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Marilla W. and Harold A. Lund Scholarship

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Marilla W. and Harold A. Lund Scholarship
The Lund Scholarship provides renewable support to graduating seniors of Washington County high schools to pursue post-secondary education at a four-year college or university. Eligible applicants must demonstrate a level of academic achievement suitable for predicting success in college, strong character and family values, and financial need. Preference is given to first-generation college students.

Name: Date of Birth:

Mailing address at home:

Street address or P.O. number

City: State: Zip code:

Phone: Cell: E-mail:

High school: Date graduated:

Street address or P.O. number

City: State: Zip code:


SAT Scores: Critical Reading Math Subject Test

Subject Score

Post-secondary school for which aid is requested:

Anticipated major: Degree program:

Are you a first-generation college student? _____ Yes _____ No
Please complete the following section in the space provided. Please print clearly.
Please tell us why you have decided to attend the college of your choice and how your accomplishments there will affect your future plans. (attach an extra sheet if needed)

Do you work during the school year?

____ Yes (# of hours location ) No

Summer Employment History

Position held Period of Employment Hours per week



Personal Statement: The selection committee would like to know what living in Washington County has taught you. Please submit a letter sharing your thoughts. (Please limit to 500 words.)

Letter of Recommendation: A signed letter of recommendation from a current faculty member or employer addressing your eligibility for the Lund Scholarship. The letter must be current (dated after September 1, 2012), on official letterhead, contain your first and last name, and be signed by the writer, who must identify his/her relationship to you (not a family member). E-mail letters are not acceptable.

Required Information: (do not staple, please)

Please submit the information requested below printed on one side only (not front and back).

 This completed application form

Personal statement

 Letter of recommendation as outlined above

 Resume

 Your most recent official high school transcript. A printout from the internet is not acceptable. We prefer that you include your transcript with your application.

 Your complete Federal Student Aid Report (SAR), which must include your expected family contribution (EFC) and your family’s adjusted gross income (AG). Do not send the FAFSA.

 A copy of your college financial aid offer.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all of the required items are submitted on or before the application deadline. Incomplete applications or those postmarked after May 15 will not be processed. All information received from applicants will be held in confidence.
I certify that I am a legal resident of Washington County, Maine, and that all information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I give my permission for any person listed on this application to be contacted for more information. I understand that I may be asked to provide proof of information stated on this form, including a copy of my parents’ and/or my prior year’s U.S. Income Tax return. In addition, I hereby authorize the college I will attend in the 20­­­___ - ____ school year to release information on financial aid awarded to me by the college and other sources to the Maine Community Foundation.
Signature of Applicant: Date:
Signature of Parent:

All applications and required information sent separately must be postmarked by May 15 and sent to:

Marilla W. and Harold A. Lund Scholarship Fund

Maine Community Foundation

245 Main Street

Ellsworth, ME 04605

phone: (207) 667-9735 ~ toll free 877-700-6800

Family Information

Parents’ current marital status: single married separated divorced widowed

Who is responsible for your support? mother father both other

Who do you live with? mother father both other

Number in household, including parents:

Total number of family members who will be

attending college during the next academic year:

If you have not received your financial aid award letter for next year, please enter the amounts from your current year of study, or amounts you anticipate are reasonably true for next year

Funds available for your NEXT year of college

Family Contribution


Personal Savings/Earnings


Grants and Scholarships awarded by your college or the government


Outside scholarships (from organizations, foundations, high school, etc.)




Stafford and /or Perkins Loans


Other loans for school


TOTAL available funds for next year (add all)


Outstanding loans for education to date: No. Total $__________

Please submit a copy of your college financial aid offer with this application.

Cost of Attendance

Please complete the cost of attendance at your first choice college below. This information is available on the college’s website and from the financial aid office. Please provide current-year numbers.

Full Year Cost of Attendance for ____________________________ (first choice college)

Tuition and Fees


Room and Board


Books and Materials




Personal and other Expenses




Unusual Expenses (i.e. childcare/medical)


Please explain any special circumstances on a separate sheet.

All applications and required information sent separately must be postmarked by May 15.





ATTENTION: Financial Aid Officer
The student named below is applying to the Maine Community Foundation for a scholarship and requires your assistance in providing need-based information. Please keep this signed statement in the student’s file for reference if you receive an inquiry from our Scholarship Coordinator regarding the student’s financial aid award.
I authorize release of financial aid award information to:

Maine Community Foundation

Scholarship Coordinator

245 Main Street

Ellsworth, ME 04605-1613

Tel: 207-667-9735 or toll free 877-700-6800

Fax: 207-667-0447

E-mail: Web:
College/University __________________________________________

Name of Student: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________


Phone: __________________________________________

Student’s Signature: __________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________

REMINDER: DO NOT mail this form to Maine Community Foundation

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