarship from Andrew Sandrews foundation and several times from the Royal Musical Academy.

Per Friman (born in Växjö 1984) started to play the saxophone when he was 9 years old at Växjö Kulturskola. He was taught by Ronny Stensson, the legendary musician and saxophonist teacher. He got interested in classical music at an early age and when he was 17 he was admitted to the Stockholm Music Academy. Since 2005 he is a post-graduate student tutored by Christer Johnsson, professor.
Today Per Friman works as a musician and teacher at The Swedish Army Band, which has 15 professional musicians employed.
As a soloist Per Friman has given lots of concerts together with professional orchestras as well as amateur orchestras in Sweden and overseas. In 2004 he toured in Småland as a soloist with the string ensemble Musica Vitae.
Per Friman has been awarded a lot of scholarships and honours from Royal Musical Academy, Chamber Musicfestival in Båstad, Cultural Sholarships from the city of Växjö and the from th county of Kronoberg. The latest award, Stora Ensos Bruksstipendium, was handed over after a concert arranged by Musik vid Siljan.
Besides his soloist career Per Friman is a highly called in chamber- and orchestra musician and he is also a member of the Swedish Saxophone Quartet.

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